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News and prophecy

I read Pastor Jim McClarty’s blog today. He is a pastor I’d recommended back along who has started a blog. He is a good pastor, preaching through the bible verse by verse with precision and verve. Currently they are going through Hebrews, a series I am going to enjoy while at home next week on Spring Break. He is pastor at Grace Christian Assembly in TN.

Here is Pastor Jim’s blog

And …drum roll please….here is Pastor Jim’s review of the History Channel’s The Bible. He reviewed Week 1-3 and I’ll include just a few excerpts.

The critic of the Bible has all the more reason to discount it since the God of this series is cruel and haphazard. And the biblically ignorant folk who watch this will come away with a completely false concept of God, His word, and His interactions with the children of Israel.

Abraham’s act of utter faith was reduced to him arguing with God that he felt he’d been tested enough. What a repugnant program this is.

And you know the producers and pitch men (Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, T.D. Jakes, et. al.) are going to claim that this is a great evangelistic tool. They’ll encourage their listeners to buy the DVD and share it with their friends and family. Apparently, Peter’s description of false prophets didn’t sink in — “And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you.” (2Peter 2:3)

Then again, one accomplishment the producers did achieve was that they managed to take some of the most exciting, compelling stories in human history and make them mind-numbingly boring.

It’s obvious that the writers and producers are systematically eliminating or explaining-away all the accurate prophecy in the Old Testament. The TV version of the prophets merely heard from God, but there’s no hint of accurately foretelling future events.

In His dealings with Peter, the show gave us no sense of Jesus’ divine ability to effectively call people to Himself. And, of course, there was the horrid insertion of words into Jesus’ mouth that He simply never said, like, “Change the world.”

This series is as damaging as anything Rome, the Mormons, or Islam have done in their denial of the historicity, perspicuity, and trustworthiness of the text of the Bible. And the sub-biblical church in America is all excited about it.

OK, here is some news about locusts in Israel:
“But this year is the first time since 2005 that modern-day Israel has had to combat locusts, which can swarm so thickly that drivers can’t see beyond their windshield. But it’s not just Israel. Today the Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Agriculture sprayed pesticides in Hebron, in the southern West Bank. And Egyptian farmers have suffered millions of dollars in damage after a swarm of about 30 million locusts hit Cairo earlier this month.”

And El Hierro is active. After rumbling and spurtling last year, the canary Island volcano is speaking up again. Remember, the Canary Islands volcano is next to the other Canary Island volcano called La Palma, the one that has a massive section of land atop it hanging by a thread, that scientists have said if it ever comes loose would cause a tsunami that’d swamp NYC. Anyway, quakes around El Hierro and nearby sea have been increasing, 229 on Monday, 175 on Wednesday, and 47 in the last few hours. Maybe El Hierro is speaking up to call Hekla.

Hekla is an Icelandic volcano. Yahoo asks, “Is another Icelandic volcano getting ready to erupt?” The Icelandic volcano, Hekla, is causing a bit of worry lately, and News of Iceland is reporting that, as of Tuesday, authorities there have declared a ‘Civil Protection State of Uncertainty’. Hekla is a nearly 1,500 m-tall ‘stratovolcano’ in southern Iceland, that has apparently been called the ‘Gateway to Hell’ by Europeans since the Middle Ages. … While ‘micro-earthquakes’ like these aren’t anything unusual, as millions of them are felt around the world every year, Martin Hensch, an earthquake expert with the Icelandic Met Office told News of Iceland that this “is quite unusual activity in the volcano”.

Perhaps El Hierro in the Canary Islands and Hekla in Iceland are calling Pacaya in Central America. “Hey! Come to the lava party!”

Warn of possible eruption of Pacaya (Google translated)
“Guatemala- In the last hours is a change in the activity cycle of the Pacaya volcano, with increased shallow earthquakes, ash emission and lava flows that did not show up for two years and a half, so that experts warn an eruption at any time.”

The North Koreans cut the last hotline with South Korea amid increasing blowhard rhetoric that is uncomfortably close to possibly not being hyperbole. So we deployed bombers. The North Koreans have definitely ratcheted up the danger.

Russia’s Putin suddenly decided to conduct surprise military exercises at the Black Sea. It involves 36 ships and up to 7,000 troops. Apparently, Putin does not have to give warning of exercises if they contain fewer than 7,000 troops. (Ezekiel 38-39, Russian people and those north of the Black Sea).

Cyprus’s banks are crashing. Emerging economies plan World Bank rival.

