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Prata Potpourri: Singleness & dating; Jesus Revolution movie; American Nitpickers; Horoscopes, more

By Elizabeth Prata

Spring is bursting all out around here. I know that in the rest of the country people are suffering from rain, ice, snow, and wind. But for now, things are calm in the south. The daffodils are popping up, forsythia is blooming, crepe myrtle is budding. The pear trees are coming along with their delicate blooms. Feb-March is my favorite here in Georgia. It’s warm but not hot. Outdoors is coming to life, including the trees filled with returning birds. No bugs yet. Ahhh, perfect. I hope you’re enjoying whatever season you’re in!

The movie “Jesus Revolution” is out. I wish that Christian films weren’t either bad, or well produced but heretical. I know we can’t have everything, but I wish there was SOME Christian media I could watch without cringing over the production quality or the doctrine. In Jesus Revolution, we have concerns over the doctrine presented, and by the way, there’s some revisionist history too. G3 reviews the movement so you can compare to the movie IF you see it-

False teaching will distress [those who fear the Lord], not because it contradicts their views but because it impugns [God]. — Michael Reeves


In this article from TableTalk, we learn about nitpicking. The Oxford English Dictionary defines a nitpicker as “a pedantic critic; one who searches for and over-emphasizes trivial errors.” Here, Keith Mathison asks if we nitpick the Sunday service on the way home…

Gulp, that’s me…

Missionaries…what salt they are and were in the world! Here, we learn of The Judsons: Six Years, No Converts. Jason Duesing muses on how the missionary couple rested in the promises of God during the years of hard plowing.

Many seemingly innocuous activities, like horoscopes, are in fact, dangerous. Here, an ex astrologer shows why-

Most believers are called to marriage. Some (like me) are called to singleness. I know I’m supposed to be single. Most young women feel sure they are called to marriage. But what about the in-between, when you’re yearning to be married but not married yet? What about dating?

Well, Tim Challies has reviewed a brief but pointed book that covers that very question. It’s called “Water for my Camels” and it’s reviewed positively. Author Paul Grimmond says, “Navigating the space between singleness and marriage when the Bible doesn’t talk about dating.” I know, ladies, the waiting can be hard.


Here are 26 Command hook hacks. I love hacks. I love Command hooks. It all worked out!

I love looking at homes. AirBNB is one website that is like Open House any time. It lets me to look at homes, and how people arrange their furniture and how they decorate. Country Life UK is a British Magazine offering real estate and estate lifestyle essays of a financial strata a billion levels above me. Want to buy a castle? AN Abbey? An ancient home, like this one, a place that has an actual ‘reception hall’? An exquisite home near Canterbury that dates back to the 14th century is now for sale for £2.75 million . Go peek. Drool. Enjoy.

Mine were almond flour pancakes. EPrata photo

I had pancakes for dinner the other night. Here is Jessica at Good Cheap Eats with way better recipes than the one I used for pancakes for dinner!

Thanks for reading!

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Potpourri: In the beginning, The Chosen, One Anothering, Eschatology

By Elizabeth Prata

EPrata photo

GENESIS is where it’s at!

I love the ministry of Answers in Genesis. The first book of the Bible is so important to understand and believe literally.

As John MacArthur has said, “If you don’t believe in the literal 6 day creation, when does your belief in what Genesis presents kick in? Chapter 3? Chapter 6? Chapter 11? You see, that is analogous to the issue of creation. You can observe the way things are now but that doesn’t tell you anything about how they became what they are. Creation cannot be understood any other way than by believing the revelation of the creator. And that’s your first test when you open your Bible. I am absolutely astounded at how many people who call themselves Christians, who lead large and effective Christian ministries, don’t have any position on Genesis 1 and 2 except that they find it hard to believe it. And I ask them, “At what chapter do you kick in?” When do we finally get you on board? Is it Genesis 3? Do you buy that? Or maybe 4? What I’m saying is, creation has no connection at all to science, any more than the behavior of Lazarus could in any way reveal how he was raised from the dead. Creation is not a scientific event, cannot be explained scientifically as if natural law played any part. Creation was a massive supernatural miracle…” Source- The Theology of Creation

Here is Answers in Genesis, a ministry I love, with an essay exploring the Effects of the Fall on the Physical Creation: A Biblical Analysis. They look at pre-Fall, the Fall and the Curse, then the effects present day of the former, and last, gloriously, the Restoration!


