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Don’t be fooled!

By Elizabeth Prata

Judas, exhibiting false righteous indignation, said, “Why was this ointment not sold for three hundred denarii and given to the poor?” John 12:5. Proof that apostates & hypocrites say & do say things that sound pious but hide an evil heart. He sounded pious. It seemed appropriate. But Judas the treasurer didn’t say that because he cared about the poor. had they sold the perfume, Judas was a thief privately mourning the list revenue he could have pinched from the common purse. (John 12:6).

Don’t listen to friends who urge you, against your better discernment, to listen to that teacher or this one by caving in to their pleas such as, “But s/he talks about Jesus!” Or, “S/He uses the Bible!”

False teachers will always try to fool you with pious sounding speeches and fine flatteries. They specialize in manipulation so it’s no wonder that they can match their speech to what we expect. The disciples would expect a disciple as close to Jesus as Judas was, with his responsibility of keeping the money as Treasurer, to care for the poor and to want 300 denarii to serve those less fortunate. But the Bible tells us outright that Judas did not care for the poor at all.

Judas fooled the other disciples! He did not fool Jesus though. No one can. If we pray for discernment, keep in the Word, and ask the Spirit to reveal to us those whose hearts are far from Him, He will. He will alert you to anomalies and inconsistencies in the person’s behavior and theology.

Don’t let false teachers fool you. Test them!

Real Denarii

Top row left to right: 157 BC Roman Republic, AD 73 Vespasian, AD 161 Marcus Aurelius, AD 194 Septimius Severus; Second row left to right: AD 199 Caracalla, AD 200 Julia Domna, AD 219 Elagabalus, AD 236 Maximinus Thrax
Source public domain Wikipedia

Counterfeit denarius
Tiberius Denarius – Biblical Tribute Penny 14-37 AD



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