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What "Family" is ABC from?! Young & Hungry review (UPDATED)

Update at bottom.

As I mentioned the other day, I’m in summer mode now. As I’m a kindergarten teacher aide in Special Education, my employment has suspended for the summer months. This is one of the things I love about my job 😉

I am old enough to remember basic television that came with reception only as good as the antenna on top of the TV and ended at midnight or 1am with the Star Spangled Banner and then a test pattern until dawn and The Today Show came on. You watched what was on when it was on and that was it.

Then in 1983 cable came to me in college in Maine and rather than study I just watched MTV endlessly on my 9-inch Sony. I already had HBO. Yay!

Anyway one of the things I enjoy in the summer is time to kick back and watch stuff. What a boon it is to be able to watch anything, anytime on streaming Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime, or Youtube or well, just about ‘station! We are truly living in amazing times.

However the quality has not kept up. When evening, TV watching time rolls around, I search and search and search and most often I find nothing to watch. Ten thousand programs available at any time and nothing on. Bruce Springsteen sang about this in 1992.

57 Channels (And Nothin’ On)
I bought a bourgeois house in the Hollywood hills
With a trunkload of hundred thousand dollar bills
Man came by to hook up my cable TV
We settled in for the night my baby and me
We switched ’round and ’round ’til half-past down
There was fifty-seven channels and nothin’ on

Sometimes it takes me a few hours to find anything to watch. By the time I find a title, go to IMDB and read reviews, try the program for a few minutes, find it’s actually disgusting, and then start all over, it’s time for bed.

I’m not averse to watching kids’ shows. I am not a huge fan of cartoons, but The Brady Bunch or Full House has in recent times passed before my eyes. So the other night I tried something on Netflix, an ABC Family show. The synopsis went like this:

Set in San Francisco, a wealthy entrepreneur Josh (Jonathan Sadowski) hires a food blogger named Gabi (Emily Osment) to be his new personal chef.

Sounds promising! A family show! Foodies! Cookery/chefery! Nice scenery! A family show!

Aw! So cute!

I watched a show and a half and then turned it off in disgust and outrage. That’s 29 minutes before I called it quits and shook my head in absolute amazement.

Within the first ten minutes the young woman had slept with her boss, who until a few minutes before had been engaged to a woman, who in turn later admitted to sleeping with someone else. The homosexual butler/aide made numerous quips about gay culture, and the double entendres from everyone were disgusting. Jokes about size of penis, and ‘once you go black you never go back’ were just two that I remember. Gay sex, pre-marital sex, adulterous sex, broken vows, lies, drunkenness, thievery, nudity, clandestinely videotaped sex, self-centeredness, selfishness, and immodesty were just a few of the “family” values being presented on this show within the first few minutes.

Episode 3 is titled Young & Lesbian where according to the summary “Josh hosts a dinner with the deciding editor of a “30 Under 30″ list hoping to impress her, only to find out she is more interested in Gabi.” The next episode after that is titled, “Young & Pregnant, Gabi worries that she might be pregnant.”

I’m not surprised, that much, that our culture reflects these values. But I am astounded at the casualness they are shown to children. This is the description for the ABC Family channel:

ABC Family is an American basic cable and satellite television channel that is owned by ABC Family Worldwide Inc., a subsidiary of the Disney–ABC Television Group division of The Walt Disney Company. The channel generally offers contemporary as well as family-oriented programming aimed at a wide audience, but primarily features series and movies aimed at teenage girls and young women; its programming includes off-network syndicated reruns and original series, feature films and made-for-TV original movies, and some religious programming. The network was founded in 1977 as an extension of televangelist Pat Robertson’s Christian television ministry, and eventually evolved into The Family Channel by 1990…

WOW! How far they have fallen. It is no surprise that the world acts like the world, but it is saddening to me that our youngest and most vulnerable are being deliberately brainwashed this way. Every perversity imaginable was immediately presented from the opening moments of the show. Though the set was appealingly designed in bright, Disney colors, it belies a poison akin to the color of gangrene.

I opened this essay with a retrospective of ‘back in my day’. I related to you the facts of the broadcast matter, but the fact of the content of what was broadcast is equally applicable. Any ONE of the sins presented so immediately and casually in the first episode of “Young & Hungry” back in my day would immediately have merited censoring if the television show was aimed at children, say, The Brady Bunch. We all learned a lesson about not being a Tattle-Tale from season 2’s The Brady Bunch. Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color on Sunday Nights featured true family friendly shows and movies. I remember watching Lassie, Gentle Ben, Ed Sullivan, Jackie Gleason, The Monkees, The Partridge Family, Gunsmoke, Andy Griffith, Carol Burnett, and more.

In one generation have the sins which Jesus called an abomination become so palatable and normal, sins for which He smote four entire cities in brimstone, as to be family fare? Yes.

Top L-R: Monkees, Bradys, Lassie.
Bottom L-R: Gentle Ben, Disney, Andy.
Middle: Sex, perversity, adultery, AKA millennial family fare

Once the truth is suppressed in unrighteousness and the Creator is denied, as per Romans 1:18-19, it does not take long for the trajectory to play itself out as the rest of Romans tells us:

And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done. 29They were filled with all manner of unrighteousness, evil, covetousness, malice. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, maliciousness. They are gossips, 30slanderers, haters of God, insolent, haughty, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents, 31foolish, faithless, heartless, ruthless. 32Though they know God’s righteous decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them.

Do you know the ratings for Young & Hungry are through the roof? They are heartily applauding sin. Note how the ratings began high and only got higher as the first season progressed. And the show has been picked up for season 2.

Source IMDB

In 1974 the American public expressed strong outrage that a scene in the movie Born Innocent contained a lesbian rape scene and even was used in promotional ads aired during the afternoon. Outrage was so strong that the FCC instituted “Family viewing hour“. Forty years later Family programming includes a comedic plotline about lesbian lust. The very children parents in 1974 sought to protect from such fodder are now grown ups watching, applauding and seeking more, and calling it family viewing. Oh, how we have crumbled.

Nothing of what I’m saying is any surprise and hasn’t actually been said before. Like, from Newt Minow-

May 9, 1961 that Newt Minow, then the young head of the Federal Communications Commission, gave what would be called the Wasteland Speech:

When television is good, nothing — not the theater, not the magazines or newspapers — nothing is better. But when television is bad, nothing is worse. I invite each of you to sit down in front of your own television set when your station goes on the air and stay there, for a day, without a book, without a magazine, without a newspaper, without a profit and loss sheet or a rating book to distract you. Keep your eyes glued to that set until the station signs off. I can assure you that what you will observe is a vast wasteland.

His talk hit like a bomb. Mr Minow is still alive and in 2011 he gave another speech, in which he joked that his children threatened to put on his tombstone “A Vaster Wasteland” because things have only gotten much worse of course. Here is a snippet from Mr Minow’s talk in 2011

I knew broadcasters would not be happy [in 1961]. My favorite response was from the Hollywood producer Sherwood Schwartz, who named the sinking ship in Gilligan’s Island after me. The “vast wasteland” was a metaphor for a particular time in our nation’s communications history, and to my surprise it became part of the American lexicon. It has come to identify me. My daughters threaten to engrave on my tombstone: On to a Vaster Wasteland. But those were not the two words I intended to be remembered. The two words I wanted to endure were public interest. To me that meant, as it still means, that we should constantly ask: What can communications do for our country? For the common good? For the American people?

We did some great things, to be sure. We expanded choice with public broadcasting, cable, and satellites. Sesame Street became one of the most-watched television programs in the world. Our televised presidential debates, once groundbreaking and then abandoned until 1976, became the most substantive view of our presidential campaigns. We launched the first communications satellite in 1962. On a visit to the space program, President Kennedy asked me about the satellite. I told him that it would be more important than sending a man into space. “Why?” he asked. “Because,” I said, “this satellite will send ideas into space, and ideas last longer than men.”

But our failures were equally dramatic, particularly in using television to serve our children and to improve our politics. For 50 years, we have bombarded our children with commercials disguised as programs and with endless displays of violence and sexual exploitation. We are nearly alone in the democratic world in not providing our candidates with public-service television time. Instead we make them buy it—and so money consumes and corrupts our political discourse.

Man corrupts. He is fallen and everything he touches is cursed or polluted. I feel for parents who seek opportunities to present entertaining clean shows to their children. Let me tell you, ABC Family ain’t it.

Godlessness in the Last Days

1But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. 2For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, 4treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, 5having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people. 6For among them are those who creep into households and capture weak women, burdened with sins and led astray by various passions, 7always learning and never able to arrive at a knowledge of the truth. 8Just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so these men also oppose the truth, men corrupted in mind and disqualified regarding the faith. 9But they will not get very far, for their folly will be plain to all, as was that of those two men. (2 Timothy 3:1-8)

And take note: those verses describe not the world, but the church.

We know these things and we trust the Lord’s word is true. Though there are predicted days of difficulty, He also made promises to the good. He will return and take us with Him. He will keep us from the hour of trial that is to come upon the whole world. He has prepared unimaginable treasures for us. He is our strength in the dark days and our source of joy amid the pollution.

