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Do not be fooled by the inclusion of a Pastor on this season’s Masterchef

There is no realm that the gay lobby won’t enter to normalize homosexuality.

I enjoy a tv cooking competition show called “Masterchef.” Chefs/restaurateurs Joe Bastianich, Gordon Ramsay, and Graham Elliott audition home cooks and choose 18 to perform a series of contests to see which one over time will emerge as the most professional chef with the best cooking skills.

It is different from Ramsay’s other cooking show, H-ll’s Kitchen, because it features non-professional chefs, just home cooks. Because of this, the judges are nicer to the cheftestants, and the show is overall more wholesome and charming. Wednesday evening was the Masterchef’s fourth season premiere.

Here is a quick rabbit trail. I noted that with the onset of Hulu and Netflix, the tv watcher’s viewing habits have changed, including mine. I tend to watch an entire show’s run all at once. I watch one show after another each evening, so rather than having to wait a week and during hiatus to see each episode, you get a feel for the show very quickly because little time has elapsed. explains, “The move is a nod to the binge habits of its members, Netflix says, who prefer to see an entire season in a few sittings as opposed to tuning in for the latest episode at a particular time every week.”

In viewing shows this way, the dark truth emerged. I noticed a pattern. In all the shows I binge-watched, season 3 consistently seems to be a turning point. Darkness enters in. Satan gets his clutches into the writers and the storylines become more immoral, more violent and worse overall by season 3. Oftentimes, gay characters are introduced, or gay themes.

This pattern was kept with Masterchef. Last night in watching the premiere, I was saddened to see much more sexual innuendo than in previous shows. I was briefly joyful that a pastor was chosen as a final contestant for the final audition but became concerned when I researched who this pastor is. He is a practicing homosexual living with a partner, had adopted three boys, and is promoting gay marriage.

A website chronicling Chicago Gay History lists this 52 year old “pastor” named Kevin Tindell’s bio thus:

“Rev. Kevin E. Tindell is a change management consultant and minister. He and his partner are raising two sons. Tindell is active in Black gay and spiritual groups. He co-founded ONYX, a Black leathermen’s group; Praise Center Chicago; and the Sanctuary Ministry. His involvement has included Chicago Black Lesbians and Gays, Adodi, Minority Outreach Intervention Project, Equality Illinois, Youth Pride Center, AIDS Legal Council, Jelani Unified Men’s Project, Black Alumni of Notre Dame, and much more.”

Tindell says he is a neo-Pentecostal starting up a new church with about 20 members. His staff is studying under controversial Obama pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright, as this website article explains. “The church claims about 20 members and refers to itself as a neo-Pentecostal denomination. Several members on the ministerial staff are currently receiving training at Trinity United Church of Christ under the direction of that church’s pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. And one of the most important aspects of the church, besides its openness to the ‘gifts of the spirit [including speaking in tongues]’ is special outreach to the Black LGBT community.”

In this video interview from a few weeks ago, “Pastor” Tindell says bible passages frequently quoted that seem to oppose actually mean something else. He explained, “There is no marriage ceremony in the bible. Marriage was around for property ownership. So when the bible says men should not lay with men like they lay with women, they’re talking about…because you couldn’t own men.”

Tindell says “I am the face of marriage Equality” explaining, “But I promised God that if I met the man who was right for me, I would step up and ask him out… So, I did!” he continues. … He adds, “Our faith in a God that created all, loves all, and accepts us just as we are sustains both our relationship and our family.””

I always find it interesting how a reprobate mind twists the clear meaning of the word. In one example from another situation, I watched Todd Friel of Wretched Radio gently and lovingly engage a practicing lesbian in detailed manner through Romans 1:18-32. In Romans 1:18 it says “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth.”  

The verses go on to describe how God gives them over to improper lusts if they deny God and suppress the truth. This one lesbian Friel was interviewing said, “I she don’t deny God, so the verse does not apply to me.”

Anyway, back to Masterchef and the gay pastor who will be featured for however long he lasts in the competition on this influential and highly rated show. I’m saddened that once again, even the most innocuous media presentation, this time a cooking show, chooses to feature homosexuality as normal. People from all over the world will see him and think that THIS is what Christianity is, or should be. They will cling to his version of who he says Jesus is, rather than the truth.

None of this is surprising. Satan is relentless in claiming any small crack for his own, and then ruthlessly exploiting that crack for his own dark purposes. However, if you are a fan of the show, I wanted to give you the background on this pastor. He is not all he seems, and he definitely needs prayers. So does his “partner” and the sons they are raising.

As far as his twisted interpretation of the fact that you couldn’t own a male slave, that was unbliblical. Exodus 21:20 talks about male slave ownership. So does Leviticus 25:44. Philemon owned male slave Onesimus. Ephesians 6 and Colossians 3 both mention slavery.

Please continue to pray. This particular situation I’ve mentioned on the TV show may not last more than one more week, if Mr Tindell is eliminated from the competition. Or he may persevere for many weeks and bring his message of “Christian homosexuality” to millions. That doesn’t matter. The point here is three-fold-

1. Satan persistently encroaches into every realm he can, but are we as persistent with the message of the GOOD NEWS?,
2. That just becuase a pastor is presented as a pastor doesn’t mean he is a Christian or holds to biblical  doctrine,
3. and we need to be discerning about what media we absorb.


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