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Kay Cude: Paul and the scales on our eyes

Kay Cude poetry. Used with permission. Artist’s Statement:

There is not one of the Apostles of Christ whom I do not love, and I am so grateful for their love and dedication to Christ, as well as to us the redeemed who have loved the truth of their teachings about our Lord and Saviour.

But there is one Apostle whose enduring love and willingness to give of himself to us, beyond measure, the profound greatness of Christ’s love and the Sovereign, loving heart of God to forgive and reconcile mankind (and me!) to Him, brings my heart to bow and praise God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Paul.

And then there is C.H. Spurgeon, although not an Apostle, reminds me of Paul by his intellect and abiding love of Christ and his desire that all mankind receive Christ as Lord and Master. When I began composing, I kept returning to how blind we can be, even when access to God’s Word is so easily accomplished–there are Bibles everywhere! (At least at present; I’m not sure when the government of this nation will ban the Bible as “hate” material, but surely it will.)

Then my thoughts jumped to those many false teachers, preachers and prophets who give false instruction and promote their vain imaginings to the lost, the deceived and the spiritually immature–to those with “scales” over their eyes. This is a burdensome ache in the hearts of those who have allowed Christ to remove the blindness, to witness “those” who name Christ as their “Lord,” when He is not, while they spout heresies about Him, His Nature, His Will and He and The Father’s predetermined plan to rescue mankind eternally.

This present age now witnesses the too many evangelical churches that are led and taught by preachers and teachers accepting the “imaginings” of false doctrine to be valid; they promote “another” gospel without recognizing that “another” gospel is man’s vanity (self). These deceptions are cleverly intertwined with “some” Scripture, but manipulated by “add-to’s and “removed from’s.” This is confusion and the unwary can be easily deceived. “Personal” interpretations abound, yet they are without the evidence of God’s Breathed Word, His Holy Word.

I’ve added Spurgeon’s “Scales Taken From the Eyes,” No. 3205, Vol. 56 ( as a reference source. This sermon is so to-the-point and packed so tightly with truth that I cannot imagine anyone reading it and not experiencing a shouting of “Amen” within their spirit, or a change in attitude, even a correction in one’s life-style and heart-thoughts. It surely affected me…



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