At the same time, it is a new commandment that I am writing to you, which is true in him and in you, because the darkness is passing away and the true light is already shining. (1 John 2:8)



My premise was that within one generation the cultural understanding and acceptance of moral/immoral behavior has been reversed. Today Al Mohler was interviewed by The Gospel Coalition on this exact topic. Here is one relevant excerpt

Albert Mohler on How to Survive a Moral Revolution

Watch the full nine-minute video to hear Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, explain how in the span of a generation an entire moral understanding was reversed, what Christian faithfulness looks like in our day, and more.

TGC: How did in the span of a generation an entire moral understanding in North America become reversed? And how did this moral revolution happen so fast?

Mohler: We’ve never experienced anything like this. . . . And the bottom line is that no part of the culture is going to be left untouched. . . . We haven’t had any moral revolution on this scale in human history. The first Christian answer is secularization. . . . This could only have happened after modernity had so shifted the worldview of most of the people in what we might would call the industrialized world. . . . That’s made all these changes inevitable.

Watch the full 9-minute interview at the link above.

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(Updated) Isis captures oil field, aims for Jordan? Ebola out of control, SBC gay-affirming Pastor feted at White House, lauded for "progress"

(Update below)
I’m catching up on some news. I like to follow up with previously reported issues. Let’s start with Danny Cortez, Obama, and the SBC.

In February of this year when Pastor Danny Cortez of California’s New Hope Church (a Southern Baptist Convention affiliated church) told his congregation that his son had come out as gay and that he as pastor has been wrong to preach against homosexuality as a sin, his church split.

However, the bulk of the congregation voted to retain Pastor Cortez and go forward on a third way, in other words, not yes and not no but maybe (the lukewarm, middle of the road way?) in agreeing to disagree and focusing on other issues (besides sin?)

Albert Mohler, Jr., an American theologian and the ninth president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, published an essay declaring there is no third way.

This all came down just before the Southern Baptist Convention. The Bylaws of the SBC state that cooperating churches which dissent or vary from orthodox and agreed upon doctrines can be voted out of the denomination.” The SBC Constitution states: “Among churches not in friendly cooperation with the Convention are churches which act to affirm, approve, or endorse homosexual behavior.” This didn’t happen at the Convention.

The excuse reason was that it all happened too close to the convention’s opening and the leaders had not had time to review the situation formally nor properly. They did not want to make a hasty decision. OK, fine, but when no movement on the issue happened after the convention either, Al Mohler wrote another essay in effect saying, ‘OK, time to get moving on this issue now’. (I interpreted it that way).

As of today, still nothing from the SBC. It is reported that the SBC Executive Committeee may take it up in September. May take it up.

Meanwhile the Homosexual lobby is not waiting around to take an advantage. Pastor Danny Cortez was almost immediately invited to the White House for Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender (LGBT) celebration to cap off Gay Month, hosted by Obama. The Baptist Press reported (and picked up by the Biblical Recorder) that Cortez was delighted to attend.

Pro-gay [SBC] pastor attends White House event (I added the ‘SBC’ to the headline)

The Los Angeles-area Baptist pastor whose church split after he announced he no longer believes all homosexual acts are sinful was President Obama’s guest at the White House LGBT Pride Month reception June 30. Danny Cortez, pastor of New Heart Community Church in La Mirada, Calif., attended the reception with his son Drew, who Cortez said in a Feb. 9 sermon is gay. At the reception, Obama acknowledged open homosexuals serving in his administration and said 11 openly gay federal judges have been confirmed by the Senate, including 10 during his administration. Danny Cortez, pastor of New Heart Community Church in La Mirada, Calif., attended the reception with his son Drew, who Cortez said in a Feb. 9 sermon is gay. “This tremendous progress we’ve made as a society is thanks to those of you who fought the good fight,…”

Obama is exactly right, the “progress” the homosexual lobby has made in culture is due to either false Christians helpfully promoting satan’s agenda, or true Christians standing by and doing nothing.

On another topic, I stopped following the ISIS event in the Middle East when the news reports and even twitter accounts posted photos without warnings of graphic nature. The photos were terrible, terrible.

That does not mean the issue is no longer important though. It is. It may have fallen off this blog and it may have receded into the background of world news, but ISIS is still capturing, advancing, and murdering. See this photo-safe news report from Israel’s Arutz Sheva from today

ISIS Captures Largest Oil Field in Syria
Islamist group adds to its resources, seizing oil field and consolidating its hold in the Euphrates corridor from Iraq into Syria.

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) continues to roll forward, adding to its collection of captured resources the Al-Omar Oil Field, the largest oil field in Syria located in the eastern Deir al-Zour province of the war-torn country, near the Iraqi border. The Islamist group has already amassed great assets during its blitz offensive in Iraq, seizing Iraq’s largest oil refinery, a chemical weapons facility, and becoming the “world’s richest terrorist organization” by looting 500 billion Iraqi dinars ($425 million) from banks in Mosul. Now, video footage uploaded to YouTube shows armed ISIS jihadists at the entrance to the field with their flag flying high, after having wrestled the field away from the Al-Nusra Front, a rival opposition force in Syria that is linked with Al-Qaeda, which ISIS broke off from. … ISIS’s lightning series of victories have given it control of a corridor on the Euphrates River ranging from the far-eastern Syrian town of Bukamal, located on the border with Iraq, on through the provincial capital of Deir al-Zour to the northwest from the border.

Additionally ISIS, which on Sunday declared itself an Islamic “caliphate” and proclaimed its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as “Caliph,” has succeeding in winning pledges of allegiance by numerous rebel factions in the area.

I have not watched the video which accompanies the article. You’re on your own with that one. Here is another news piece discussing how much territory ISIS has now

Sunni fighters of the Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) Thursday gained control over the eastern Syrian province of Deir Ez-zor and now occupy an area five times the size of Lebanon in Syria, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. (source)

 Where will ISIS go next? The Wall Street Daily reports,

You see, some early reports suggest Baghdadi may have a new target: the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, which is ruled from nearby Amman. Jordan is considered a constitutional monarchy, but King Abdullah II has the power to appoint 75 members of the Parliament directly. He also has the power to pass laws himself, and he is the head of both the state and the military. But while Abdullah II has all of the power, he doesn’t have strong support amongst the people. You see, Jordan has been the recipient of many refugees in recent decades, and the country is now brimming with Arabs from both Palestine and Syria. These people feel oppressed by the small, but controlling, Hashemite tribe… and that could spell trouble. Abdullah would be supported by his military and the United States, but not his Sunni Muslim population, which would likely be sympathetic to ISIS. On top of that, if ISIS controlled Jordan, it could surround Damascus, which is just 100 short miles north of Amman. In that regard, Jordan could be the key to winning in Syria.

I posted a couple of news reports about Jordan two weeks ago. (here, and here) I feel the ISIS group will go to Jordan for exactly the above described reason, and also Saudi Arabia. Jordan is prominent in prophecy for one simple reason is that the antichrist will conquer the world but God will not allow him to take Jordan. However, Jordan will not escape unharmed.

UPDATE: Daily Mail is reporting the following about Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia has placed 30,000 soldiers on its northern border after 2,500 Iraqi soldiers reportedly quit their posts, leaving the country open to the threat of a lightning advance by ISIS militants.

As a matter of fact, Jordan is prophesied to be devastated (except for Petra). From Jordan it is but a small matter to conquer Lebanon (a proxy of Syria anyway) and then attack Israel, which would pretty much be the Psalm 83 battle.

Dr. Mordechai Kedar believes ISIS (ISIL) will go to Jordan next also. Dr Kedar is a senior lecturer in the Department of Arabic at Bar-Ilan University. He served in IDF Military Intelligence for 25 years, specializing in Arab political discourse, Arab mass media, Islamic groups and the Syrian domestic arena. He definitely has the intellectual chops and professional credibility to make such a call. He said,

ISIL has never concealed its intentions regarding Jordan, created, as were Iraq and Syria, by European colonialism, and therefore deserving to be eliminated. The name of the organization expresses is goals, because “al-Sham” is the Levant, and that area includes Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel.  In order to make its plans for Jordan obvious, the organization expanded its control in Iraq westward, up to the border between Iraq and Jordan, also conquering the border town of Turayvil. Its successes in Iraq and Syria awaken the “Jihadist adrenaline” in the marginal populations of Jordan and the demonstration in Ma’an expresses what is well-known: ISIS success draws the masses, especially those on the fringes of society, those who want to belong to something successful at last.  And if this successful thing brings an end to a suppressive regime, it is an even more worthy group to join.

 Of course it could all collapse tomorrow. Only God knows.

Drought: “Arizona’s largest city has gone four months without any measurable rain, and neighboring New Mexico is in the midst of four years of severe drought.”

Earthquakes: Quakes are still pounding Oklahoma.

USGS, Quakes this week, 2.5+

Big earthquakes double in 2014, but scientists say they’re not linked. (Sure….sure.) There is a a 65 percent increase compared to the rate of large quakes since 1979. (larger than magnitude 7).

We have recently experienced a period that has had one of the highest rates of great earthquakes ever recorded,” said lead study author Tom Parsons, a research geophysicist with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in Menlo Park, California.  But even though the global earthquake rate is on the rise, the number of quakes can still be explained by random chance, said Parsons and co-author Eric Geist, also a USGS researcher.

