Kay Cude poetry: Risen and Ascended

Resurrection Sunday is past, the day we mark as the day to specifically celebrate Christ’s resurrection. However, Christians know that each Sunday in attending the gathering of the saints, hearing the preaching, singing the praises, giving cheerfully, we celebrate the resurrection again and again. Just the gathering is signal that we know and believe that Christ is alive, on His throne, hearing and receiving praises and worship. His glory and power are to be wondered at and praised.

Here is a beautiful work by poet Kay Cude. First, her Artist’s Statement:

I had begun this piece several months ago with only Spurgeon’s one quote, “Tis all my business here and below to cry, ‘Behold the Lamb!’ We are to point sinners to Jesus – all the while looking at Him ourselves, and praying that they also may look to Him, and live.” I was captivated by the image of the radiant glory of Christ in His transfiguration and subsequent ascension, but couldn’t settle on what I needed to say to complete the message, for it is directed at the unregenerate and the redeemed of Christ.


Thank you for your piece, “The Power of the Resurrection vs. the Stupidity of Easter,” for within it I found John MacArthur’s “The Power of the Resurrection” and within it another Spurgeon quote that completed the intent the first quote and Acts 1:10-11.


Kay Cude poetry: When We Remember

Kay Cude poetry. Used with permission. Artist’s statement below.

As I continue to go through them my perspective is reinforced with the fundamental truth: it is necessary that we learn and grow through “issues” and situations we’d rather avoid. They will either drive us deeper into Scripture and prayer, or we will allow them to drive us into despondency, confusion and sorrow. When we experience breath-knocking blows, above all else it is necessary that we “remember” Who our first love is and that He, Christ is our ever-present secure help. He is our All-in-All, our sufficiency, protection, strength and giver of wisdom. We must remember that issues and circumstance have eternal purpose for His beloved redeemed.