An Oklahoma doctor may have infected thousands with HIV. A deadly virus is missing from a TX biolab, FBI is investigating. (Rev 6:8;  Luke 21:11).

There is just a bewildering array of news. It seems that the time is so short.

Precious Lord, take my hand, I am tired. I am weak. I am worn. And He does come! In times of trouble gives a very present help! “The LORD is my strength and my shield; in him my heart trusts, and I am helped; my heart exults, and with my song I give thanks to him.” (Psalm 28:7)

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El Hierro island bulges, plus other news

The following is from a still of a Youtube video made of the storm in Ireland today. They happened to be videotaping when one of the many lightning strikes hit the bridge.

Sferic map showing a lot of lightning strikes over many parts of the north and northwest at the moment. Irish Weather Online


Irish Weather Online Flooding in Douglas, Cork. Image Eddie OHare

Waldo Canyon Wildfire, CO, described as ‘epic’, ‘catastrophic’, vicious’ (photo source). In my opinion disasters of this scale will only increase, but what’s epic is my heartbreak for so many people’s losses.

Does it seem like wildfires are increasing? If it seems that way to you, it is because they are. “Thousands of wildfires raged across the United States last year, 2011, burning a record amount of land, especially in the southern U.S. In fact, 2011 the third-most-active fire season since 1960 (when this record-keeping began) with respect to acres burned”

A late-June heat wave continues to rewrite the record books in the Rockies and Plains.

The heat is headed east, and we in GA and other areas up to the northern Mid Atlantic States will receive this dangerous heat tomorrow.

We need the rain here in GA and other parts of the south, but poor old Florida got way too much from Tropical Storm Debby. Here, a Nassau County FL bridge has been washed away. The cleanup begins.

Betty Crocker endorses homosexual marriage


So Betty, (above) endorses this, (below)

You note that the above promotional poster is a deviant take on the Last Supper of Christ. The illustration depicts a homosexual, naked Jesus presiding over a table filled not with bread and wine, but sex toys.

Oh, Betty. Our clean and wholesome American Icons are continually being deluded and increasingly accepting that which is abominable to God.

Oreo fell to satan’s deception, too:
Kraft Foods has posted a beautiful gleaming color picture of an Oreo stacked with six different layers of brilliantly colored filling. They form a rainbow, which in this case is a symbolic statement of Oreo’s solidarity with the Gay Pride movement, covering gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered persons.

Newly elected president Morsi says the “Koran is our constitution, Prophet Mohammed is our leader, and jihad is our path, in this chilling speech

A Turkish military truck transports a mobile missile launcher to the Syrian border, near Kilis, Turkey, Thursday, June 28, 2012. (AP Photo). Turkey is furious with Syria’s downing of their jet.


In addition to looming retaliation from TurkeyDamascus has its own internal problems. A duo of powerful bombs went off today in Syria’s capital city, in front of the Palace of Justice.

Volcanic activity continues. El Hierro in the Canary Islands was again raised to Yellow.
“The most interesting volcano-related event at the moment is certainly the seismic crisis on El Hierro where the high-intensity earthquake swarm accompanied by tremor episodes continues. The quakes, still at “safe” 20 km depth, have now migrated to the El Julan coast where magma could be accumulating. This Spanish media reports the island has elevated itself 2 inches in 4 days-

With even more spectacular undersea eruptions continuing apace also, El Mundo reports.

Mt Siple volcano in Antarctica might have become active and produced a steam plume recently detected on satellite imagery.” ‘Might have become active…’ aren’t we hearing that more often these days? 

So that is a news roundup for you.It is only a slight bit, there is so much more going on int he world than one can possibly show even a representative window into. But the most important news is…

Jesus is in TOTAL CONTROL of it all, and He coming soon! Are you looking for Him? Do you know Him? Here is what it is all about if you don’t know: The simple, concise explanation of the Gospel.

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Friday This and That

Confused about prophetic end time events? This 7-part video series, 10 min each, is scripturally accurate and enlightening. Prepare to be educated AND convicted. “The End Time

