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Are hordes of Muslims coming to Christ though dreams of Isa?

By Elizabeth Prata



I wrote about the Muslim Dream conversion stories issue in 2011. At that time I investigated and my conclusion was a big NO.

Are Massive Numbers of Muslims Coming to Christ?

I wrote again in 2018 when unfortunately, IMB President David Platt affirmed these dreams and second hand stories, and worse, blasphemously called The Messiah Isa. This was during his International Mission Board report in June 2018. Again I said a big NO.

Blasphemy: Isa is not Jesus and Jesus is not Isa.

Again in 2019 the issue comes up. Here is Justin Peters dispelling these stories with a good dose of truth, in a minute and a half video. He said he receives this question all the time, continuing to be raised after the issue first surfaced 8 or 9 years ago. The question and the answer is important because the method that is related by these spurious testimonies degrades the sufficiency of scripture. (Just like any extra biblical revelation, whether dream or vision.)

Evaluating claims of salvation in light of the sufficiency of scripture


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11 thoughts on “Are hordes of Muslims coming to Christ though dreams of Isa?

      1. Sheep Among Wolves reports on the Disciple Making Movement in Iran. It says it’s the “fastest growing Church” and reports the people are fed up with the extremist Muslim practices. We have be careful about “fastest growing” as if we go from zero to 5 it’s a 500% increase, but just 5 people.

        Another source is Sat 7

        SAT-7 Christian TV supports a growing Church in the Middle East and North Africa, confident in Christian faith and witness, serving the community and contributing to the good of society and culture.


      2. thanks dlarryb. I looked into the Disciple Making Movement a small bit and did not like what I saw. A lot of it has been copied from copiers so my dislike can’t extend to ALL of it (at least not without further study and investigation) but the main thread seems to be a lot of heaviness on law and obedience and not gospel. It seems to me to be setting up a Pharisaical system. Like you, I am suspicious of “fastest growing.” The only time we really saw that was when the church was founded at Pentecost and the very early days afterward.


      3. My interest was becoming aware of what is going on inside Iran.

        I know almost nothing about the DMM itself, and it appears the group producing the video does not have a correct view on biblical eschatology (which is Premillennial). They spoke of how perhaps the Church in Iran will stand with Israel in the Tribulation.


      4. I think you added an extra word, “not”. 😉 Premillennial is correct. In the last days of the last days there will be no church on earth, having been raptured, though there will be believers, and at the very end Israel will convert. (Zech 12:10).


      5. “Not” was intended. The people in the video, who produced the video, spoke as if the Church will still be here during the Tribulation. They made no specific comment about eschatology.


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