The Chosen: G3 Ministries discusses the issues with the television series The Chosen, in this fourth episode of Season 3 of the G3 Podcast, Josh Buice, Virgil Walker, and Scott Aniol discuss the television series The Chosen and its connection to Mormonism, the 2nd Commandment, and the way truth is communicated through art and media.

Pastor Gabriel Hughes of When We Understand The Text (WWUTT) has been reviewing The Chosen individual episodes on his podcast. Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here. Responding to listener questions here.


I am fervent that the serious Christian should study eschatology, come to a gracious, settled conclusion of the Last Things, as they are known, and then live with the end in mind. We do not want to be counted as believers who are like the pagans, who mock last things and judgment by saying things like where is the promise of His coming? All things are going on as they have been! Why study eschatology?” (2 Peter 3:4). The different stances generate some heat, I know, but still, last things comprise almost 30% of the entire Bible. Study it!

Here is a GotQuestions article explaining eschatology;

Here is an article from Ligonier’s TableTalk Magazine about Eschatological Living. It’s a very short article: here is one quote:

Kingdom citizens, therefore, are looking ahead while living in the present. The believer longs for Jesus to usher in the kingdom in its fullness (Rev. 21–22)

Here is a John MacArthur sermon called The Grim Reality of the Last Days. I call my blog The End Time because we are IN the end of days, which are between Jesus 1st and His 2nd coming. Understanding what is ahead for the non-believer hopefully will undergird your evangelism. Remember, none of the people to whom an angel appeared could stand and cowered in fear, and they came in friendliness! Imagine a sinner facing the full glory & wrath of Jesus Himself as the Lion!! No, live in eschatological fervor on behalf of the glory of God and for those who do not know Him.


The above is a word for one anothering, or commitment to each other in the Gospel, fellowship Gospel style. Alistair Begg has some things to say about how we should love one another in this devotional

If you like the Puritans, John Owen has a fantastic book called Duties of Christian Fellowship: A Manual for Church Members. In a short 96 pages, “In just a few pages “it sets out in very concise terms the responsibilities all Christians have, first, to their pastors, and then second, to one another within the fellowship of the local church”. Unavailable at Reformation Heritage Books and out of stock at Amazon, but can be read online at Monergism or downloaded as a .pdf from the same site 🙂


Here is Hymnology’s Youtube channel of season 4. The hosts explain the origin of a hymn or its meaning, then sing it. Phillip Webb sings and the music is just beautiful. Strongly doctrinal music in church and in life is a must.

We should not listen to music coming from heretical organizations such as Elevation or Bethel. Michelle Lesley comments here, and also explains further “Why Our Church No Longer Plays Bethel or Hillsong Music (or Elevation or Jesus Culture), and Neither Should Yours” here

Be kind to one another, live as if this day could be your last for the Lord (because one day, it will be!), and watch out for what you watch on media 🙂 Thank you for reading! I appreciate you.

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Potpourri: How to change your spouse, mental disorder labels, 5-minute chapter summaries, more!

By Elizabeth Prata

EPrata photo

I’m reading a commentary on Habakkuk. This prophet’s 3 chapters go like this:

LORD, why aren’t you doing anything about this?
I am, Habakkuk, see?
No, LORD, not THAT!
Habakkuk, but then, this.
Oh. You are Great! And I am not- but my faith is increased!

Our Lord is kind to be patient and merciful with us. We complain, we challenge, we ask, and when He answers as He did Habakkuk, Job, Daniel, Jonah, etc, it’s a glorious thing to ponder that He engages with His people – with the old Prophets directly and us today, through His word. Omniscient, all-powerful, His thoughts so far above our thoughts, yet He loves, cherishes, and involves His own people. He will hear your questions, too, in prayer if you ask. Beseech Him today, for everything, or nothing, just to tell Him you love Him.

Here is a roundup of links you might enjoy:

How to Change Your Spouse in One Simple Step It’s easier than you think.

A short encouragement from Puritan Thomas Watson. Really short. Really encouraging.