Earthquakes this week, 6.1 mag in Russia far east // 6.7 in Papua New Guinea as per United States Geological survey. All eyes are on the volcano at El Hierro, though, which presents a more interesting seismic dilemma. As Professor Erik Klemetti said on his eruptions blog in the essay “Update on the Submarine Eruptions at El Hierro” he wrote that it was “the first eruption in the Canaries in 40 years and the first at El Hierro in possibly 2500 years. After months of preamble, it now looks like two eruptions occurred, both submarine, in depths of a few hundred meters.” What makes this especially interesting is that the island is near the other island in the Canaries chain, La Palma, on which is the infamous Cumbre Vieja volcano. These subsea eruptions are really interesting because of the geologic forecast at nearby Cumbre Vieja. Cumbre Vieja is currently the most volcanically active of the Canary Isles. During the 1949 eruption, three vents—Duraznero, San Juan and Hoyo Negro—opened and lava was erupted. Also during the eruption two earthquakes occurred with epicentres near Jedey. Following the earthquakes a fracture approximately two and half kilometres long, about 1/10 of the exposed length of the Cumbre Vieja, opened and parts of the western half of the Cumbre Vieja ridge moved about 1 metre sideways and 2 metres downwards towards the Atlantic Ocean. (source)

Several geologists have hypothesized that during an eruption at Cumbre Vieja at some future time, the western half of the Cumbre Vieja will catastrophically fail in a massive gravitational landslide and enter the Atlantic Ocean, generating a ‘mega-tsunami’ wiping out the eastern seaboard of the US. A BBC documentary called End Day and a Time Magazine article both followed up on the hypothesis.

With the volcanic eruptions and the seismic activity at the adjacent island, and the attendant rare subsea quakes this week at Bermuda and Iceland, interest in the Cumbre Vieja mega-tsunami hypothesis have picked up again. From a biblical point of view, I personally find this interesting because at some point the judgments will include a quake so bad that all the islands flee away. (Rev 16:20). More specifically, in Revelation 8:8-9 we are told this will happen: “The second angel sounded his trumpet, and something like a huge mountain, all ablaze, was thrown into the sea. A third of the sea turned into blood, a third of the living creatures in the sea died, and a third of the ships were destroyed.” A lava-flowing volcanic eruption at Cumbre Vieja could fit that description of a ‘mountain, all ablaze’, sliding into the sea, causing a third of the ships to sink in the resultant mega-tsunami.

In still other volcanic news, Iceland Volcano Katla Sparks Fears of Travel Chaos. Remember last year the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull erupted and Russian, European and American air travel ground to a  halt? Well, Katla is worse.

The news reports this week that there is only one Jewish person left in Afghanistan, according to the US State Department.

Science thinks it has figured out a computer program to tell us who wrote the Torah. And it ain’t Moses. “Ghostwriting the Torah.”

Iran and the US broke off diplomatic relations after the revolution of 1979 and currently talk minimally between the mediator of Pakistan. However, the recent plot by the Iranian Quds Guard fomented in Mexico to assassinate the Saudi ambassador on US soil was revealed this week. It is a dangerous escalation of the tensions in the Middle East and here on our own soil, and so the US Administration considers it an act of terrorism. The two nations took the unusual step this week of meeting to talk about it face to face. Remember, Iran is a major military aggressor in attacking Israel in the last days as Ezekiel 38-39 show.

The economic outlook isn’t much better as we closed on the fourth quarter. Bloomberg is reporting that more than dozen banks may get downgraded. UBS AG, Lloyds Banking Group Plc and Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc had long-term issuer default grades cut by Fitch Ratings, which put more than a dozen other lenders on watch negative as part of a global review. revelation 13:1`5-17 shows that at the time of the tribulation the economy is completely revamped and managed by one person: the antichrist.

This was a very thought provoking essay on “How Steve Jobs and Christ defeated death and preached the gospel.

Want some good news? As a girl was finishing top placement in her spelling bee, her soldier dad walks in, surprising her from Afghanistan. Heartwarming. With video.

Like cats? Here is a short video of funny cats in water.

Like earth’s beauty in reverence to our Creator? See 60 stunning satellite photos of the earth.

Have a good weekend everyone. I hope you find yourself a good and solid bible believing church to attend, and there, can praise the Savior with all joy.

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Possible Subsea Volcanic Eruption Underway Near El Hierro (Canary Islands)

Irish Weather Online is always johnny on the spot when it comes to weather and other natural events. They had reported this weekend that there were several rare, subsea earthquakes near Iceland, home to Eyja, Katla and Hekla volcanoes.

There has been an uptick in the subsea quakes in the region near Iceland. “The European Mediterranean Seismological Center (EMSC) has recorded at least eight subsea earthquakes about 850 kilometres southwest of the Icelandic capital of SW Reykjavík (pop 113,906).The strongest of the quakes, a magnitude 5.7, was located 892 km southwest of the Icelandic capital Reykjavík. It hit at 00:39 GMT and was measured at a depth of just 10km, according to the EMSC. Meanwhile, the Icelandic Meteorological Office noted that an earthquake swarm occurred underneath the Mýrdalsjökull glacier in south Iceland on Wednesday and Thursday.”

