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Consider the supernatural, what it really is

By Elizabeth Prata

Did you ever stop to consider the supernatural in your everyday life? In 2011 and 2012, I wrote an update to the Leroy NY situation in which a bevy of teenage girls came down with a Tourette’s-like illness. They suddenly began twitching and having seizures, and no one could figure out why. The update I wrote about is that the final tests and examinations have finally been released, and still no one knows why the girls came down with this. They spent thousands of dollars and issued a 6,000 page report that said, “Er, we dunno.”

In the update, I wrote that of all the root causes they looked at, environmental, emotional, physical, personal, mental, that likely they didn’t look at the most important one of all: the spiritual. At the root of this frenzied scene in which an entire NY town panics because young girls suddenly began having seizures for no reason, is likely the occult.

I have not read in one place where that was considered. The girls were not asked if they played Tarot cards, read palms, or in any other way engaged in divination. The situation reminded me strongly of the scene in Salem Mass, 1692. What resulted in the Salem Witch Trials began the exact same way: young impressionable girls dabbling in the occult with the slave Tituba. They cast bones, read egg whites and made a witch-cake. Then they fell down in uncontrollable seizures. Eventually as the media frenzy (1600s-type media) died down, the girls also simmered down and seizures no longer occurred. Sadly, 20 people had been hanged and dozens more jailed. Satan is a serious opponent.

It was the same in NY:

2012: Doctors determined the attention from social media and mainstream media aggravated the problem, and discouraged patients from participating in either. The result, doctors say, is that most of the patients shed the Tourette-like symptoms and returned to a “normal life” in time for high school graduation on Sunday.

Most people today don’t like to think about the supernatural. They consign  ‘supernatural’ exclusively to the demonic. Many think that we are much too advanced these days to even consider that there may be demonic activity in the world… in your town… in your own life. And there IS the demonic. But the same people are only too happy to talk about Jesus, being saved, and the Holy Spirit’s leading. If you stop to think about it, every Christian lives every day in the supernatural.

Jesus’s mercy spreading from the cross which saves us is a supernatural event. His Spirit indwelling us is a supernatural event. Like, where IS he? Is He in our cells? Our brain? What does He do to grow us in Christ-likeness? Supernatural! Prayer is a supernatural event: talking to the invisible God whom we believe on by faith is listening to our conversation, and even more remarkably, answers. Supernatural! The Bible is alive. It doesn’t breathe but the word has been God-breathed out under inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Hebrews 4:12 says,

For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.”

The Bible is a document that reads us. It is a supernatural document.

So this is to say two things:

1. Revisit the amazing supernatural life that you have in Christ. Every breath, every moment is driven by a series of continuing supernatural events that propel us forward into the Kingdom of Light, and;

2. If we accept the ‘good’ supernatural, then please accept the evil supernatural. Don’t dwell on it, because we have the victory and the power of God in us and around us, but remember that it exists. Satan prowls about seeking whom he may devour. Be vigilant.



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2 thoughts on “Consider the supernatural, what it really is

  1. Well said, sister! I hadn’t heard about this, but my husbands specialty in the medical field is heart and lungs. I love when he explains these things to me. There has to be an electrical current strong enough to keep your heart beating but not to strong to kill you. We don’t know where it comes from, how it continues to flow, or really anything other then that it does happen. God upholds all things, even our heart. That is a beautiful, supernatural, truth. Likewise, there is a dark side. And like you’ve rightly stated, we should not obsess over it. Well balanced, sister!


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