The disease Ebola is “out of control” in parts of West Africa. Remember, Ebola is the disease with an extremely high mortality rate that melts your insides. Mortality of those who contract the disease range from 34% to 70%. Compared to the previous influenza epidemics, which were less than 0.1%, the 1918 Spanish Influenza epidemic had a mortality rate of 2.5%. Now perhaps, with that comparison in mind, it is easier to envision this verse’s fulfillment:

And its rider’s name was Death, and Hades followed him. And they were given authority over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by wild beasts of the earth.” (Revelation 8b)

Keep praying, keep loving each other, and keep looking up. Have a safe and Hurricane Arthur-free Fourth of July Holiday!

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(Updated) How close are we to rapture? "Pope Francis On Gays: Who Am I To Judge Them?"

Update at bottom.

I’ve written about the progressive standard that God showed us in the bible about why and when He gives a person or a nation over. That progressive standard in in Romans 1, particularly verses 18-32 in the section titled “God’s Wrath on Unrighteousness”.

I’ve noted on this blog about the progression of the acceptance and normalization of homosexuality and gay marriage, accomplished state-by-state through referenda or judicial fiat. I’ve noted that the last Presidential election’s Democratic party platform contained many unGodly elements in it, including promotion of the gay agenda – and that is the platform (philosophy) a majority of the American people chose. Many millions of American evangelicals were more than a little dismayed by that, but not surprised. We are not surprised when the world acts like the world. Very recently, we noted that America’s Supreme Court accepted the gay agenda through some important judicial decisions. All this has convinced many of us that America is under judgment.

photo credit: San Diego Shooter via photopin cc

I’ve also noted on the blog that the state-by-state acceptance of the homosexual agenda in the US is mirrored on a larger scale with a nation-by-nation secular acceptance of it. Last week, Britain legalized homosexual marriage. Also, Costa Rica has opened the door to it. Australia has opened the door to it. Uruguay and New Zealand have both enacted laws to legalize same-sex marriage which will come into force in August 2013. There are many other examples of nations giving over to the gay agenda.

It is clear that in secular society that great swathes of jurisdictions and sub-jurisdictions have legalized and thus normalized what God abhors.

photo credit: Dennis Wong via photopin cc

Yes, God abhors all sins, but homosexuality is the only one He uses AS a judgment and as a benchmark of progress away from Him into darkness. It is clear that in the secular world, satan has greatly advanced in his cause for sin in claiming the worldly mind. That claim is growing exponentially every day. Just as a car is difficult to get out of a snowbank, with enough push, rocking back and forth, and persistence, traction is gained. That time is now. Traction is fully gained and the floodgates are opened. But again, the world is the world. That’s how it is. We are not surprised- but we do mark the progress of the world’s sin saturation.

In faith communities too, the homosexual agenda has gained remarkable traction. Now, when I say ‘faith community”, I don’t mean legitimate faith. There is no faith except the true faith delivered to the saints once for all (Jude 1:3), but look at this list from Wikipedia:

“Various faith communities around the world support allowing same-sex couples to marry or conduct same-sex marriage ceremonies; for example: Church of Sweden, Quakers, U.S. Episcopalians, the Metropolitan Community Church, the United Church of Christ, the United Church of Canada, Buddhism in Australia, Reform and Conservative Jews, Wiccans, Druids, Unitarian Universalists, and Native American religions with a two-spirit tradition, as well as various progressive and modern Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and Jewish groups and various minor religions and other denominations.”

This week both Desmond Tutu has stated that he welcomes the homosexual agenda and openly rejected God.


Desmond Tutu Says He Would Prefer Hell Over A Homophobic Heaven And God

Mr Tutu has won the Nobel Peace Prize, Presidential Medal of Freedom among other awards, and was Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa. He speaks for a considerable segment of the population on a considerably populated continent. The horrific thing is that he speaks these heresies in the name of Jesus.

Today we read- “Pope Francis On Gays: Who Am I To Judge Them?
The pontiff broached the delicate question of how he would respond to learning that a cleric in his ranks was gay, though not sexually active. For decades, the Vatican has regarded homosexuality as a “disorder,” and Pope Francis’ predecessor Pope Benedict XVI formally barred men with what the Vatican deemed “deep-seated” homosexuality from entering the priesthood.  “Who am I to judge a gay person of goodwill who seeks the Lord?” the pontiff said, speaking in Italian. “You can’t marginalize these people.”

The Pope is the voice of all Catholics, and the horrific thing is that he speaks these heresies in the name of Jesus. There are 1.2 billion Catholics in the world.

As God gives over the individual to his entrenched sin and rejection of Christ, and as He gives nations over to entrenched sin and rejection of Christ, God also will give over the world to sin and rejection of Christ. The moment He will give over the world to its sin will be the second after the rapture takes place. The world will be then unrestrained in its sin. (2 Thessalonians 2:7).

Daniel 9:24-17 describes the reasons God will begin the Tribulation and the verses record the length of it. God will allow sin to have its day. He will allow it to capture everyone who rejected His Son and thus, believe the lie (2 Thessalonians 2:7).

We look at the progression in Romans and use that as a benchmark for the wrath of abandonment. We know and see individuals who are enduring the wrath of God’s abandonment as they die with atheism or other religions or false Jesus on their lips. We know and see nations enduring the wrath of God’s abandonment as they had wholesale turned away from God’s laws, and I believe America is one of those nations enduring His wrath now, in current times.

But think on this: how long until God unleashes His wrath by abandoning the world to its sin and takes His bride home?? We are watching an amazing thing happen day by day. The peoples, nations, and faiths- all dismiss God by accepting homosexuality.  Really, the world is crumbling.

Photo: Venice Beach, Elizabeth Prata

It is like a sand castle. At first the tide nips at the edges of it. The castle loses a few grains of sand, but the larger structure is unaffected. Then a larger wave comes and swipes away a chunk. The waves return to docility and creep up to the castle in tiny nips, for a while. But then another big wave comes, and piled after that, another. The tide is crunching away as it comes in faster and faster, undercutting the entire structure and it starts to tilt. Soon the castle is a mound and soon after that, wiped from existence.

I tell you, he will give justice to them speedily. Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, 
will he find faith on earth?” 
Luke 18:8

Not that He won’t leave the Spirit to draw men to His bosom in the Tribulation, He will. Many come to faith then. But He will unleash His wrath upon an unbelieving world…

When I see whole nations and whole segments of a false faith community embracing homosexuality as they do, the rapture cannot be far behind, according to my understanding of the progression in Romans, at least. The wrath of abandonment is what Desmond Tutu claims to want, but what he doesn’t know is that God has already abandoned Tutu to the wrath of God. He has done the same for those who believe the Pope’s lie, also.

The Gospel has the power to cut through the darkness and save. There is no question about that. But God’s plan is to retrieve the bride for His Son to love and leave the world to His anger. I believe that the advance of the homosexual agenda is a heavy-duty benchmark for that tipping point. I believe that tipping point is soon to appear.

I leave you with a prayer from John MacArthur:

Father, we are so grateful that You have not left us in doubt about these things which are part of life for us. I pray that You’ll use us to bring the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ to people in these horrible chains of homosexual behavior, who have no future, no family, no hope, who live with massive guilt, pain, agony, driving unleashed passions. That You would come powerfully through the instrumentation of Your people to bring the gospel–it alone can save them. Be glorified, Lord. Turn the tide with Your truth and with Your gospel. Save people caught in not only this sin, but in all kinds of sins that are so popular in this culture. Give the gospel a fresh hearing, we ask for Your glory, in Christ’s name. Amen.

photo credit: Fr. Stephen, MSC via photopin cc


Further reading


It’s Not What the Pope Said About Gays, It’s How He Said It

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God has given us over to our national, collective reprobate mind

In Romans 1 shows how sin gets worse and worse, and why. It says in the middle of the passage regarding homosexuality, that God gives them over to a depraved mind. When a culture is so deeply involved with homosexuality it stands to reason that collectively the nation isn’t thinking straight.

I think that link can clearly be sees in the Congress: Congress is a broken toy that has a critical piece missing and is turning in circles spouting gibberish. Same with businesses, same with the President, same with law enforcement (all those terrible stories of harassment & excessive force)…this is what a culture looks like that isn’t thinking straight. And CANNOT think straight- ever again. The reason why is that God has given us over.

Here is the Romans 1 chapter and interspersed on between the passages I’ll show in pictures and news how this illustrates what a nation that collectively has gone crazy looks like. If you watch the news and shake your head wondering why everything seems so crazy, this is why. God has given us over.

For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth. For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse. (Romans 1:18-20)

In Upstate NY, there was a terrible flood this week. God was not glorified but Mother Nature was mentioned.

“This is unbelievable,” he said as he watched several backhoes scoop up debris at the corner of Maple Grove Avenue and West German Street. “Mother Nature can be a mean one.”

“For although they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts were darkened. Claiming to be wise, they became fools, and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images resembling mortal man and birds and animals and creeping things.” (Romans 1:21-23)

Mesoamericans worship a deity named Quetzalcoatl. He is named after the rare Quetzal bird of South America. Quetzalcoatl literally means feathered serpent. He is a serpent bird, and is one of many such types of local deities the Catholic Church accepts and absorbs into its pantheon of syncretism. Serpent-gods are culturally ubiquitous. They’re everywhere. Many cultures worship the creeping thing and the bird. Below is an altar cloth that shows the blend of serpent god with a cross-


Above is a Quetzalcoatl carving inside a South American Catholic church. The Catholic church is just as pagan as the indigenous church, but has an overlay of Christianity to it that blinds most people to its falsity. In any case, many cultures worship the creeping thing and the bird and other idols.

