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Upsetting news: Administrator at HeartCry Missionary Society/deacon at their local church, arrested for alleged “multiple counts of carnal knowledge of a child”

By Elizabeth Prata

I am sad to report the following:

54-year-old Radford man arrested for his sexual relationship with a 13-year-old, police say, Hite is currently being held in jail without bail

Kevin Hite (Christiansburg Police Department)

Hite is an office Administrator for HeartCry, living in the Radford VA area. He is also a deacon at their church, Christ Church Radford. Read the arrest filing report at the link above.

HeartCry has issued a statement, which is below-

For all of us who are tiring of this hateful world, this comes as a blow. We mourn the sin that is in us and rears its head to harm in unconscionable ways. We grieve that the spotless name of Jesus will again be dragged through the mud as ‘one of His own’ threw mud and refuse upon it. We mourn the destroyed lives and broken hearts sins such as these cause.

We mourn our own sin, and shake our heads in wonder, ‘could I have ever done such a thing?’ The answer is ‘yes’. Sin that is in us, unaddressed, unrepented of, dallied with, will overtake and the temptation WILL assault our senses. We have a Normandy in our hearts at every moment, and we must push back the waves of lusts that threaten to breach the fortress of purity.

We also grieve for HeartCry, Paul Washer’s organization, a place known for strong Gospel stands and a deep desire to see people come to know the Holy One of God, an organization that strives now to retake the credibility it has lost through this breach of trust satan engineered. Satan is a brilliant strategist. So sad for this man and his family and my beloved HeartCry.

How long, O Lord?


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6 thoughts on “Upsetting news: Administrator at HeartCry Missionary Society/deacon at their local church, arrested for alleged “multiple counts of carnal knowledge of a child”

    1. Not sure what you mean, “Is it true?” Didn’t you read the piece?

      It is true that Mr Hite was arrested for his alleged crime. 10 felony counts, in fact.
      It is true that he has been removed from HeartCry.
      It is true that HeartCry issued a statement addressing the situation.
      All links provided to you, the reader, to verify truth.

      What part do you think is not true? Geesh.

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  1. Good morning Elizabeth,

    I pray this finds you well…your FB post about having a hard time, it was sad but also good that you were able to rest over the weekend and refresh your spirit.

    I had such a weekend two weeks ago, a mini-retreat with a dear sister in Christ traveling to TN to see another dear one in Christ who had her 60th birthday but with no one to celebrate. It was perfect…God was (is) so good to allow us the time away from hubb’s and protect us while traveling.

    I am curious, this end-time blog is a little different than your usual unless I have missed some such as this. Normally it’s about false teaching and discernment (mostly) why did you feel the need to share this horrible news?

    As always, I appreciate you and your posts, blogs and tweets.

    In HIs name and for His glory…

    *Crystal *

    *Above all else, guard your heart,for everything you do flows from it. *


    1. Hi Crystal,

      Thanks for the encouragement, and yes, I’m glad I went away overnight. Everyone needs a change of scene sometime. It had been about 12 years since I went away for a pure R&R (I attended the G3 conf in ATL last January but that is a high-powered, high energy conference weekend FROM which I needed R&R to recover!)

      I like to think that the blog content is 3 equal parts – encouragement (theology, history etc), discernment as mentioned, and general (Potpourri, poetry, book/movie reviews). It’s always the false teaching essays that people remember most, though.

      The news that HeartCry is having a major issue is part of discernment. It is also an opportunity to remind women that sin is everywhere, and even though HeartCry is sterling in terms of protocols, maturity, and oversight, sin’s reach is not beyond it (our ourselves). So it is a good reminder that we always need to have a guard up on ourselves and on the material we absorb and donate to. I tried to mention that in the last paragraphs. Thanks for the question!

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  2. Satan; the clever devil. What I find encouraging in this frightful situation is Heart Cry’s statement, in that it hasn’t attempted a cover up. Trust the young person involved is cared for in a holistic way.

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