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El Hierro island bulges, plus other news

The following is from a still of a Youtube video made of the storm in Ireland today. They happened to be videotaping when one of the many lightning strikes hit the bridge.

Sferic map showing a lot of lightning strikes over many parts of the north and northwest at the moment. Irish Weather Online


Irish Weather Online Flooding in Douglas, Cork. Image Eddie OHare

Waldo Canyon Wildfire, CO, described as ‘epic’, ‘catastrophic’, vicious’ (photo source). In my opinion disasters of this scale will only increase, but what’s epic is my heartbreak for so many people’s losses.

Does it seem like wildfires are increasing? If it seems that way to you, it is because they are. “Thousands of wildfires raged across the United States last year, 2011, burning a record amount of land, especially in the southern U.S. In fact, 2011 the third-most-active fire season since 1960 (when this record-keeping began) with respect to acres burned”

A late-June heat wave continues to rewrite the record books in the Rockies and Plains.

The heat is headed east, and we in GA and other areas up to the northern Mid Atlantic States will receive this dangerous heat tomorrow.

We need the rain here in GA and other parts of the south, but poor old Florida got way too much from Tropical Storm Debby. Here, a Nassau County FL bridge has been washed away. The cleanup begins.

Betty Crocker endorses homosexual marriage


So Betty, (above) endorses this, (below)

You note that the above promotional poster is a deviant take on the Last Supper of Christ. The illustration depicts a homosexual, naked Jesus presiding over a table filled not with bread and wine, but sex toys.

Oh, Betty. Our clean and wholesome American Icons are continually being deluded and increasingly accepting that which is abominable to God.

Oreo fell to satan’s deception, too:
Kraft Foods has posted a beautiful gleaming color picture of an Oreo stacked with six different layers of brilliantly colored filling. They form a rainbow, which in this case is a symbolic statement of Oreo’s solidarity with the Gay Pride movement, covering gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered persons.

Newly elected president Morsi says the “Koran is our constitution, Prophet Mohammed is our leader, and jihad is our path, in this chilling speech

A Turkish military truck transports a mobile missile launcher to the Syrian border, near Kilis, Turkey, Thursday, June 28, 2012. (AP Photo). Turkey is furious with Syria’s downing of their jet.


In addition to looming retaliation from TurkeyDamascus has its own internal problems. A duo of powerful bombs went off today in Syria’s capital city, in front of the Palace of Justice.

Volcanic activity continues. El Hierro in the Canary Islands was again raised to Yellow.
“The most interesting volcano-related event at the moment is certainly the seismic crisis on El Hierro where the high-intensity earthquake swarm accompanied by tremor episodes continues. The quakes, still at “safe” 20 km depth, have now migrated to the El Julan coast where magma could be accumulating. This Spanish media reports the island has elevated itself 2 inches in 4 days-

With even more spectacular undersea eruptions continuing apace also, El Mundo reports.

Mt Siple volcano in Antarctica might have become active and produced a steam plume recently detected on satellite imagery.” ‘Might have become active…’ aren’t we hearing that more often these days? 

So that is a news roundup for you.It is only a slight bit, there is so much more going on int he world than one can possibly show even a representative window into. But the most important news is…

Jesus is in TOTAL CONTROL of it all, and He coming soon! Are you looking for Him? Do you know Him? Here is what it is all about if you don’t know: The simple, concise explanation of the Gospel.


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