“Therefore God gave them up in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, to the dishonoring of their bodies among themselves, because they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever! Amen.” (Romans 1:24-25)

Anthony Weiner defines lust and impurity. He was a Congressman who resigned from Congress, effective June 21, 2011, due to a sexting scandal. In the sexting scandal, Weiner sent a link to a sexually suggestive photograph of himself via his public Twitter account to an adult woman who was following him on Twitter. After several days of denying he had posted the image, Weiner held a press conference at which he admitted he had “exchanged messages and photos of an explicit nature with about six women over the last three years.” On May 21, 2013, Weiner announced that he would run for Mayor of New York City in 2013.” (Wikipedia). Weiner, despite being an adulterer, (dishonoring his body) and having lied, and then resigned in disgrace, is now moving up in the polls for his bid to become Mayor of NY City.

“For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions. For their women exchanged natural relations for those that are contrary to nature; and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their error.” (Romans 1:26-27)


“A l-esbian couple who spearheaded a fight for same-sex marriage in California have become the first to tie the knot hours after a ban was lifted in a landmark US Supreme Court ruling. Ms Stier and Ms Perry were the plaintiffs in the initial action challenging the ban, which wound its way through the legal system before eventually being heard by the top US court.” (source)

And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done.”

They were filled with all manner of unrighteousness, evil, covetousness, malice. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, maliciousness. They are gossips, slanderers, haters of God, insolent, haughty, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents, foolish, faithless, heartless, ruthless. 

Once God gives them over, it unleashes all other sins with force. They become ‘filled’ with it. They cannot think straight. In effect, they are spiritually insane.

Some things are just purely bizarre. Brawling at McDonald’s, lying , boasting; all things in the Romans passage happen ona daily basis and are getting weirder and weirder each day.

Though they know God’s decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them.” (Romans 1:28-32)

Obama applauded and approved of those who practice that which ought not to be done.

“I applaud the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act. This was discrimination enshrined in law. It treated loving, committed gay and l-esbian couples as a separate and lesser class of people. The Supreme Court has righted that wrong, and our country is better off for it.”

Homosexual George Takei of Star Trek, gave hearty approval to the homosexual marriage decision on his Facebook page, writing- “Today marks a watershed moment in history and a tremendous victory for the principle of equality. The 5-4 decision by our Supreme Court striking down DOMA affirms the universality of love — the desire of all people not only to find, but to value and affirm, a lifelong commitment to another person. … Let the joy of this day ring out with PRIDE.”

“Russell Brand informs us that, “If you’re gay married in California your gay marriage is now legal. Good. #allmarriageisabitgay.” (source)

All marriage is a bit gay?

The reason we shake our heads at the headlines is because the nation has gone mental. The people of the United States chose a political platform that opposes God at every level: killing children, endorsing homosexuality, destroying marriage, wanton entitlements, fiscal irresponsibility… the nation chose it. God let us have it.

That is why our leaders from the top down, those in authority, seem not to be thinking clearly. Supreme Court, House of Representative, Senate, President, Law Enforcement, civil authority…collectively the people who make this nation run are operating in a climate of debased mind and many, many of its citizens are following suit. Here are just a few examples from headlines, and these are representative, not comprehensive. If you want a comprehensive view of how the nation is operating in a manner that clearly shows God has given us over to a nationally debased mind, just read any newspaper, anywhere.

Despite this nation being in a fiscal emergency and dire distress upon taxpayers, and many are in terrible poverty, he jetted off for a 100 million dollar vacation. Yet another expensive vacation.

Barack Obama’s $100M African vacation is now a family affair
“Barack Obama is set to jet off to South Africa tomorrow, embarking on a rather long and costly African “goodwill tour” which has no actual economic or foreign policy purpose, but will prove to be a pretty fun vacation for his family, as they travel across sub-Saharan Africa using approximately $100M of your money.” [He brought his mother-in-law along and also his niece]

“Remember, America, you still can’t tour the White House because, apparently, the Obama Administration mandated that the Secret Service embrace their Sequester cuts by ending protection details that would help guide tourists through the people’s palace on Pennsylvania. Instead, a huge wad of cash is being spent sending them, armored vehicles and a whole entourage of protection to a continent we currently don’t care about so that everyone in the Obama family can experience world travel.”

The IRS targeting scandal, the IRS spending scandal, the government spying scandal, a broken Congress…all adds to the concept outlined in Romans 1. When God gives us over, it collapses fast.

Three reasons Congress is broken
Congress actively undermines the best of legislative practices by:
–Politics trumps policy
–Staffers do most of the work
–Issues, even the big ones, are no longer really debated

I respect law enforcement in general, but it is a fact that I am seeing more of these kinds of stories each day.
A Police Officer That Shot Five Kittens While Children Were Watching

Crime is crazy. Not just the amount of it but the kind of it-

Wendy’s Customer Totally Loses It When They Put Cheese On His Hamburger

Women Throwing Bleach Into The Eyes Of A Man On A City Bus In Boston

Godlessness in general is more bold now.

Atheists install monument next to Ten Commandments in front of FL courthouse

“knowing this first of all, that scoffers will come in the last days with scoffing, following their own sinful desires.” (2 Peter 3:3)

I watched a Dateline show about the horrific accident last year, the woman in the completely crushed car that was hanging over the overpass in Jan. 2012.

Everything about this was a miracle. You can see the hand of God all in this. The mother survived, the baby survived and the girl survived the worst crash possible, which collapsed the car into a mini-version of a toaster. Amazing. The mother said she was thankful… but did not praise God for the obvious miracle. Then there were the Seabees who were unexpectedly delayed, and then unexpectedly were told to bring a last-minute piece of equipment, and were delayed in traffic yet again, and it turned out that this last minute addition of the certain kind of equipment as the only kind of equipment that could save the car from falling off the bridge and extract the survivors. So many improbably coincidences and yet the men said, “it was luck.”

They just don’t give Him glory for anything, anymore.

John MacArthur said this week, “One example of that degenerative process is the modern view of sexual immorality.  Decades ago we witnessed the sexual revolution and the normalizing of abortion. If those weren’t devastating enough, now we’re seeing the homosexual revolution with the push for same-sex marriage. That is the Romans 1 reprobate mind in full bloom. All that matters is personal fulfillment and the approval of every possible personal choice. The only thing not tolerated is any intolerance of evil.”

Stand for biblical truth. Stay in the Word and pray often. Know your doctrine and be clear about it. Lovingly but firmly confront sin. Worship, praise, love and serve. These actions are increasingly at odds with the world but increase you in closeness to Jesus. The more we submit to Him and keep Him in our heart and glorify Him with our actions, the more He will sanctify us and transform our minds. (Romans 12:2) And we all need that now- being close to Jesus in as many ways and for as much of the time as we consciously can.

Because … someone has to.

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Do not be fooled by the inclusion of a Pastor on this season’s Masterchef

There is no realm that the gay lobby won’t enter to normalize homosexuality.

I enjoy a tv cooking competition show called “Masterchef.” Chefs/restaurateurs Joe Bastianich, Gordon Ramsay, and Graham Elliott audition home cooks and choose 18 to perform a series of contests to see which one over time will emerge as the most professional chef with the best cooking skills.

It is different from Ramsay’s other cooking show, H-ll’s Kitchen, because it features non-professional chefs, just home cooks. Because of this, the judges are nicer to the cheftestants, and the show is overall more wholesome and charming. Wednesday evening was the Masterchef’s fourth season premiere.

Here is a quick rabbit trail. I noted that with the onset of Hulu and Netflix, the tv watcher’s viewing habits have changed, including mine. I tend to watch an entire show’s run all at once. I watch one show after another each evening, so rather than having to wait a week and during hiatus to see each episode, you get a feel for the show very quickly because little time has elapsed. explains, “The move is a nod to the binge habits of its members, Netflix says, who prefer to see an entire season in a few sittings as opposed to tuning in for the latest episode at a particular time every week.”

In viewing shows this way, the dark truth emerged. I noticed a pattern. In all the shows I binge-watched, season 3 consistently seems to be a turning point. Darkness enters in. Satan gets his clutches into the writers and the storylines become more immoral, more violent and worse overall by season 3. Oftentimes, gay characters are introduced, or gay themes.

This pattern was kept with Masterchef. Last night in watching the premiere, I was saddened to see much more sexual innuendo than in previous shows. I was briefly joyful that a pastor was chosen as a final contestant for the final audition but became concerned when I researched who this pastor is. He is a practicing homosexual living with a partner, had adopted three boys, and is promoting gay marriage.

A website chronicling Chicago Gay History lists this 52 year old “pastor” named Kevin Tindell’s bio thus:

“Rev. Kevin E. Tindell is a change management consultant and minister. He and his partner are raising two sons. Tindell is active in Black gay and spiritual groups. He co-founded ONYX, a Black leathermen’s group; Praise Center Chicago; and the Sanctuary Ministry. His involvement has included Chicago Black Lesbians and Gays, Adodi, Minority Outreach Intervention Project, Equality Illinois, Youth Pride Center, AIDS Legal Council, Jelani Unified Men’s Project, Black Alumni of Notre Dame, and much more.”