2Be Like Christ has 5 minute chapter summaries, like this one from James chapter 1. There are more here

I’m on the autism spectrum. They tested me when I was 8, but in 1968 there was no autism diagnoses for people, it wasn’t in the DSM yet. So the actual word never came up and nothing was ever really done to help me adjust to society. I just went along, feeling weird and not understanding, well, anything. When I was 50 years old I became aware of the word, read the encyclopedia and DSM about it, and went “Ah! That explains a few things!” But I didn’t seek a medical or psychological diagnosis. Obtaining one for an adult is difficult and expensive. But the main reason I shelved getting one was that I know that I am weak and if I had a diagnosis, I’d rest in it, rely on it, and take advantage of it. I decided being in Christ was enough. For some families, getting a diagnosis for certain things brings some much needed help, information, or funds. For sur! So, what to do? The Cripplegate answers this question: What Should You Do With Your Diagnosis? Responding Biblically to Mental Disorder Labels.

Read about Our Intercessor/Advocate from Dallas Holm, and be joyfully encouraged!

EPrata photo

I’m big on the fear of God.

The Fear of God, By Albert N. Martin

There was a time when even the unconverted would refer to a Christian as a “God fearing man.” With this theme so prominently and frequently mentioned throughout the Scripture—both Old and New Testaments—it is regrettable that in our day it can be rare for a sermon to be preached on this most important topic, let alone an entire series. These messages therefore are much welcomed and a “must hear” for sheep who desire a masterful, “meat-of-the-word” treatment of this weighty subject.” This is an introduction to an ntir, loaded page of sermons and writings about the Fear of God: you can find here.

Awww, the classic movie Roman Holiday turns 70 this year. World has a retrospective on the Gregory Peck- Audrey Hepburn film.

Beautiful hymn at Rebecca Writes: Like a River Glorious.

Feeling like a shopping spree? The Biblical Creative has some new products; Gospel tracts, Tee shirts, hoodies: here. Want some quality handmade leather products like bookmarks, journals, key rings, here at Robrasim. Need some Just Thinking merch? Letting your haters be your motivators? Bubble stickers? Mugs? They got ’em and more.

Let’s end with Dr. Lisle at the Biblical Science Institute and an essay on “Interpreting the Bible’s teaching on the Eternal State“. W are eternal beings with an eternal destination of only on of two places: heaven or hell. We Christians should feel gratitude, relief, and fervency for knowing in His grace He saved us from ‘the other place’ and destined us for his bosom in heaven. Think eternally, look up, and praise!

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Prata Potpourri: Angels, Gift Guides, Fave worship songs (worship song reviews too), Advent Guide for Homeschool moms, more!

By Elizabeth Prata

The earth is beautiful. I’ve seen such glorious scenes over the years. I treasure them. Some I’ve seen far (Tuscany…that light!). Some I’ve seen near- like the other morning in my front yard:

Stately trees at dawn seem to reach to capture the moon before it sets

Enjoy the scenes around you. Even if you live in a city or a place where beauty seems scarce, look for it. There is always something beautiful from God’s creation around, even in the meanest city or lowest county.

Today I bring you some links I hope you find interesting or instructive. This first one is a favorite theme of mine- angels. I don’t think we talk about them enough. We talk more about the UNholy angels AKA demons than we do the holy angels! They are ministering spirits sent to help us and enact the providences of God. They are so active and present both in the heavenlies and in our own lives! From CARM, Are there different kinds of angels in the Bible?

Darryl Dash writes that We know of our enemy’s plans: “In 2 Corinthians 2:11, Paul wrote that he’d acted “that we would not be outwitted by Satan; for we are not ignorant of his designs.” Paul’s logic is remarkable: we know the way Satan thinks, but we’re often still outwitted by him despite this knowledge. Our problem isn’t a lack of information. Our problem is that we fall into Satan’s traps despite knowing what he’s doing.”

The Well Watered Woman has a series of gift guides, each essay aimed at a specific demographic. This one is Gift Guide for Readers and Learners. The previous Guides are inside this one.

Stephanie Anderson at Randy Alcorn’s Eternal Perspective Ministries asks the frequently asked question, How Can I Keep Trusting God If He Hasn’t Answered My Deepest Prayers?… and answers it. God is still God through the car crash…the cancer diagnosis…the loss f the baby…the unemployment…

Pastor Gabe Hughes wrote about his Top 10 Favorite Worship Songs on the CCLI top 100. Hymns are so refreshing, aren’t they! All that doctrine filtering into your ears while you hum along. He also reviewed the top 10 praise & worship songs of 2022! Check it out.

