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Prata Potpourri: From Ecotheology to Fridge Wizard, a roundup of links for you

By Elizabeth Prata

I found a new website I enjoy, “Beauty of Planet Earth“. There are all sorts of interesting articles about our home planet, and other planets. Lots of gorgeous pictures, facts about a wide range of subjects, architecture, and more. Like this article: “Priceless Art Found In Paris Apartment Vacant Since 1939.” The only thing that drives me crazy are the ‘science facts’ stating this or that animal died 44,000 years ago, or global warming.

I was thinking about the disconnect between what we know of the world based on God’s word, and what the secular world thinks it knows. Nevertheless, it’s wonderful to see our beautiful planet as presented by the site. Then along comes this first in a series of articles by Clint Archer at The Cripplegate:

The introduction is a bit technical and bloviating, but still interesting for context. The second part holds promise for the future installments of the thought of eco-theology. I’m intrigued.

Here is an article about “Inside a Nigerian Art Village“. “

Dakut said he still came into his workshop daily to work on his stockpile of custom orders, which kept his family of six going throughout the year. Dakut has also opened up his business to apprentices like Christian Clement, who was sandpapering a carved animal in the shed.” Hm, micro-economies are good for locals.

Want a Family-Friendly movie promoting Christian values? Good luck. Either they contain heresy, or are so poorly produced you turn it off after 15 minutes. Here, the World reviews one that isn’t perfect but is getting there as far as all the right things you may be looking for:

Faith-based films sometimes struggle to offer entertainment value while promoting Christian values, but Family Camp, in select theaters, feels like a step in the right direction. This family-friendly comedy, starring Tommy Woodard and Eddie James (known as the Skit Guys), is a funny movie about Christian families for Christian families, and director Brian Cates manages relatively high production values on a relatively small budget.

G3 Ministries is promoting a new commentary, it’s on Galatians by Chip McQueen. There is a % off during this pre-order time, too, if you’re looking for some savings. And who isn’t?! I like accumulating good commentaries from good ministries, so I put this one in my cart.

I so appreciate Pastor Gabe (Gabriel Hughes) and his steady stance on the truth of God’s word. Here is a pastor unafraid to say the tough things. He does so in kindness, but he does so in love for Christ and a sincere desire to see God’s full word reach sinners. Recently he tweeted that we should not tell unbelievers that God loves them. It stirred up a controversy, by his own admission. So he wrote a blog explaining more than can be done on Twitter. Here is a good essay on the subject. I for one have a holy fright when all is revealed on The Day, and too many people will have been lulled by soft words absent of hard realities and be revealed to be false believers. Here is Pastor Gabe’s article: Should you tell unbelievers “God loves you?”

Darryl Dash wrote about Enjoying the Church I get To Pastor Right Now. It’s about not allowing the stresses of the moment to dissipate or cloud our enjoyment of the church we are in now. He wrote from the perspective of pastor but the same principles apply to lay people like me. Let not the stresses of the moment intrude on the wonders and joys of all that our churches and our pastors or elders have for us. Focus on the positive.

A person named Trevor Nashleanas wrote an article Why you Should Read More Biographies. I agree. I was just thinking yesterday before I even saw his article, of the best books I’d read recently. I loved the bio of Winston Churchill, his early years when he fought the Boer War as a youth. It was fantastic. Memorable. The short sanctified life of WIlliam Borden, especially when he was at Yale. I REALLY liked Emery Battis’ bio of Anne Hutchinson, Saints and Sectaries: Anne Hutchinson and the Antinomian Controversy in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. I was never one to read biographies before but I find Christian bios fascinating. Anyway, a suggestion, from me and Trevor, read bios!

Summer shopping? Here is a Christian website with some gear: The Biblical Creative. Just Thinking has gear too! As does Voice of Reason Radio.

As my summer time off from school begins, I am looking forward to reorganizing my closets. I like organizing things, and so, I like Kathryn’s site. She is a master organizer, a whiz at DIY, and has lots of cleaning tips. Her site is Do It On A Dime, and this episode is Be A Fridge Wizard, tips to keeping your fridge clean and organized.

Good Cheap Eats has some fabulous Easy Memorial Day Recipes. Go on over and check them out!

I hope you enjoyed this roundup of links and tips. Have a wonderful holiday. While we memorialize those who sacrificed all for our country, let us also remember Jesus sacrificed all for our souls.

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