Tindell says he is a neo-Pentecostal starting up a new church with about 20 members. His staff is studying under controversial Obama pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright, as this website article explains. “The church claims about 20 members and refers to itself as a neo-Pentecostal denomination. Several members on the ministerial staff are currently receiving training at Trinity United Church of Christ under the direction of that church’s pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. And one of the most important aspects of the church, besides its openness to the ‘gifts of the spirit [including speaking in tongues]’ is special outreach to the Black LGBT community.”

In this video interview from a few weeks ago, “Pastor” Tindell says bible passages frequently quoted that seem to oppose actually mean something else. He explained, “There is no marriage ceremony in the bible. Marriage was around for property ownership. So when the bible says men should not lay with men like they lay with women, they’re talking about…because you couldn’t own men.”

Tindell says “I am the face of marriage Equality” explaining, “But I promised God that if I met the man who was right for me, I would step up and ask him out… So, I did!” he continues. … He adds, “Our faith in a God that created all, loves all, and accepts us just as we are sustains both our relationship and our family.””

I always find it interesting how a reprobate mind twists the clear meaning of the word. In one example from another situation, I watched Todd Friel of Wretched Radio gently and lovingly engage a practicing lesbian in detailed manner through Romans 1:18-32. In Romans 1:18 it says “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth.”  

The verses go on to describe how God gives them over to improper lusts if they deny God and suppress the truth. This one lesbian Friel was interviewing said, “I she don’t deny God, so the verse does not apply to me.”

Anyway, back to Masterchef and the gay pastor who will be featured for however long he lasts in the competition on this influential and highly rated show. I’m saddened that once again, even the most innocuous media presentation, this time a cooking show, chooses to feature homosexuality as normal. People from all over the world will see him and think that THIS is what Christianity is, or should be. They will cling to his version of who he says Jesus is, rather than the truth.

None of this is surprising. Satan is relentless in claiming any small crack for his own, and then ruthlessly exploiting that crack for his own dark purposes. However, if you are a fan of the show, I wanted to give you the background on this pastor. He is not all he seems, and he definitely needs prayers. So does his “partner” and the sons they are raising.

As far as his twisted interpretation of the fact that you couldn’t own a male slave, that was unbliblical. Exodus 21:20 talks about male slave ownership. So does Leviticus 25:44. Philemon owned male slave Onesimus. Ephesians 6 and Colossians 3 both mention slavery.

Please continue to pray. This particular situation I’ve mentioned on the TV show may not last more than one more week, if Mr Tindell is eliminated from the competition. Or he may persevere for many weeks and bring his message of “Christian homosexuality” to millions. That doesn’t matter. The point here is three-fold-

1. Satan persistently encroaches into every realm he can, but are we as persistent with the message of the GOOD NEWS?,
2. That just becuase a pastor is presented as a pastor doesn’t mean he is a Christian or holds to biblical  doctrine,
3. and we need to be discerning about what media we absorb.


Further reading:

Verses which state homosexuality is a sin-
Genesis 19:1-13; Leviticus 18:22; 20:13; Romans 1:26-27; 1 Corinthians 6:9.

Essays about homosexuality and the bible-
Is it possible to be a Gay Christian?
Christianity and Homosexuality

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Days of Lot: in one generation, homosexuality went from being viewed as a vile practice to societally accepted

I wrote the other day about the prophecy in the Olivet Discourse where Jesus referred to His second coming and said the conditions on earth will be as the Days of Noah. That essay is here. In Luke, Jesus made a different reference. It was to the situation at Sodom, when He said that the conditions prior to His second coming will also be like they were in the Days of Lot. Lot loved at Sodom, that infamous city of homosexual sin. He said,

“Likewise, just as it was in the days of Lot—they were eating and drinking, buying and selling, planting and building, but on the day when Lot went out from Sodom, fire and sulfur rained from heaven and destroyed them all— so will it be on the day when the Son of Man is revealed.” (Luke 17:28-30).

Lot and the story of Sodom is in Genesis 19.

Jesus is emphasizing that mankind will be deep in sin, unaware of the looming catastrophe their sins have wrought upon them. In referring to the days of Noah, the specific sins were not mentioned, except to say that man was evil all the time, and that the Nephilim were on earth in those days. (Genesis 6:1-8).

In the case of Lot, we know that he was living in Sodom at the time of the judgment upon that city and the four other cities ruined that day. (Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, Zeboiim, Deuteronomy 29:23). Jude 1:7 mentions Sodom,

“Just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding cities, which likewise indulged in sexual immorality and pursued unnatural desire, serve as an example by undergoing a punishment of eternal fire…”

And Peter mentions Sodom-

“if he condemned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah by burning them to ashes, and made them an example of what is going to happen to the ungodly; (2 Peter 2:6 )

And Revelation mentions Sodom, comparing its great sins to end time Jerusalem:

“And when they have finished their testimony, the beast that rises from the bottomless pit will make war on them and conquer them and kill them, and their dead bodies will lie in the street of the great city that symbolically is called Sodom and Egypt, where their Lord was crucified.” (Revelation 11:7-8)

There is no doubt that Sodom stands as an example of judgment upon ungodly behavior- and the ungodly behavior at issue here is homosexuality, carnality of the most perverse kind.

Jesus said that the end of days would be like the days of Lot. So….has the sin of Sodom permeated many cultures, as homosexuals party unaware of the looming judgment upon them? Yes.

This week, New Zealand politicians have voted in the gay marriage bill, making New Zealand the 13th country to allow same-sex couples to marry. It wasn’t even close. The “Marriage Equality Bill” passed 77- 44.

Right, François Elluin, “Sodomites provoking the wrath of God, from Le pot pourri de Loth, 1781”

New Zealand is not the only nation dealing at a Parliamentary level with the homosexual agenda. Ireland also made some movement toward ‘marriage equality’ this week. This article from the Christian Science Monitor states,

“Ireland, a famously conservative country with a government dominated by the center-right, has taken a step toward legalizing same-sex marriage, following several other Catholic nations into what some say is belated equality – and others claim is murky legal and moral territory. Ireland’s Constitutional Convention, a body set up by the government to propose wide-ranging changes to Ireland’s Constitution, voted Sunday, with 79 percent in favor of extending marriage rights to same sex couples.”

South Africa recently held its first “traditional” gay wedding
“Two 27-year-old South African men, Tshepo Cameron Modisane (pictured left) and Thoba Calvin Sithole (pictured right), tied the knot Saturday in a ceremony that is being heralded as the nation’s first gay wedding, according to the Huffington Post. The couple was married in the town of KwaDukuza and stood before 200 guests as they exchanged their vows. On a continent that views homosexuality as vile lifestyle, both men were brave enough to proudly proclaim their love for one another in a public setting.”

Vile indeed. Yet the vileness is wearing off and the lifestyle is becoming accepted.

Did you notice the change in language about homosexuality? I’ve written about ‘softening’ language before, and in this case note that we have gone from saying–

to homosexual,
to gay.

We have gone from-
to homosexual union,
to civil union,
to gay marriage,
to marriage equality.

Interestingly, it always favors the proponent to be the first to claim the language they want, because they can then frame the argument on both the pro and the con side. And the Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Queers does have such a stylebook on ‘recommended language’ to use when referring to them in the public spheres. Therefore, someone saying “I’m for marriage equality” sounds nice. If you are against sodomites marrying, then you’re against “equality” and you sound mean-spirited.

From Wikipedia, we learn,

“The Jewish historian Josephus used the term “Sodomites” in summarizing the Genesis narrative: “About this time the Sodomites grew proud, on account of their riches and great wealth; they became unjust towards men, and impious towards God, in so much that they did not call to mind the advantages they received from him: they hated strangers, and abused themselves with Sodomitical practices” “Now when the Sodomites saw the young men to be of beautiful countenances, and this to an extraordinary degree, and that they took up their lodgings with Lot, they resolved themselves to enjoy these beautiful boys by force and violence; and when Lot exhorted them to sobriety, and not to offer any thing immodest to the strangers, but to have regard to their lodging in his house; and promised that if their inclinations could not be governed, he would expose his daughters to their lust, instead of these strangers; neither thus were they made ashamed.” (Antiquities 1.11.1,3[18] — circa AD 96).

There is a REALLY interesting 46-year-old video of a “CBS Reports” documentary, a precursor to 60 Minutes. The same Mike Wallace who had appeared in 60 Minutes, did an investigation of “The Homosexuals.” The hour-long program ran in 1967 and according to Yahoo! News today, “took on the then-taboo topic of homosexuality in America. …[NOTE: the article remains at the link but the video no longer exists. A different, presently working, link to the documentary is below]

 The report is “now impossible to watch without cringing,” The Atlantic’s Conor Friedersdorf wrote.”

What they meant about cringing was, that the Days of Lot are here, because what America once thought of homosexuality as a lifestyle 46 years ago (vile, promiscuous, disgusting, and unacceptable, as well as more damaging to the societal fabric of America than adultery, prostitution, and abortion- and these are quotes) are attitudes America ‘cringes’ at now because America thinks homosexuality is just terrific. That happened in the space of just one generation.

In the documentary, the prevailing psychiatric position of the day was that homosexuality is a mental disorder, and a pathology. Now it’s gay to be gay. Back then, the prevailing attitude was that homosexuals were to be rejected and shunned. Today they are embraced and honored. Days of Lot.

