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Party of three to party of infinity

By Elizabeth Prata

The intra-Trinitarian delight of the God-head in each other has always been perfect. The Father gives all to His son. The Son does all His Father does. John MacArthur put it this way:

God is love and because it is His nature to love, that love is expressed in the purest essence of His nature which is the Trinity. That is to say the Father loves the Son perfectly, the Father loves the Spirit perfectly, the Son loves the Father and the Spirit perfectly, the Spirit loves the Father and the Son perfectly and they live in this perfection of intra-Trinitarian love.

For eons, we don’t know how long, the intra-Trinitarian delight had been ongoing in perfection. Yet, God decided to make man. He decided to make His “Party of Three” into a party of infinity. He chose to open His closed circle and include a multitude of humans made in His image within it. In love. For His purposes. Humans who will dwell in infinity love and in infinity time forever.


That is a good question. It was not because of some lack within Himself. He was not lonely and He was not suffering some kind of lack. God is complete.

Here, Steven Lawson with a short devotional exploring that question explains in nearly poetic language God’s decision to…create.

God’s dazzling display of sovereignty in creation was a primer on His right to rule in matters of salvation. God, who commanded the light to appear on day one of creation, soon would order gospel light to shine into the darkened hearts of spiritually blind sinners. God, who separated the waters on day two, would cause an infinite chasm to separate Himself from sinners. God, who gathered the waters together on day three, would gather sinners to Himself. God, who created the sun, moon, and stars on day four, would omnipotently create saving faith. God, who began to create the animal kingdom on day five, would graciously send His Son to be the Lamb of God to take away sin. God, who created Adam and Eve on day six, would soon re-create sinners into His image. His free grace would perform the second Genesis in the salvation of lost men and women.

And grace upon grace, saved and forgiven sinners are now embraced in that Trinitarian circle of delight and mutual love. It is a mystery to me, and a wonder, and a source of ever-expanding gratitude. To be embraced by an Almighty God as Father, Redeemer, and ministering Priest, is the greatest gift. The fountain of love that flowed internally among the Trinity now flows over human souls, swelling and sweeping and lifting human souls into its holy and sweet current.



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