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Discernment Week: Wrap-up

By Elizabeth Prata

Here on The End Time I spent the last week writing and podcasting about discernment. I did my best to show what discernment is; both the gift some possess and the training up in that we all should do. I showed how discernment operates in the church, and gave some examples of people who do discernment well. Discernment is biblical wisdom applied in order to test what is good and hold onto it.

Here are all the essays:

Discernment Week #1- What is discernment and why do we need it?

Discernment week #2- How to Train in Discernment

Discernment week #3- Discernment isn’t easy and most times, you won’t be thanked

Discernment week #4- Who Does Discernment Well? Some Great Examples

Discernment week #5- God Takes Away Discernment


The End Time- This is why we don’t EVER ‘eat the meat and spit out the bones’

Port Royal Baptist Church- Gift #9, Discernment (.pdf) outline/bullet points. Helpful

Tim Challies essay- Gain Discernment in 5 easy steps

Phil Johnson sermon- The Spirit of God vs. The Spirit of This World

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