This was Wallace’s conclusion to the report:

“The dilemma of the homosexual: told by the medical profession he is sick; by the law that he’s a criminal; shunned by employers; rejected by heterosexual society. Incapable of a fulfilling relationship with a woman, or for that matter with a man. At the center of his life he remains anonymous. A displaced person. An outsider.”

But today there are whole nations endorsing the lifestyle as normal by allowing marriage and other benefits that the bible states clearly should be denied people who engage in the behavior. The CBS Reports documentary is very interesting in using as a benchmark to see how far we have gone in ungodliness.

The documentary is below. And the Days of Lot are here.
“The Homosexuals”: Mike Wallace’s controversial 1967 CBS report from TRUTH Exposed and Revealed on Vimeo.

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Methodist church bans straight marriage. Really.

Seen at the Reformation 21 site posted by Carl Trueman, his link leads us to this church’s website, where they dared to take a stand. I say ‘dared’ because the stand they took is against God. Doing that never ends well. (Genesis 3:23, Exodus 11:5, Leviticus 10:1, Jude 1:7…)

Public Statement on Marriage, Standing in Solidarity with LGBTQ members.
On the matter of same-sex marriage, Green Street UMC sees injustice in the legal position of state government and the theological position of our denomination. North Carolina prohibits same-sex marriage and all the rights and privileges marriage brings. The Leadership Council has asked that their ministers join others who refuse to sign any State marriage licenses until this right is granted to same- sex couples. Because the United Methodist Church prohibits its pastors from conducting same- sex weddings, excluding gay and lesbian couples from the holy sacrament of marriage, the Leadership Council has asked the pastor to refrain from conducting wedding ceremonies in our sanctuary for straight couples, until the denomination lifts its ban for same-sex couples.

LBGTQ stands for Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning. (like God made it unclear what sex you are). One thing should become abundantly clear. It is not the UMC which prohibited performing gay marriages, it is God who prohibited that. The object of their ire is misplaced, and indeed, their ire is misplaced, too.

God has ordered the sexes, and there are two of them. He proclaimed marriage between one and the other. (Genesis 2:24). He has condemned homosexual activity of all kinds. (1 Corinthians 6:9; 1 Timothy 1:10). The sexual activity he has authorized is within marriage between a man and a woman. The bible condemns all sexual immorality. (Acts 15:20; 1 Corinthians 5:1; 6:13, 18; 7:2; 10:8; 2 Corinthians 12:21; Galatians 5:19; Ephesians 5:3; Colossians 3:5; 1 Thessalonians 4:3; Hebrews 13:4; Jude 7).

Choosing to reject all that means that Jesus will judge him on the last day.

“The one who rejects me and does not receive my words has a judge; the word that I have spoken will judge him on the last day.” (John 12:47).

Rejecting Jesus also means rejecting His plain word and His statutes, and there is always a consequence to that. Nabab and Abihu found that out the hard way. (Leviticus 10:2). So did Korah. (Numbers 16). I know that people don’t “like” that answer, but it is the answer.

While we shake our heads in amazement that the plain words of the bible are continually twisted and rejected, we can still continue to pray for our churches and Christian leaders. The blindness that is staining the hearts of people can be lifted by the gracious work of the Holy Spirit. Please be a part of that work in praying to Him who can heal all wounds, including spiritual wounds of faltering minds and hearts.

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Jim Nabors being with a partner for 38 years in no way legitimizes homosexual marriage as a proper relationship

I wrote yesterday of the news that television actor and singer Jim Nabors, 82, married his long-time homosexual partner. I know that one thing that will strike the unbelieving world about the Jim Nabors marital news is the reported length of time he and his homosexual friend have been partners. The news reports were that they have been together for 38 years.

One thing that the non-believing supporter of homosexuality denies is the penchant for gays to hitch quick and divorce quicker, or for single gays to hop from bed to bed. Gays say that they are not defined by sexual activity, but they belie that when they fail consistently to be monogamous. Their promiscuity s legendary.

The statistics on sexual promiscuity among homosexuals are staggering. 83% of the homosexual men surveyed estimated they had had sex with 50 or more partners in their lifetime, 43% estimated they had sex with 500 or more partners; 28% with 1,000 or more partners. They are promiscuous, and rarely stay with one partner for long. (source)

So no doubt, people will be using the unhappy couple’s self-stated lengthy partnership as a legitimizer for such perverse relationships. They say, “It’s love!” or, “See, it’s the same as heterosexual marriages!” However, whether promiscuous one-night stands or a 38 year apparent partnership, homosexual relationships are still sinful.

Length of time being involved in a sin is no credit to that sin. It is still sin. Just because you have been sinning longer is not a reason or a basis to say that it is now legitimized. If someone has been embezzling funds from your corporation for 38 years, do you forgive it, saying its length of time as an ongoing event means that it must be credible by now? Of course now. Embezzlement is a crime, just as homosexuality is a crime- against God.

As a matter of fact, length of time as an active homosexual is more of a reason to say they are condemned. In the progressive Wrath of Abandonment as outlined in Romans 1, the Lord hardens the heart and gives them over to their sinful desires of the body (Romans 1:26; Psalm 81:12).

What does it mean, exactly, that God gives them over?

Because they refused to honor God, He gave them over to the vilest of devices. It shows to what depths they fall without God. They became abandoned to the last degree. The very fact that they are a homosexual or a lesbian is illustrative of the fact that they have been given over by God. There is only one further step: being given over to their depraved mind. At that point they cannot even think right. (Romans 1:18-32). It is the end of the line.

Being given over means that if a person persists in denying the sovereignty of God for a period of time, after repeated warnings, God allows the person’s sin to take them to its inevitable conclusion. In the case of Pharaoh, God gave warnings in the form of judgment plagues, and then hardened Pharaoh’s heart.

This is because Pharaoh refused to listen, and each time he refused to listen, Pharaoh hardened his own heart (Ex 7:22, Ex 8:14, Ex 8:19, Ex 8:32, Ex 9:7). After a certain point, God calls it. He gave Pharaoh over to his sin.

God is just. He is not a doormat nor a patsy. After a certain point of no return, He gives you over.

In the case of Nebuchadnezzar, God gave the king repeated warnings in the form of a dream. The final  dream came with a dire warning. Even then, God gave the king one year to repent. At the moment Nebuchadnezzar said he built the city himself and he gave himself the glory, denying God once again, Nebuchadnezzar was struck in judgment. The difference between Pharaoh and Nebuchadnezzar was that when Nebuchadnezzar came out of his insanity period, he repented and gave God the glory. Pharaoh never did. Who knows how many more warnings and dreams would have been given Nebuchadnezzar, if any, but it is wise to heed His warnings the first time. God is merciful in not smiting us at birth for being sinners against Him. He is long-suffering, allowing our sins to progress until He decides to either regenerate us into new life, or harden us into spiritual death. He is patient, for example, waiting a full year for Nebuchadnezzar to repent. God is love, we are made in His image. But he is also just, and He judges us.

I am not saying a homosexual person has no chance of being saved. Any person can repent and will be welcomed into the Kingdom of God. What I am saying is that the longer you go in not addressing your sin, the more chance that God will give you over. We don’t know when that moment is. He does this with nations. It is called The Wrath of Abandonment. Romans 1 outlines the progression.

He also does this with individuals. There IS a point of no return. Homosexuality is the signal that it is very far along in the path of no return.

GotQuestions writes,

“[I]f we don’t confess our sins, they have a cumulative and desensitizing effect on the conscience, making it difficult to even distinguish right from wrong. And this sinful and hardened heart is tantamount to the “seared conscience” Paul speaks of in 1Timothy 4:1-2. Scripture makes it clear that if we relentlessly continue to engage in sin, there will come a time when God will give us over to our “debased mind” and let us have it our way. The apostle Paul writes about God’s wrath of abandonment in his letter to the Romans where we see that the “godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth” are eventually given over to the sinful desires of their hardened hearts (Romans 1:18-24).

A lengthy homosexual relationship might be lauded as “love” in secular (sinful) society but that is no commendation at all. It is actually a danger to their soul and eternal destiny! GotQuestions again

“So, what then is the antidote for a heart condition such as this? First and foremost, we have to recognize the effect that this spiritual disease has on us. And God will help us to see our heart’s condition when we ask Him: “Search me O God, and know my heart…see if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting” (Psalm 139:2-24). God can heal any heart once we recognize our disobedience and repent of our sins. But true repentance is more than simply a resolute feeling of steadfast determination. Repentance manifests itself in a changed life.”

Hallelujah that our mighty God changes our lives away from sin and toward righteousness! He can and He does. Every day. credit: Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton via photopin cc/bestrated1/191150805/

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Jim Nabors, 82 (Gomer Pyle) marries long-time gay partner

Actor Jim Nabors of ‘Andy Griffith Show’ marries male partner; says he ‘just wanted it legal’
“Actor Jim Nabors says marrying his longtime male partner doesn’t change anything about their relationship — he just wanted it to be formally acknowledged. “I just wanted it legal,” the 82-year-old actor best known as Gomer Pyle in “The Andy Griffith Show” told The Associated Press on Wednesday. Hawaii News Now reports Jim Nabors and his partner, Stan Cadwallader, traveled from their Honolulu home to Seattle to be married Jan. 15, 2013. The couple met in 1975 when Cadwallader was a Honolulu firefighter. Nabors married 64-year-old Stan Cadwallader in Seattle on Jan. 15. Nabors says they have been partners for 38 years.”