Randy Alcorn fleshes out a question he was asked in an interview: Will We Have Regrets at the Judgment Seat of Christ? saying, “Everything these verses say is true. And yet…there are other true things also revealed in Scripture, which we must strive to reconcile with them. For instance, Jesus said, “Behold, I am coming soon, bringing my recompense with me, to repay each one for what he has done” (Revelation 22:12, ESB). Did Jesus really mean that “each one,” including believers, will have his or her works evaluated, to see if they are worthy of reward?”

Becky Aniol at G3 Ministries wrote an Advent Guide for Homeschool Morning Time or Family Worship: Free Download. I love freebies, don’t you? Anything from G3 is going to be worthwhile.

Women Encouraged interviewed Katie Faris for their podcast and the theme was “He Will Be Enough.” Synopsis- “In today’s episode, Bethany talks with Katie Faris about her book He Will Be Enough: How God Takes You By the Hand Through Your Hardest Days. Listen in to this conversation as Bethany and Katie discuss the Faris’s story of running to the Lord as they faced a difficult diagnosis in their children and how the Lord has met them and been trustworthy in the midst of pain and trials.”

I vividly remember reading the book All Quiet on the Western Front in high school, now 45 years ago. The book has been made into a movie several times, and this month is no exception. Here, World reviews the latest adaptation of the book into film with their review. “Anti-war artistry – Netflix has released an adaptation of All Quiet on the Western Front, a beautiful film that pushes an anti-war message.”

Dr. Lisle at the Biblical Science Institute muses on the part of the verse from(Matthew 28:18-20 that says All Authority is given to Jesus- for example, “These verses should be a constant source of joy and comfort for God’s people, particularly in difficult times. And yet, there are two misconceptions that might prevent us from enjoying the blessings of Christ’s reign.  Some believers seem to think that Jesus really meant to say, “All authority will be given to me in heaven and on earth (sometime in the future).”  In light of the evil of our present age, it is tempting to think that Christ’s reign is something that is entirely future, rather than being a present reality.”

Good Cheap Eats will help you Plan Thanksgiving on a Budget, something we definitely need, with some turkey prices upwards of $60!

If you were touched by the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, if you watch The Crown, or are interested in The Royals at all, here is Country Life UK with an opinion piece on What sort of man is King Charles III, and what sort of king will he be? I still can’t get used to saying ‘King” or even getting used to the idea that the royal baton has passed from one hand to another.

It’s the holiday season! Enjoy!!

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Prata Potpourri: When routines get boring, how to approach discernment, and THAT Twitter fight (plus more)

By Elizabeth Prata

Fall. EPrata photo

If you can imagine the scene here at my apartment…It’s early hours, pre-dawn. I’ve got some hymns on Pandora playing and the coffeepot is hissing and sputtering. The fall weather has finally arrived here in Georgia, always an eagerly anticipated event after the brutal heat of a southern summer.

I am gathering links that I think will edify, sip some coffee, pause to look out the dark windows and just let mind mind free to think its thoughts and ramble over mountains of memories and hills of remembrance.

After a few moments, I turn back to the screen and place another link into the list, and write a summary to attach that explains it. And so it goes, my delight in writing the day’s blog. It’s never a chore and for the past almost 14 years the Holy Spirit has given me the strength and energy to complete the task.

Here is today’s blog, a roundup of links I think you may enjoy:

I don’t know Andrew Tate but I saw this clip on a trusted friend’s Twitter and I listened to the 56 second clip. I thought it was a fantastic summary of the future grief that feminists will feel at the end of their lives when they mull over the devastating choices they’ve made. It all goes back to contentment in our individual roles that God has outlined for us. Please take a listen-

In this next video, 7 minutes of scorching Christianity, Pastor-Teacher Dr. John MacArthur addresses his congregation about California Governor Gavin Newsom’s national campaign for abortion. Gov. Newsom has funded and promoted billboards that offer to perform abortions for any women in the US if they come to California. The billboards were erected nationally, not just in CA. Worse, the Governor used actual Bible scripture to support his position to make it seem as if Jesus Himself were saying that child murder is loving.

