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Prata Potpourri: Nature photography to the glory of God, Trust the Lord, One Hour of Life Remaining? Movie Review, More

By Elizabeth Prata

I spent an overnight in a little cabin on a working farm. I enjoyed the animals, birds, and nature so much. I’m not much of an outdoors person, but the place was so pretty I did spend time outside in the gazebo swing, on the various benches, and in the screened-in porch. There were so many birds, the animals on the farm so beautiful and entertaining, and the flowers and butterflies were charming. I often think in amazement, as I’m sure you do, that God created it all in a few days. He is endlessly fascinating to me when I admire His creation and think of how He spoke it all into existence with the power of His word.

With His creation still very much on my mind, I searched out a couple of links that focused on our engagement with nature via photography and glorifying God through it. They are below. Now on to the other links I searched out, and hopefully you’ll find them interesting! 🙂

Redeem TV and Amazon Censorship – Redeem TV is a free Christian streaming service launched a couple of years ago. They wrote in this month’s newsletter of a tightening censorship on the Amazon streaming platform. Very worrisome. I’ve seen others on various social media say the same.

Hymns of Grace: Psalm singing video and upcoming psalter – The musical folks at Hymns of Grace announce an upcoming new Psalter, in this video panel discussion about singing the Palms. Exciting!

The Well Watered Woman talks about Biblical Judgment in a Don’t Judge Me World

Pressure to launch- Challenger: The Final Flight examines the origin of a NASA disaster. If you are of an age like I am, you remember the space shuttle Challenger disaster. It was 1986 and I was teaching at the time We were so excited that fellow New Englander Christa McAuliffe had been chosen as the first civilian in space, to do lessons from the universe as her classroom during the mission. Sadly, the space craft exploded shortly after takeoff, and fell to earth, before a horrified world. The documentary recounts the disaster and World reviews it.

WordPress recently installed a new editing system and I am not a fan of it. I don’t know why some links embed with a preview like below and others like the ones above do not. Anyway, here is Daughter Redeemed with a poem in the aftermath of recent civil unrest in her hometown.

Susan Lafferty with some encouragement in a short devotional-

Josh Buice asks an unusual question- What if you had only one hour of life remaining?

Here are three links to essays from nature photographers who muse on God’s great power, creativity, and beauty in His work


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