Well. That’s kinda disappointing. I guess I’ll delete my “Jim Nabors Gospel” Pandora channel now.

The national religion, homosexuality, is proceeding apace. As a benchmark behavior, it is listed pretty far along on the scale of where a nation stands as far as rebellion against God goes. (Romans 1:18-32).

Last October in his devastating sermon called “Homosexuality and the Campaign for Immorality”, John MacArthur spoke about the Romans verses and where America is now in terms of being on track for imminently enduring God’s wrath of abandonment:

What you see in Romans chapter 1 is the sequence of what happens when God abandons a nation. First, verse 24 says, He gives them over to “the lust of their hearts to impurity,” sexual sin, the dishonoring of their bodies among them. When God abandons a society, the first thing that happens is it becomes pornographic. It becomes obsessed with sex, obsessed with fornication, adultery, every kind of sexual behavior. We have gone through that already in the sexual revolution a couple of decades ago.

The second thing that happens when God abandons a culture is found in verse 26, “God gave them over to degrading passions…their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural…in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error.” At the end of that verse, “Receiving in their persons the due penalty” is the diseases that come consequent to homosexual behavior. And as you know, they unleashed on the world the horror of AIDS.

But what it’s saying here is that when God abandons a nation or a culture under His wrath, there will be a sexual revolution followed by a homosexual revolution. And we are living in this very condition.

Jesse Johnson at The Cripplegate wrote today of persecution of Christians in America. He sees it coming, a peculiarly kind of American persecution. He sees that it will be based on refusal to submit to our new national religion: homosexuality. Here are just a few of the bullet points:

Four responses to the coming persecution
–The day is quickly coming when churches will be subject to legal obstacles for their stance on homosexuality.
–It seems like only a matter of time before lawsuits targeting churches are filed if a church refuses to do parent/child dedications for same-sex couples.
–It is not far-fetched that pastors will lose their housing allowances, and churches lose their tax exempt status, unless they are willing to affirm the validity of the homosexual lifestyle.

Johnson goes on to describe how we should respond to it, and what to remember above all. It’s a good essay.

Matt Slick at Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry wrote:

“Homosexuality is clearly condemned in the Bible. But, it also goes against the created order of God who made Adam, a man, and Eve, a woman — not two men, not two women — to carry out his command to fill and subdue the earth (Gen. 1:28). Homosexuality cannot carry out that command. It is, therefore, a contradiction to God’s stated desire in the created order. Unlike other sins, homosexuality has a heavy judgment administered by God Himself upon those who commit it – and support it. This judgment is simple in that those who practice it are given over to their passions – which means that their hearts are allowed to be hardened by their sins.”

My heart grieves for Nabors. He is a man who appeared in several wholesome television shows as an innocent person seeing the good in all people in a chaotic world. However the truth was far from the superficial thespian presentation. If Nabors has been in a homosexual relationship for 38 years or longer, then from the verses in Romans it can be seen that God has given him over to his perversions as a judgment. Rev. Slick concludes his essay with hope, the hope we gain from Jesus:

“The only hope for the homosexual, and all people who break God’s laws, is to realize that God is holy and he will rightfully judge all who have sinned against him by breaking his law (1 Kings 8:32; Ps. 9:8; 1 John 3:4). If he did not do this, then he would be approving of wrong doing. However, God is loving (1 John 4:8) patient (Rom. 2:4), wanting people to repent (Acts 17:30) and come a saving knowledge of him so they might be redeemed. What this means is that the sinner must turn to Christ, who is God the Son in flesh (John 1:1,14; Col. 2:9), who bore our sins in his body on the cross (1 Pet. 2:24), died and rose from the dead (1 Cor. 15:1-4), and made it possible for sinners to be saved from the righteous judgment of God by faith in what Jesus did on our behalf (2 Cor. 5:21) and be forgiven of their sins (Eph. 2:8). This is done receiving Christ (John 1:12), by believing in him and his sacrifice that is a payment for our sins to God the Father. Like any sinner, the homosexual needs to repent, receive Christ by faith, and be saved from God’s righteous judgment by trusting in Christ and the judgment that fell upon him on the cross. They need to pray and ask the Lord Jesus to save them.”

I hope that Nabors and his partner do pray to Jesus. Meanwhile, my Nabors Gospel channel has got to go…

Note: an addendum essay was published here regarding one more thought on the issue.

Jim Nabors being with a partner for 38 years in no way legitimizes homosexual marriage as a proper relationship 

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LGBT’s Two Minutes Hate

Rampant homosexuality has been much on my mind these last weeks. The 2012 Presidential campaign with the sinful and unholy Democrat platform, the Presidential re-election of a man who supports perversion, and the weeks afterward with the dogs of hell unleashed to rabidly foment gay chaos in front of a fast-advancing homosexual agenda, all are on my heart.

Many of us can feel the noose drawing ever tighter. Two weeks ago Franklin Graham wrote of America’s spiritual cliff.

“Since the recent election, we’ve seen same-sex couples lining up at courthouses in several states to receive their marriage licenses, and hundreds of people gathering in public places to light up marijuana cigarettes in the states where it has just been decriminalized. This is only the tip of the iceberg. The moral decline we see on television programs—blatant immorality, senseless violence, media-friendly gay and lesbian behavior—is just a reflection of the moral corruption that has infected our entire nation. These are indeed dark days … but there is hope. … “For far too long, as a nation we have neglected – and even rejected – the Word of God and His commands. Yet the Scriptures are mighty, able to penetrate even the most hardened and darkened hearts with convicting, life-giving power. This is the only cure for a sin-sickened country that is about to slip into a moral abyss, and it is why we must proclaim the Good News.”

Graham was reacting to the news like this:

Gay Marriage Bills Introduced in Rhode Island General Assembly
Many weddings as gay marriage becomes legal in Md.
Maine same-sex couples marry in first few hours of law
Episcopal bishop expresses Christian support for Illinois same-sex marriage bill

This next article talks about the Caribbean island of Saba becoming a tourist destination for homosexual couples since legalizing same-sex marriage. I guess it’s where they go to “honeymoon”.
Small municipality legalizes same-sex unions and gains popularity

Or as this article from a homosexual magazine simply states:
Tiny Island Offers Big Gay Welcome

So feeling burdened with all this immorality, Mr Graham spoke up on December 27, 2012, and when 2013 came to pass a few days later the above articles show the homosexual lobby didn’t waste time leaping onto the beast to cement their victories. Then Passion 2013 happened. I’d remarked at the time that analyzing the multi-day conference aimed at youth held in the Georgia Dome and organized by founder Louie Giglio had brought up in me personal grief and spiritual distress. Even more so than when usually analyzing a discernment conference or study, this one laid me low. I wrote about it four times. “This is a big one,” I’d thought. I had no clue why. Only subsequent events revealed that this issue is still reverberating in the hellish halls of demonic doings.

God knew that one of the outcomes of the conference, which also focuses on solving cultural problems like human sex trafficking, would come to the attention of the man currently occupying the Oval Office, Barack Obama. Obama tapped founder and Passion City Church pastor Louie Giglio to pray the benediction at his inauguration. Giglio was not chosen because he is a conservative pastor, or that he is a preacher of the word, but because Giglio brought the issue of slavery to the forefront and had incited 60,000 youth to raise over 3M to stop it. Raising awareness of a cultural issue of slavery was the reason Giglio was asked, not because Obama was looking forward to being bathed in a joyful prayer issued from the lips of a man who preaches Jesus. As a matter of fact the person who he chose to deliver the prayer at Invocation was a woman and a layperson. Not Christian clergy.

The excitement of the evangelicals was short-lived anyway, those who believe Mr Giglio still preaches a solid Gospel message, that is. The next day Mr Giglio backed out because 20 years ago Mr Giglio said that homosexuality is a sin. ABC News reported it this way:

“Giglio’s mid-90s sermon uncovered by ThinkProgress”… Uncovered? Like, it was hiding? Even Giglio himself used shaming language by saying that “due to a message of mine that has surfaced from 15-20 years ago,” Surfaced? Like it was hidden under something? A basket maybe? (Matthew 5:15).

Anyway ThinkProgress “uncovered the sermon and titled their resulting news article this way- “Anti-Gay Preacher Tapped for Obama’s Inaugural Benediction Withdraws After Firestorm of Public Outrage.”

Apparently the homosexual lobby took issue with the remarks Mr Giglio made in his sermon from 1995, it caused a firestorm, and Mr Giglio quit, saying that he didn’t want the firestorm to overshadow his message. Giglio wrote in a press release, “The prayer I would offer, will be dwarfed by those seeking to make their agenda the focal point of the inauguration”.

As an aside, I won’t comment specifically on Mr Giglio’s decision, though I have many opinions on it. Mr Al Mohler and Mr Russell Moore and Ms Erin Benziger all wrote on the issue from various perspectives, and wrote quite well. I don’t want to add to the general confusion by throwing in my 2 cents which would really be one cent. But I would like to say one thing: that the furor that results from preaching sin and redemption did not stop Paul from preaching where and when the Holy Spirit told him to. Even after getting stoned and left for dead, after being revived by the Holy Spirit, Paul got up and went back in to face actual mobs, (Acts 14:19-20) not just a day’s worth of internet criticism.