This was over the top for Dr. MacArthur, a California resident. MacArthur composed an Open Letter to the Governor, reminding the Governor of his God-given responsibilities as a public leader, warning of his judgment to come, and pleading with Newsom to repent.

I post this because I was both convicted and encouraged by MacArthur’s quiet earnestness. MacArthur has always been quiet when preaching, believing the words should issue forth and his personality retreat to the background. So no podium pounding, no screeching, just quietly letting the TRUTH of God’s word do the work.

After listening, I felt sorrow for the times I failed to pray for my leaders, and when I tut-tutted their probable eternal torment with a quick drive-by and nary a tear of grief. Friends, eternity matters. And no one is beyond salvation. Pray, pray, pray.

Here is the link to read the actual letter. It echoes John the Baptist’s preaching in tone and strength. Letter HERE.

DebbieLynne Kespert wrote about The Confusing Aspects of Contending for the Faith. She compares the positions of two good podcasts that suggest an approach to discernment, adds a third to the mix, then sorts them out into a balanced middle ground. How should a church or a ministry approach the teaching of discernment? Read her essay to find a measured consideration of the question.

Have you ever done a “Spiritual Gifts test?” I have, when I was a new believer and anxious about how and where to serve. But do they work? Here is Justin Jackson at For the Church on why The Local Church is Your Spiritual Gifts Test.

Barbara Lee Harper posted about what to do When Your Spiritual Routines Get Boring. Have you had this happen to you? I have. I think her suggestions are good.

This was a rough week on Twitter. A dear brother whom I respect made a stance against another brother whom I do not respect as much and in fact I have deep concerns about, but who is hugely popular. The twitter mob either-

  1. Bullied the brother into repentance, or
  2. Pressured him consistently enough so that he saw his sin and repented, or
  3. None of the above

I stayed out of it. I chose not to delve into the nuts and bolts of the fight, and it was a fight, a big one. So I make no statement on who was right or wrong, or both. The brother was spoken to by elders, his own and others. Subsequent to being addressed by elders, the brother put out a statement of repentance which seemed to me to be clear and honest. I read it and was encouraged by the humility displayed in it. I’m speaking of Costi Hinn and his statements about Doug Wilson and G3 Ministries.

I bring this up not just to refer to “the big fight,” but because as I was reading Costi’s letter of repentance, I was reminded of another hugely popular brother, a pastor, who recently was taken to task for a sin, (Matt Chandler). He seemingly came clean publicly in an emotional video taped before his congregation in a Sunday Service. His oral statement was not as clear or as humble- in my opinion. As I read Costi’s letter, I mentally compared it to Chandler’s, which was also issued recently. I believe it is a good comparison of two leaders of the faith being reined in by elders and the individual’s response to their sin being brought to light.

When you repent, it has to be ‘bare naked’, with no dissembling, precious clichés, or false humility. Costi’s was. Chandler’s wasn’t.

G3 Ministries and Statement Costi’s letter of repentance here.

I thought this gentleman’s parsing of Chandler’s ‘coming clean video’ in successive tweets in a thread was spot on. Twitter thread below or thread reader unroll here.

After another week of leaders publicly sinning, fights, twitter mobs, betrayals, evil abounding, government leaders wielding abusive power…how does one not become cynical? This was asked of a pastor with over 50 years in ministry, John MacArthur. His reply was encouraging! He always puts the center in the center and never drifts from it. Praise God for raising up men like MacArthur (and many others who are under the radar, like my friend James Bell, Allen Nelson, Darryl Dash, my own elders, and so many others). If you want 8 minutes of faith-filled encouragement, listen here

So that’s it for this week. I hope you enjoy the weekend, and the week ahead. The Lord is always in control, always loves His own, and will come again to bring us to eternity, where no sin will ever be present. What a day that will be.

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Prata Potpourri: Pictures. A blog full of visuals for the brain tired of reading

By Elizabeth Prata

This was the sunset out the front of my door last night. God is incredible as Creator. I wrote about sunsets the other day, here.

EPrata photo

We are a visual people now. We enjoy pictures, illustrations, and memes as much, or more, than reading text. So here are some visuals for the folks who are tired of reading and need a mini-break.

THAT’S easy enough to do these days, isn’t it!

