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Kay Cude Poetry: Everything according to its season

By Elizabeth Prata

We worship an orderly God, whose prophecies, whose seasons, whose mankind progresses according to His will. What a blessing it is to know we submit to a God who is perfect, whose mighty hand is outstretched to make Himself known and His works are a wonder.

Below is a poem-photo. Poetry by Kay Cude. Used with permission of the author.

Swan landing on a lake
Swan landing on a lake


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Kay Cude Poetry: Sodom

Kay Cude poetry. Used with permission. Click to enlarge photo

Artist’s statement:

I want to emphasize the reflection of the burning of Sodom and Gomorrah onto the hill and upon Lot’s wife (upon whom the result of disobedience was borne). I want to remind all of us, the redeemed, that our return to our sins we forsook can also cast a reflection upon our witness and lives. My intent is not to judge any of my brothers and sisters in Christ; I remind myself that I too have the “flesh” that battles against me.

A return to Romans 7:15-25 is the answer we love: it is Christ we desire controlling our thoughts, speech and actions. “For I (we) joyfully concur with the Law of God in the inner man.” On that day we “anticipate,” that predetermined day known by God, we’ll join Christ in the air to be with Him forever more. At that moment, we will no longer be clothed with our fleshly nature!! YES!!! Blessings!! Kay