The issue of this essay is that with that Inauguration brouhaha, it is plain to see that the homosexual lobby has morphed into our state church. And we must all worship or die. Mr Moore wrote that the Inauguration Committee’s bowing to the Homosexual lobby indicate a new State Church is being born. It is. It surely is. It may as well be called The Church of Perpetual Perversion. Moore wrote,

“the new state church requires a “license” of embracing sexual liberation in all its forms.”

This new day of bowing to the small minority’s insistence that homosexual behavior and other sexual sin in all its forms must be worshiped, embraced and exalted was akin to the immorality in Seneca’s time.

Seneca the Roman philosopher and statesman lived from 4BC to 65AD, overlapping in adulthood with Jesus’s time and when the Church was born. He was adviser to Caligula and Nero. The depths of licentiousness and homosexuality had reached alarming levels, alarming even a veteran Roman. Seneca wrote,

“All is full of criminality and vice; indeed much more of these is committed than can be remedied by force. A monstrous contest of abandoned wickedness is carried on. The lust of sin increases daily; and shame is daily more and more extinguished. Discarding respect for all that is good and sacred, lust rushes on wherever it will. Vice no longer hides itself. It stalks forth before all eyes. So public has abandoned wickedness become, and so openly does it flame up in the minds of all, that innocence is no longer seldom, but has wholly ceased to exist.”

It seems that the abandonment of moral behavior listed by Seneca are the same ones today. The Holy Spirit warned us that this day would come. Every society since Paul penned the famous words in Romans has been at risk for this deadly trajectory. We are in it now, at the end of it really, barely hanging on to the period punctuating the final word in the verses which spell our doom. Here they are:

“Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.” (Romans 1:32)

Paul had just finished outlining what happens to a society that allows sexual sin to run rampant. Here is the progression from Romans 1:18-31,

1. They knew God but denied Him, therefore their thinking became futile & their hearts were darkened. No outward behavior yet.
2. They claimed to be wise, going against God’s standards. God made them fools.
3. They exchanged things of God for things of nature and worshiped the creation. Still inward, secret sins.
4. So God gave them over to their sexual desires in impurity. Those would be fornication and adultery. Now the behavior is following the heart’s evil desires.
5. Their passions became dishonorable- women with women and men with men. So, it gets worse.
6. They still won’t acknowledge God, so He gave them a debased mind. What it is saying here is that the act of homosexuality should be so shocking to the person, that it should jolt them senseless and they should be repenting about now. Acting on unholy desires should have been an indicator to them as to the deepening of their perversions. But still, they persist in it.
7. And then they are filled with all manner of other unrighteousness, which the verse goes on to list. The list is long. (Romans 1:29-31).
8. Finally, they not only approve of their actions but encourage others to do it also.

Augustus Tholuck’s “Nature and Moral Influence of Heathenism” studied the influence of heathenism upon the lives of heathens, particularly Rome and Greece. He wrote that in breaking loose from the Holy God of Christians, not in their wildest intoxications would they imagine the excesses that sexual sin would go. The most unbridled, indiscriminate, and disgusting licentiousness rose up, and were not only openly practiced but specifically encouraged. (As Romans 1:32 said they would). Further, these practices were facilitated by the customs and institutions of heathenism, such as government. Tholuck wrote that this almost inevitably led to the grossest of superstitions on the part of the people. In Rome, as sexual sin and perversions increased, the number of deities increased dramatically. It also led to unbelief, disgust and contempt for Christianity on the part of the educated. Worst, the more that licentiousness and perversion arose, the more men yielded themselves up. (Source, “Elements of moral philosophy” by Jasper Adams and August Tholuck’s “Nature and moral Influence of Heathenism”).

The more they sin, the more they want, and the more they want, the more that men yield themselves. This speaks to me of a trajectory that has a tipping point. At some point the snowball can’t be stopped from rolling faster and faster down the hill and the bundle of sexual perversions endemic in society becomes an avalanche. Seneca wrote, ‘much more of these is committed than can be remedied by force…’ evoking to my mind a tidal wave of immorality that sweeps away all in its path. We’re there now.

In seeing how far homosexuality, incest, pederasty and other such sins would go, Tholuck recorded that the Emperors of Rome, who themselves considered themselves deity, practiced such licentiousness as the world had hardly seen:

Caligula- established a brothel in the palace and caused a toll to be paid to himself,
Nero: drove through Roman streets with his naked mistress,
Messalina (Claudius’s wife) commended herself to all men for pay, and entered into a contest with the highest paid prostitute in the city (and won),
Commodus- lay with his sister and killed her.

As Adams and Tholuck wrote, heathenism’s sway allowed the vices and sufferings of humankind to continually increase. “Heathenism profanes the image of God in man.” (A. Tholuck). After its tipping point, the only way to stop it is Jesus. This was evidenced in the flood in Genesis, with the warning that man’s inclinations had become evil all the time. (Genesis 6:5). It was evidenced in the excesses of Rome occurred during a period just before and during and just after Jesus’s coming, when He spent a great deal of His ministry casting out demons. And we have the warning that in the future (now?) that the coming of the Son of Man will be when the days once again become like the Days of Noah (Matthew 24:37-39).

“For as were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of Man. For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day when Noah entered the ark, 39and they were unaware until the flood came and swept them all away, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.”

But here’s the thing– The people of Genesis 6 were sinning so badly, yet were so unaware of impending wrath in the Flood, that they were all surprised when it occurred. It will be like that again, when Jesus comes again.

The days are like the ancient Roman days, it seems to me. Public prostitution, licentiousness galore (The homosexual festivals at various cities around the nation are worse than Nero just driving around with his naked mistress…), homosexuality taught in schools and accepted and promoted by the Emperor President. The 2% of the population of homosexuals has successfully wrested the discussion of morality in the public square from the 98% of the rest of us and instilled its talking points from the highest levels (White House) down to the smallest children in school.

I wrote up above that “Only subsequent events revealed that this issue is still reverberating in the hellish halls of demonic doings.” I believe this is why those in the discernment ministry felt so deeply that passion 2013 was something deeper, with more going on than the eye or ear could detect. In hindsight we now can connect some dots. The progression went like so: From the Democrat platform affirming deep immorality, to the election win of Obama, to the passage of gay marriage laws in many states, Passion 2013’s focus on slavery, which caught the President’s attention and caused him to issue an invitation to give the benediction at the inauguration, to the LGBT Two Minutes Hate, to the backing down of the pastor in the face of gay fury, finally revealing the new state church of homosexuality.

I wrote last October that Dr. John MacArthur was shocked at what he saw at the Democratic convention. He said in his sermon “Homosexuality and the Campaign for Immorality”, “the very things that God hates and that bring down God’s judgment were affirmed as part of the Democratic Party platform. Open sex with government-provided contraception, murder of babies in wombs, God left out of the platform, and homosexual behavior even, advocating homosexual marriage–an oxymoron, since that’s impossible. … I don’t know how much time America has left, I really don’t. But we’re on a course described here as God casting us out. The land has become defiled.”

This is more true today than in October, by a mile. Things are happening so fast now.

Preachers and other Christians strive to be measured when preaching homosexuality as a sin. They try to qualify it by repeating that homosexuality is ‘one of many sins’, ‘we all sin’, ‘we all have something to repent of’. While all that is surely true, and the bible makes it clear that all sins will keep an unrepentant person from heaven, and that homosexuality itself isn’t a greater sin than any other, I do believe homosexuality is a special case.

Rev. Matt Slick wrote,

“Unlike other sins, this sexual sin has a judgment administered by God Himself: He gives them over to their passions (Romans 1:26-28). This means that their hearts are allowed to be hardened by their sins. As a result, they can no longer see the error of what they are doing. Without an awareness of their sinfulness, there will be no repentance. Without repentance, there will be no forgiveness. Without forgiveness, there is no salvation.”

The Romans passage shows us that after they are filled with perverse lusts, then all manner of other unrighteousness comes in. (Not that people who are not homosexual aren’t sinners). But Paul spent almost an entire chapter outlining what happens when a society caves into perverse lust. That, plus the example of Sodom’s destruction (Genesis 19), plus the subsequent mentions of Sodom as being judged specifically as a reminder (Jude 1:7; Deuteronomy 29:23; Jeremiah 50:40 ), do indicate that when a society passes a tipping point with regard to perverse lusts, it is a symptom that is greater and has more impact than when other sins reach epidemic proportions. Remember Seneca’s shock at his own countrymen’s behavior.

If anything else, the ‘Giglio imbroglio’ as Mohler termed it, shows us that the State Church of Homosexuality, Lesbianism, Transgender, and Just Plain Weird (LGBT for short) is now open, and its members will expect you to worship in it at their convenience. Pick up a rainbow pin at the lobby, and don’t forget to bow to the Idolater in Chief as you pass his statue. It is a small church, but mighty in voice. Its clamor has caused many a good fellow to cover their ears to the din, thereby also shutting out the Good Voice. Their members will welcome you with open arms- as long as you approve of all that goes on. They are very good at the Two Minutes Hate.

[The Two Minutes Hate from George Orwell’s dystopian book 1984, is an assembly during which Party orators whip the populace into a frenzy of hatred against their enemies and to preserve their version of cultural unity.]

When a society descends to the levels which Seneca described, and we are there today, can judgment be far behind?