If you have no time or are not skilled at making scripture photos, there are Christian Wallpapers Here

This is totally true:


The Ascension:

The depiction of the Ascension of Christ appears often in Renaissance art and iconography. Dating from the early 1300s, Giotto di Bondone’s Christ stays true to the traditional depiction of the son of God reaching towards the Heavens. But unlike many artworks of a similar period, his Christ is a fully realised figure not merely a romanticised ideal. Considered to be one of the finest artists of his generation, Giotto is also often named as one of the founders of the Italian Renaissance. More here

and they said, “Men of Galilee, why do you stand looking into the sky? This Jesus, who has been taken up from you into heaven, will come in the same way as you have watched Him go into heaven.” (Acts 1:11)

If you’re interested in learning about The Ascension, where little has been written exclusively about that momentous event, Derek Thomas has a book all about it! “Taken Up To Heaven: The Ascension of Christ“, available at Reformation Heritage Books,

Below, Elizabeth Prata collage art. I wonder if we understand, truly understand, how ugly sin is and how guilty we are before a holy God

Watercolor by EPrata. One Christmas vacation in FL I bought a pack of index cards and a kids’ dot paint set for my own amusement. I wanted to see how many different designs I could produce with the same materials, just to challenge my creativity.

Now for some real art: Just gaze at the pretty

Camille, Monet’s first wife, is shown with a child in the garden of their house in Argenteuil, near Paris,
where they lived between 1872 and 1877. Claude Monet

Humility. Ugh. We could all use more, don’t you think?

EPrata photo

I am not God’s masterpiece and I am not enough. I need Christ every day, I’m as helpless as a babe and apart from Him I can do nothing.

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Prata Potpourri: From Ecotheology to Fridge Wizard, a roundup of links for you

By Elizabeth Prata

I found a new website I enjoy, “Beauty of Planet Earth“. There are all sorts of interesting articles about our home planet, and other planets. Lots of gorgeous pictures, facts about a wide range of subjects, architecture, and more. Like this article: “Priceless Art Found In Paris Apartment Vacant Since 1939.” The only thing that drives me crazy are the ‘science facts’ stating this or that animal died 44,000 years ago, or global warming.

Continue reading “Prata Potpourri: From Ecotheology to Fridge Wizard, a roundup of links for you”
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Prata Potpourri: Disability, Prone to wander, Spiritual gifts, more

By Elizabeth Prata

Hello friends, I pray you are doing well today. I am sliding into the summer break from school and I am overjoyed it’s the end of the year. It was a good year, I love my job, but I enjoy the time off so much. I always have these grandiose plans for the 8 weeks I’m off. Usually I give myself a week to decompress then plan to read and craft and clean and hike and do all sorts…but then I don’t. LOL, I do accomplish stuff, but my plans are always more grandiose than either my energy level or the time frame permit. But I still have fun!

Our church’s summer series of TableTalks will begin in 2 weeks. These are super fun. We meet, eat, then have a lesson, then stay around and discuss it at our tables. It’s friendly, edifying, low key, and edifying.

Do you have summer plans?

I’ve rounded up some content I thought might be worthwhile to read or view. I hope you enjoy!

In this first one, my friend DebbieLynne offers some thoughts on the perks of disability. Thoroughly wonderful and totally convicting. “An unexpected perk of disability

Here, G3 Ministry has a wonderfully concise article about spiritual gifts!

Dr. Abner Chou is a linguistic genius and an all around genius…He has been a professor at TMS for a while, and interim President for a year. My friend attends there and he has lauded Dr Chou’s talents for two years since he has taken classes from him. Now, we read that he has been affirmed as The Master’s Seminary President. Yay!

Paul Washer with a 3-minute clip on hell. Buckle up…if you dare!!

We are Prone to Wander, oh we are prone!

Pastor Gabe with the truth, once again. He is on Twitter, and has a blog and a podcast / podcast.

I am autistic, I know people who are autistic, I know people who have been close with non-verbal autistic people. This is a powerful reminder not only to underestimate autistic people (and the principal’s comment hurt my heart) but also that no matter who we are, we are all made in the image of God and to treat each other with dignity. “Nonverbal autistic valedictorian delivers speech

Thanks for reading! Have a super day.

