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Pastor John MacArthur on the Grace Community Church lawsuit victory

By Elizabeth Prata


Grace Community Church in Sun Valley CA has been harassed and sued by both Los Angeles County and the State of California for about 18 months- ever since the initial COVID 3-week ban on worship gatherings expired and the county and State tyrannically continued it- while allowing riots and other gatherings to continue to occur with no restrictions. That’s when worship at GCC resumed, and the trouble began.

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Grace Community Church pushes back against Caesar’s encroachment

By Elizabeth Prata

Since March 14, 2020 here in America we have been under emergency orders of a National Emergency due to a pandemic. The President, under information from the Center for Disease Control and other medical organizations, shut down the country. We went into lockdown, stopping businesses, schools, commerce, international air travel- everything. The pandemic was from a virus that had come from China and swept across the world.

The predictions were for a situation akin to the 1918 Spanish Influenza pandemic, where millions of Americans died. This turned out not to be the case in 2020. About 97% of people who got this virus, recovered. It proved to be low risk for children, extremely few across the nation died from it. No child under the age of 17 in my state died from it in the last 5 months. Many people who supposedly had it, were asymptomatic. In others, their case was so mild they hardly needed treatment. Continue reading “Grace Community Church pushes back against Caesar’s encroachment”