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Please don’t repeat fake news, here’s how to spot fake news

I was a journalist for over 6 years, working for weeklies and dailies. I can attest to the fact that most newspapers have an obvious liberal slant. They don’t see it, and they would deny it.

Add to the mix widespread social media and unscrupulous liberals who really do stop at nothing to push forward their talking points. I can attest to the fact that the liberal worldview, which is satan’s, has minions that promote or engage in violence, lie, cheat, and generally do anything to ensure both the squashing of the Christian worldview and to push forward the liberal world view. We’ve seen that on television broadcast news. It’s the same in newspapers. I knew some newspapers that just made up stuff. I wonder how they justified it.

Sadly, there are few sources for a conservative to turn to receive unbiased news with no agenda behind it. We can always ready past news and future news in the Bible, I guess!! LOL.

If we want to be responsible citizens of God’s Kingdom, we don’t want to perpetuate lies, either. We need to engage in the world, but responsibly.

Facebook seems largely a woman’s domain. Many men on that particular social media are strong witnesses for Christ, but they can also fall prey to a liberal trap.  A lot of these fake news items arise from Facebook and then get pushed into other mediums. Please sisters, don’t forward or like news posts that are false. We can’t fall into the trap of fake news. Before you share or tweet or like or forward or message, lol, stop a second and think. We can’t be perpetuating lies. Here is a helpful schematic to run through a thought process to see if the news item is true or false.

Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest you be like him yourself. (Proverbs 26:4)

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3 thoughts on “Please don’t repeat fake news, here’s how to spot fake news

  1. This checklist is dated the moment you published it. In a never-ending attempt to ‘game the game’, the Political Left has taken over online dictionaries (one true Scotsman), stood up multiple ‘fact checker’ websites (appeal to authority) and make coordinated efforts to publish ‘independing’ articles wherein they may even cite each other (appeal to popularity). In this manner they can direct and control the ‘supporting proof’ surrounding the narratives the media, and if all you do is follow this 8-step plan, you are no less a sheep than before. Worse, you may now believe with more zeal that you are NOT a sheep, because you did what you believe to be due diligence.
    Be WISE to the ways of this world (Mat 10:16)

    Critical thinking can only be taught via true instruction, a dose of experience and all that begins with earnest and relentless study of the Bible. Being grounded in solid biblical apologetics will teach any follower of Christ the numerous tricks used both within the church and in the world.
    Spotting falsehoods begins with studying the TRUTH (Prov 1:7)


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