And IWO had also reported that there was a rare subsea quake near Bermuda too.

Rare Subsea Earthquakes Rattle Bermuda Region
“The western Atlantic Ocean island of Bermuda, which was hit by its first earthquake in over a decade in April, has been rattled by two moderate quakes.The earthquakes, both measuring 4.5 magnitude on the Richter Scale, struck at 10:18 PM and 10:36 PM local time on Monday.The subsea quakes, the strongest to be recorded in the region in more than 20 years, were centred about 80 miles (130 km) south of Hamilton, the capital of the British overseas territory.”

Now they report a subsea possible eruption at the extremely seismically active volcano El Hierro in the Canary Islands. This weekend, “The Instituto Geografico Nacional (IGN) has reported an increase in the intensity of earthquakes recorded on El Hierro, the smallest of The Canary Islands, during the last 24 to 36 hours. The number of earthquakes recorded since July 17 , 2011 on El Hierro has now reached 10,000, figures from the IGN confirm.” Seismologists and volcanologists have been watching El Hierro for a long while now and had just recently raised the alert level.

Now the underwater eruption: “A submarine volcanic eruption has been reported approximately 7 kilometres off the southern coast of El Hierro, the smallest of The Canary Islands. A meeting of PEVOLCA – Actualidad Volcánica de Canarias, comprising representatives of Instituto Geografico Nacional (IGN) and The Canary Islands Government, is presently taking place on the Spanish Island. Initial reports of the eruption were received from crews on board four separate ships. On Monday afternoon, Terra Noticias/Agencia EFE reported that an eruption occurred 2000 metres below sea level in the Las Calmas sea at 10.43 local time (05:43 EDT). Spanish newspaper El Mundo placed the depth of the eruption at 1300 metres.”

Assistant professor of geosciences at Denison University Erik Klemetti posted a quick blurb about it too along with a seismograph.

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What’s on people’s minds?

What are people thinking about these days? Here are a few short blurbs for you.

One thing people increasingly have on their mind is UFOs. Unidentified Flying Objects have fascinated people for a long time, ever since the late 1940s when the Roswell NM newspaper reported that the Air Force had captured a flying saucer with extra-terrestrial occupants. The mystique of off-planet life visiting us has been in the forefront of science fiction, movies, books, and television (and radio) for decades since. Yet until recently (the last three years) the genre has been marginalized, a notion discussed by the fringe element and not proper living room conversation. At least, if you didn’t want to be considered crazy.

Yet over the last three years UFO sightings have increased 67%, according to an article in Huffington Post. These sightings have occurred in broad daylight, or have wowed thousands at the scene, or have been captured live by cell phone video and photography and uploaded quickly to flickr, youtube, facebook, and other social media. People want to know, what ARE these things?

The HuffPo reports (on their Weird News section) that the White House has opened up a section on their website called ‘We the People’ in which people can pose a question on a petition and the petitions that receive the most signatures will be looked into by White House officials. The article is titled, “Will White House Come Clean on Extraterrestrial Visitation?

“Political activist Stephen Bassett of the Paradigm Research Group posted the petition on September 22, and five days later breached the 5000 signature mark. His petition reads: We, the undersigned, strongly urge the President of the United States to formally acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race and immediately release into the public domain all files from all agencies and military services relevant to this phenomenon.”

“Retired Air Force captain Robert Salas has offered up a more subtle petition, asking the Obama administration to “reveal the reality of the UFO phenomenon to the public and disclose information held by government agencies.” He is adamant about the reality of UFOs because he says that in 1967, while in an underground nuclear launch facility at Malmstrom Air Force base in 1967, UFOs approached the facility at the same time the missiles malfunctioned and went offline. He says the malfunction has yet to be explained.”


India came out in all out support for a Palestinian bid for membership of the United Nations as a Security Council committee met behind closed doors to begin considering its application. UN panel held its first meeting on Palestinian statehood bid Friday. After the closed-door meeting of the council’s standing committee on admitting new members, which comprises all 15 council members, Lebanese UN Ambassador Nawaf Salam said the committee unanimously agreed to continue meeting at the expert level next week. That means the US agreed to meet again next week, kicking the Palestinian Authority request to the next level on the  track.


Britain is having the warmest September on record. This follows their coldest summer record. It’s actually been hotter than Hawaii in the UK right now. Yet tornadoes are predicted to batter Britain, and one actually did set off over Brighton this week. “Weather forecasters are warning that things aren’t about to get any better following the coldest summer for 20 years, with torrential rain, winds of up to 65mph and even tornadoes set to batter Britain in September.” Topsy turvy weather for sure.


