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Top ten articles and more!

By Elizabeth Prata

I can’t believe two decades have gone by since the infamous Y2K scare. I remember when 1999 turned to 2000. It was said that the world would end, since so many computers had used 2 digits instead of 4, like 99 instead of 1999, and that would crash all the world’s computers when it turned to year 2000. The computers would not know how to handle a prefix of 20 instead of 19. Or something. All I know is that we spent a mountain of money on toilet tissue, preparing to use it as barter money when the zombie hordes came looking for fresh meat. Or something.

And how 20 years have passed since then. People, when they say time passes quickly and that your life is but a breath, they ain’t kiddin’.

That was then.

This is now


Much better now. A lot has changed in my life the last 20 years. For one, I am saved from the wrath of God by the blood of the Lamb. For another, I’m not a journalist any more but I’m now teaching again, albeit as a teacher aide and not a certified teacher. I’m blogging, blogs weren’t really in widespread existence 20 years ago.

I have a Youtube playlist that I listen to when I’m blogging, or my Spotify list or my Pandora channel, Or maybe Netflix is in the background. So many inventions. I’ve lost and gained cats. Here is my latest writing buddy


I’ve learned the southern vernacular, having moved in 2006 from my home region of New England to Georgia. It’s buggy, not cart. It’s ya’ll, not you guys. It’s covered dish, not pot luck. It’s fixin’ to not about to. It’s mash the button, not press the button. It’s all pretty much the same, except for this one

Bless your heart

That one is really an insult. I like the New Englander’s way better of open insult than veiled flattery. Just say “You’re an idiot” and be done with it. I guess that’s my only beef with the south. In all ways, all possible ways, it’s better down here. Or heah.

Well let’s pull in from the 20-year wide view to the narrower view of this past year. In my real life, everything is the same. I live in the same place. I do the same job that has the same principals and the same staff. I have the same friends. I go to the same church that has the same elders. I do the same things on the weekends, read, nap, and write. I’m still relatively healthy. It’s all good.

Speaking of writing, the 2019 posts that received interest from the public, or made an impact, (hopefully for the kingdom) or otherwise made an impression are the following.

Open Letter to Beth Moore

A Discerning look at Jen Wilkin part 1, part 2, part 3

Rachel Held Evans death

John MacArthur/Go Home

Is Francis Chan apostatizing before our eyes?

A Catholic asks Francis Chan to bring her and her church a message as evangelist…Chan’s answer is shocking

JD Greear, President of the SBC, charged money to attend his Good Friday worship service

Are hordes of Muslims coming to Christ though dreams of Isa?

The John MacArthur/Ben Shapiro interview and the death of John Allen Chau both occurred in mid-December 2018 but their impact and discussion carried over into 2019.

Though I wrote this in 2016, this essay is still consistently at the top in terms of views.

Two Divorce cases, Summer White and Melissa Moore

This essay is a close #2 in terms of staying power and interested readers. It’s from December 2, 2017:

Lifestyles of the mega-rich pastors with estates and private jets: You’ll be shocked to see who is among them (OK it’s Beth Moore)

Some great documentaries came out in 2019

American Gospel


By What Standard

Spirit and Truth

Pilgrim’s Progress

The Lord is gracious and kind. Whatever He does for His people is for our good and His glory. That will never change. As decades come and go and the years tick over, His grace upon grace manifests itself every day in ways known and unknown.

I pray that whatever the year ahead holds for you and me, that we always remember to glorify Him and praise Him for all His ways.

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  1. I remember the Y2K, my mom worked for a Surgeon that taught for a university as well. Their computers did glitch, it took them months to get it straightened out, but no end of the world 😂


  2. I didn’t see this person mentioned on your blog, but I was curious about your opinion of Rachael Denhollander and her activism.


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