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Tug of War with the Tongue

By Elizabeth Prata

I am finding this book by Michael John Beasley called Internet Inferno a tremendously exciting, needed, and convicting book. It’s about our communication online.

Here is what the author wrote on page 55:

1. Whether you are aware of it or not, the world is engulfed in a spiritual war which rages on a daily basis. This war constitutes a battle between God’s true wisdom versus the lies and deceptions of men and satan.

2. Whether you are aware of it or not, whenever you speak, you are taking sides in this spiritual battle, for better or for worse.

3. An individual’s own ignorance of this spiritual battle offers absolutely no excuse when it comes to use of the tongue.

Of all people, the Christian should have a unique awareness of this battle, especially in relation to the potential dangers of the tongue. However, the attainment of this awareness can only come by means of a daily contest aganst sin.

Our school held our annual Field Day last week. One of the events for the kids was the Tug of War. I had taken this photo of the rope, about to be grabbed up by 40 small hands and let the game begin. As I read over Mr Beasley’s words and his use of the word ‘battle’, and I thought of the tug of war.

The tongue wants to give vent to fleshly words of all kinds that dishonor the Lord. We gossip, slander, accuse, puff up, emptily flatter, and more. Whenever we do, we’re, in Beasley’s words, being ‘co-belligerent with satan. When we allow satan to tug on our tongue and say things that ought not to be this way, we are indulging our sin.

It matters not that the person to whom we are communicating is a nameless, faceless person thousands of miles away on the other side of our keyboard. Co-belligerence is partnering with satan. Sin is sin.

When we sin in this way (not ‘if’) we turn to Jesus and ask forgiveness in repentance. We ask Him for the wisdom that comes from above, James 1:5, and it will be given. Pursue that wisdom, not the wisdom that comes from men and satan, the false wisdom lurking in our hearts that spews when we allow satan to tug on it. Bridle the tongue (James 3:2). We herald the Good News from our mouths, not as co-belligerents but as ambassadors.



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