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Prata Potpourri: 2nd Commandment, JHP, Costi on Quiet Time, Dear Woke Christian v. Julie Roys, more

By Elizabeth Prata

EPrata photo

I updated my essay on The History of Quiet Time by adding this excellent 3-minute video of Costi Hinn explaining what Quiet Time IS. This is so good!

My essay “Why John MacArthur was right to say “Go Home” about Beth Moore” gained some attention and significant retweets. There is still a lot of interest in Beth Moore and of John MacArthur due to scandal reporters making up stuff about him, sadly.

It’s just a fact that discernment posts get more views than theology posts or encouragement posts. That is the way of it. And this holds true for a recent post I did on Jackie Hill Perry: Jackie Hill Perry rejects discernment talk about her false prophesying

Jason Whitaker AKA Dear Woke Christian has been focused lately in his ministry on reviewing scandal whipper-upper Julie Roys’ book, “Redeeming the Feminine Soul”. He found little Bible in it and a twisting of gender roles so as to be an unfit, unqualified, and an unbiblical tome to be avoided. He’s an insightful fellow and respectful in his approach to discernment as well as theology in general. I recommend him. He tweeted the following which I found funny:

Dear Woke Christian @MrJwhit
I like the “Fast & Furious” franchise. Someone told me they’ve made too many F&F movies. I told them that I would consider it when there are as many F&F movies as
@reachjulieroys articles on JMac. In the mean time pass the popcorn.
8:14 AM · May 1, 2022

It’s in reference to the fact that Roys has written to date at least 48 article against John MacArthur, Grace Community Church, or The Master’s Seminary. A lot. Some might even say this has become an obsession. Me. It’s me. I’d say that.

Maybe it’s time I catch up on the F&F franchise of movies…there are 9 now, right?

By the way, The BTWN guy (Tim Hurd) presented a short clip of John MacArthur from yesterday’s sermon, of which JMac providentially was in Ephesians 4:25-32. JMac answered about his online attackers citing also Romans 12, ‘Bless those who persecute you’ and Hebrews 10:30, ‘vengeance is mine’. As Tim said, “Much wisdom here.”

25Therefore, laying aside falsehood, speak truth each one of you with his neighbor, for we are members of one another. 26Be angry, and yet do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger, 27and do not give the devil an opportunity. 28He who steals must steal no longer; but rather he must labor, performing with his own hands what is good, so that he will have something to share with one who has need. 29Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, so that it will give grace to those who hear. 30Do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption. 31Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. 32Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you. (Ephesians 4:25-32)

Speaking of reporters who aren’t reporters, it’s easy to appear credentialed or to actually be credentialed, to write or speak in such a way as to confirm that credibility, but still be opposed to all that Christ stands for. That is where discernment comes in. Sometimes it’s hard to know who is telling the truth, but the Bible informs our conscience, our attitudes, and His word hones our discernment radar. So does prayer. Don’t forget prayer when you’re trying to work through an issue.

On another topic, I’ve been fascinated with Chris Koelle’s rendition of the book of Revelation since it came out in 2012. It’s a graphic novel, using all the scriptures and arranging them in order. I’m uncomfortable with monkeying with scripture and confused on the Second Commandment. So I’ve held off on reading it or looking at it until I gain clarity on the issue.

This morning I listened to a FANTASTIC podcast from Scott Aniol explaining why pictures of God, the Trinity, or heaven, whether the pictures are still or moving (i.e. TV/Movies) actually harm’s one’s ability to understand God and are forbidden in the Commandment for a reason. He uses the current popular movie, The Chosen, to make his point, but the point is well taken for all images of the Trinity. His explanation, so clear and helpful is here-

Don’t give in and watch The Chosen. Your imagination will forever be shaped by the visceral potency of a cinematic interpretation of Bible narratives, and it will therefore be much more difficult to allow the words of Scripture to shape your imagination.  God gave us words. Scott Aniol explains why using any visual images of the triune God is harmful to truly knowing and loving God.By the Waters of Babylon podcast, Scott Aniol

I can’t say enough how good and clear Aniol’s half hour was. I’m going to listen to it again, actually!

I translate my written blog essays into a podcast. It’s on Anchor and elsewhere. I started doing that last April, so it’s just been a year. I’m blessed to say that I’m coming up on 100,000 plays. Thank you! If you don’t have time to read essays then take a listen on Anchor, Google Plays, PocketCast, RadioPublic, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iTunes etc

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Prata Potpourri: Susie, Begging, Puritans, a marriage restored, more!