Volcano experts are globetrotting with increasing frenzy these days. Volcanic action is heating up across the planet. For historical data and trends, you can check here, “USGS/Smithsonian GVP Weekly Volcanic Activity“. Erik Klemetti’s Eruptions blog at Big Think is moving to Wired Science. Be sure to follow Erik over there to keep up with volcano news.

The reports from the Canary Islands are interesting. Dr. Klemetti writes, “We’ve been closely watching the earthquake swarm at the Canary Island’s El Hierro since the middle of the summer and it looks like there has been a dramatic increase in the number and intensity of the seismicity at the volcano. Since mid-July, the small island, which is the top of a shield volcano built by the Canary Hotspot, has registered over 8,000 earthquakes – check out the excellent video of the changing depth and location of seismicity put together by Eruptions reader Lurking…” Islanders are on standby to evacuate the island. “Expert Juan Carlos Carrecedo said: “There is a ball of magma rising to the surface, producing ruptures, we don’t know if it will break through.”

This level of quake activity at a known seismically and volcanically active region is not only of interest in and of itself, but because volcano El Hierro is an island adjacent to the Canary Island of La Palma, home of the predicted ‘island splitting in half and creating a mega tsunami to wipe out US Eastern seaboard’ legend. Though the geology suggests that the prediction is not really legend, it has a basis in reality. Cumbre Vieja is the most active volcano in the Canary Islands. The mountain is actually splitting in half, with movement dividing one flank from another as much as 6 inches per hear. Scientists “fear that the mega-wave — know as a tsunami — could be generated by part of a mountain twice the size of Britain’s Isle of Man crashing into the sea following an eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano on La Palma, in the Canary Islands — part of the Spanish island chain off West Africa.”


The “Occupy Wall Street” movement has swept the nation. it is still going strong and getting stronger. Clint Reilly writes, “Are the barons of high finance ever called to account for their avarice, or for the billions squandered by their schemes? I own a San Francisco real estate firm with more than two hundred million in assets. But had I made dumb choices that destroyed my equity in my properties, I would have lost them or gone bankrupt. The financial elite, it seems, plays by a different set of rules. And that’s what has people shaking their heads today. Three years after Wall Street collapsed in a greed fueled conflagration, people from all classes, all ethnicities, and all generations are camped out at Liberty Square in New York City to protest the continued fleecing of America by big banks and corporate chieftains. Other demonstrations built on the same highly-organized model have sprung up in 70 other American cities, including San Francisco, Portland, Memphis, Louisville, Miami, Sacramento and Boston.”

Discontent in the form of protests and riots are sweeping other nations too. This report from Madrid, “Hundreds of thousands of disillusioned Indians cheer a rural activist on a hunger strike. Israel reels before the largest street demonstrations in its history. Enraged young people in Spain and Greece take over public squares across their countries.Their complaints range from corruption to lack of affordable housing and joblessness, common grievances the world over. But from South Asia to the heartland of Europe and now even to Wall Street, these protesters share something else: wariness, even contempt, toward traditional politicians and the democratic political process they preside over.”


As satan increases his grip on the world and as the Lord lifts His hand, that discontent from the human heart to the earth’s core will only grow. I know that people want to hear of the peace of Jesus and the love of Jesus, and those things are unparalleled, to be sure. But my focus is the human sinner. The reason Jesus came to us is to make a way to reconcile ourselves with Him through Him. We sin. He doesn’t. The twain would never meet unless He provided for us through His grace, His shed blood, and His love. Pastor Steve Lawson of Christ Fellowship Baptist Church Mobile, AL preached a stirring and convicting message recently. You can find the video here. Below is one excerpt.

“He is not coming to play games. He is not coming to be docile. He is coming to dominate. He is coming to slaughter. He is the King of kings and He is the Lord of lords. And at the end of this age, He will bolt out of heaven on a white steed and His garments are dripped in blood. The blood of His own enemies and He is coming back to conquer and to damn. You need to make terms of peace with this coming King or you will be subjected in damnation forever and Jesus Christ has made terms of peace. You need to settle out of court with Him. You do not want to go into that final day of conflict with Christ…”

Please settle your account with Jesus today. Pray to Him and acknowledge your sins as crimes against Him, and ask Him to pardon you. He, the Judge, will do so. You don’t need to petition, lobby, beg, or bribe. Just ask, penitently. After your account is settled, THEN you will know His love, His peace, and His joy. But first, take care of the sin.