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See what the Lord is doing: Update from Justin Peters

By Elizabeth Prata

I subscribe to Justin Peters Ministries because I like how Justin operates in truth and kindness, I like what he does (evangelism and his rebuttals against false doctrines like health/wealth or word-faith), and I like the encouraging things I read about what the Lord is doing through him.

His reports are uplifting. We need encouragement these days. I like Paul Washer’s mission updates, too. (HeartCry Missionary Society). We can get so caught up in our own spheres we might overlook the grace that is bestowed elsewhere.

Justin’s Youtube Channel is a wealth of information.

I would like to re-post his latest ministry update. I hope you find it encouraging too! Here is Justin:


The last several months have been quite busy and, by God’s grace, productive. I’ve preached in a number of states including California, Idaho, Colorado, Texas, Kentucky, Virginia and Florida. Each trip is memorable in its own way, but here are a few highlights.

A few weeks ago I preached at Highland Bible Church in Woodland Park, Colorado which is just up in the mountains from Colorado Springs. Woodland Park is the home of Charis Bible College led by Word-Faith false teacher Andrew Wommack. A long story short is that the pastor, Jeff Gwinn, and I and a few others from the church visited Charis one day. We called ahead, signed in at the desk and were told we could sit in on a class if we so wished. We did so wish. Toward the end of the class there was time for Q&A. I went over to the man holding the microphone and was able to ask the following question:

If it is always God’s will for us to be physically healed, what do we do with all of the many examples in both Old and New Testaments of faithful servants of God who were not physically healed?    

The instructor did not like my question. Truth be known, he did not like to be questioned – false teachers never do. A few minutes after the class ended campus security came up to me and asked if I was Justin Peters. Of course, I said that I was.

Justin Peters photo

(I even had my little sticky name tag prominently displayed on my scooter handle bars). I was informed that I was trespassing and needed to leave the premises. This was news to me, but we did so. In fairness, the security guard was very polite. But between the end of the class and me being asked to leave, several students came up to me and thanked me for my question! They said that they too have similar questions for which they never receive satisfactory answers. One young man (pictured) said that he has been watching my YouTube channel for the past several months and has learned a great deal. He was very appreciative of my teaching. By God’s grace, he is now leaving Word-Faith theology.

Here is a link to a video I did on this experience titled Kicked out of Charis

[Editor Note: I watched the video Kicked out of Charis, it is highly interesting and while there are some sad things in it, it’s also uplifting]

I had a special privilege a few months ago at the Shepherds Conference to

interview John MacArthur. About a year or so ago I asked John if he would be willing to do an interview with me and he graciously accepted. I wanted the interview to not only be of interest to those who love and appreciate John as do I, but also to be a help to the untold numbers of faithful pastors and elders out there who are unknown. Here is a link to Interview with John MacArthur.

My YouTube channel continues to grow beyond what I had ever imagined. As of right now there are 154,000 subscribers and my videos have been viewed over 12,000,000 times. It is not uncommon to be stopped by people when I am out and about who tell me they have been helped by the biblical truth I am fortunate enough to present. By God’s grace, many, many people are being reached.

Just last week I spoke at the Truth Matters Conference hosted by Grace To You and Answers In Genesis at The Ark Encounter. There were multiple speakers there, all of whom did a great job. I was edified not only be the many presentations but also by the warm fellowship and encouragement from the staff and attendees. Kathy was

able to go with me on this trip. It was her first time to The Ark Encounter and she really enjoyed it. If you are able to visit the Ark and the Creation Museum, you should definitely do so.

If you would like to view my presentation at the Truth Matters Conference, you may do so here. Go to the 04:35:00 mark. You’ll see that I had some significant tech problems arise in the middle of my presentation, but thankfully they did not derail the whole thing.  

Well, after a long hiatus due to Covid, my international travels should resume this year. I am scheduled to preach in Finland, Brazil, and Madagascar. I love to travel and preach domestically, but there is always something special about my international trips. It is just such a tremendous encouragement to fellowship with like-minded believers in other parts of the world. God has His sheep everywhere, from every tongue, tribe and nation (Revelation 7:9).

There is much more to report, but I will sign off for now. If you would like to keep up with my preaching schedule or purchase resources, you may do so at my website. Thank you so much for your interest and support of this ministry. For those of you who support it financially, thank you. For those of you who support it with your prayers, thank you. You truly are an integral part of this work. May God bless you and your family.

Yours in Christ,
Justin and Kathy Peters

Editor note: If you see fit and have the means, I’d encourage you to support this ministry financially and/or with prayer. Thanks!


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