By Elizabeth Prata

How does it feel to be living in a time of obvious judgment of God? I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, it sparks a lot of mourning in me as I see families falling apart, false teachers increasing, lusts indulged, perversion everywhere. But on the other hand, what IS of God, burns more brightly. Christians who stand for truth unwaveringly are more of a joy to see. As the world sinks, the believers rise. Christians who have the Light of Christ in them are more visible, starkly different than the easy believers mixed in with true believers of former generations who clung to a veneer of Christianity for social capital’s sake, persecution makes true believers more easily seen and then God is more glorified.

If you have a church where your elders are strong, where your fellows in the pew are loving, where truth is proclaimed without compromise or without plagiarism, then you are blessed. Cling to that, the Lord who raises up teachers for His name and a multiplying local church who evangelizes. They are things of beauty today that stand against the dark.

Begging: The Place to Start I disciple some younger women online and in real life. I often get the question, how should I study the Bible? I always begin with this answer: First, pray and ask the Holy Spirit for help. It’s my standard answer because that is ground zero of the place to begin. I was pleased to see Dale Ralph Davis explain this concept so well.

We are guilty of arrogance, not merely neglect, when we fail to beg for the Spirit’s help in the study of Scripture. We may have such arrogance even when we seem to be seeking the Spirit’s aid – I think of those times when in a light-headed tokenism we utter our slap-happy prayer ‘that the Lord would guide and direct us as we study this passage.’” Click on the link above to read the article.

G3 Ministries has published a beautiful article by Jennifer Buck on how the Lord helped her and her husband Tom in the early years of their marriage get beyond some anger and bitterness issues and make their marriage strong. Sadly, in the aftermath of its publication, some wicked people who are opposed to Tom’s candidacy for President of the SBC have used the article as a weapon to smear them. This activity has caused me to ponder very deeply the issues I wrote about in the first paragraph. Darkness and light…what the Lord is doing to glorify Himself, betrayal by professing believers (who maybe aren’t possessing believers) and so on.

Anyway, here’s Jennifer’s article: A Story of Restorative Grace

When G3 enlarged its ministry one of the things they committed to doing was generating study curricula for small groups and Sunday School. Here is a new, free teaching curriculum on the Sermon on the Mount by Ryan Bush. It is a 9-lesson Bible study was written specifically for small groups, though it could certainly be adapted to fit other needs. Sermon on the Mount small group Bible Study.

At Dash House we read the following:

It may be one of the most overlooked ministries we can perform for others: to struggle on their behalf in our prayers. The idea comes from Paul’s description of Epaphras in Colossians 4:12-13: “Epaphras, who is one of you, a servant of Christ Jesus, greets you, always struggling on your behalf in his prayers, that you may stand mature and fully assured in all the will of God. For I bear him witness that he has worked hard for you and for those in Laodicea and in Hierapolis.” Struggling on Your Behalf in Prayers

I love studying about the Puritans. This summer I plan on buying the streaming version of the Puritan Documentary Plus, the documentary plus 35 short lessons on individual puritans. Here, Tony Reinke has a Puritan Study series and this link brings you to the index.

I enjoy Derek Thomas’ series going through Pilgrim’s Progress lecture series. He gives explanations of the different scenes in Bunyan’s allegory, and also biographical and cultural information for background context. This helps e understand it a lot more. The series is currently free on Ligonier. (I don’t know how long Ligonier will keep the series on the Free side of the ministry.) I’m going thru it a second time, I enjoyed it so much..

The numbering is a bit confusing.

The first video is The City of Destruction.
The Wicket Gate
The Interpreter’s House
The Cross & the Sepulcher
The Hill Difficulty
The Palace Beautiful
The Valley of Humiliation
The Valley of the Shadow of Death
The Godless City: Vanity Fair
The Castle of Giant Despair
The Delectable Mountains
The Celestial City

A friend is going through the book Susie: Life & Legacy of Susannah Spurgeon with her book club group, she said the book is terrific! Here is an interview with Ray Rhodes, the author.

The slowly disappearing doctrine of hell: hell was created good for the destruction of evil

I hope any of these links suit you, help you, or provide any edification!