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Kay Cude poetry: The Lost, Adrift on a Sea of Deception

Kay Cude poetry. Used with permission. Right-click on picture to open larger in new tab

Artist’s Statement-

If you’ll look closely at the ship’s path forward through the sea, you can make out the images of people suspended within. To me they are representative of the truly lost (never heard the Gospel of Christ) as well as those who have been deceived into a false religion or another gospel–they’ve never met Christ through God’s Sovereign Act of Salvation through His Son. As the onslaught of the Tribulation rapidly approaches, we’ve seen a dramatic and continuous increase of evil capturing countless people; and they, many seemingly unaware, remain afloat within deception.

Then there are those who willfully determine atheism as their god and religion. Greed, evil, pride and “self” are rampant within this nation, reigning within every form of this nation’s governing bodies; within the educational systems; the banking and financial institutions; the media and advertising entities; within our neighborhoods and families; within business institutions and worse, within a preponderance of the “religious denominations and “churches,” organizations and charities claiming to “speak for and serve” Christ.

Surely, God has abandoned this nation to its own desires, to let sin run its fullest course. Yet there remains time for whoever will listen and respond to the call of God through His Holy Spirit to be sovereignly drawn and saved by God the Son, Christ Jesus.



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