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I changed the template

I like the two column blog format, but it is old-looking, I have to admit. Dated. I’ve been noodling around for several weeks trying different templates, but none really satisfied in all the aspects (reader ease-of-use, photos, text, arrangement, widget handling, header…). Today I finally took the plunge and switched to a simple magazine format, figuring I’ll deal with things as they arise when I go forward day by day.

I know it looks a little bad. This template is visually driven (whereas all these past years blogs have been text driven). That is where my emphasis has been- the words. So the visuals that highlight each blog entry on this front page aren’t the best for this format. As I go forward and choose more photos and graphics to accompany the text, specifically keeping in mind this format in this size, it should look better. Gradually. I hope.

The About and Contact is at the top and the Search, Archive, and Donate button etc. are at the bottom. One other change is now I’m using my byline in every post. Someone on Twitter said they don’t trust an essay with no byline, and though in my ‘About’ I stated my name, credentials, belief system, and email address, people just don’t look there. Hence, the byline.

I’ll continue to tweak the template and decide if I like it. My old one was just making me crazy so I took the leap. 🙂 Whichever template drives me crazy the least in the next couple of weeks will win.



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