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What is your opinion of When Calls The Heart?

Challies posted a link to an article by The Gospel Coalition about Janette Oke and the TV series from her book titled When Calls the Heart. I used to watch WCTH for the first couple of seasons.

The Theology and True-Life Tragedy behind Hallmark’s Hit Show, “When Calls the Heart”

The television series features a pampered city woman who relocates to Alberta Canada in the early part of the 20th century to become a schoolteacher. Her love interest is a do-right Canadian Mountie. The series is based on Oke’s books, developed by Michael Landon Jr, and presented on the Hallmark Channel. It stars Erin Krakow as the teacher, Daniel Lissing as the Mountie, Lori Loughlin and Jack Wagner. I remember Jack Wagner from my avid General Hospital-watching days. I love Lori Loughlin, especially the Hallmark Garage Sale Mysteries she stars in.

At the time I was watching When Calls the Heart I was also watching another Canadian show called Murdoch Mysteries that was set in the late 1800s and early 1900s. I became disappointed with Murdoch because of the overt preaching of feminism by the co-star to her TV-believing love interest (he is a Catholic). I abandoned the series even though I enjoyed the premise. In similar Hallmark Mysteries as Loughlin’s Garage Sale Mysteries, I found feminism present also, mostly in the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries and Murder She Baked movies. I stopped watching. Only Lori Loughlin’s seemed to be largely absent of the bossy woman syndrome.

I felt that though less overt than Murdoch, WCTH, was also heading down the feminism road. Oke’s novels are known for their plucky Pioneer heroines who survive against all odds, tragedies, and difficulties, carried by their faith. WCTH follows that same pattern. But there’s a fine line between plucky pioneer survivor woman and bossy feminist.

Did I abandon When Calls The Heart too soon? Was I too sensitive about feminism? It’s a stumbling block to me so I avoid even the aroma of it, having been raised as one and having mothers and sister and aunts that are feminists. I may be overly biased against it. I’d like your take on the series, since I don’t have a truly objective perspective.

I abandoned When Calls the Heart series for another reason, lol. The first season was lush and the scenery and cinematography was a feast for the eyes. The wardrobe was terrific and beautiful. The suits, coats, and dresses were absolutely gorgeous. However in the second season, they changed the wardrobe person and the clothing became anachronistic. Hallmark intentionally did this, seeking a less historical feel and ‘blending’ of modern. I don’t know why. Maybe the expense. However, in my opinion they went too far and the clothing became too modern and did not match and 1910’s setting. It drove me crazy, it absolutely did. My brain screamed every time they emerged from some house wearing 1950s-looking clothes. I couldn’t take it.

I’m not alone in this opinion. There was even a petition to bring back a more historically accurate wardrobe in season 2 of When Calls The Heart.

Good, wholesome television is hard to come by these days. If I made a mistake giving up on the show, then I’d like to return to it. So, what do you ladies think of Janette Oke, her theology, and the TV series When Calls the Heart?



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2 thoughts on “What is your opinion of When Calls The Heart?

  1. I’m also struggling. It seems you cannot watch, read or listen to much anymore without it compromising not just my faith but other values as well. I also grew up in an atmosphere of man-hating females, several generations of them in fact. As a young woman, I was headed that way, fiercely independent, women were smarter than men, I could bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and be the superwomen the 60’s & 70’s were spewing all over the place. I thank God that I was saved at 28, otherwise, I don’t think I would be celebrating 45 years of marriage this year. I turn on the news and what can one believe? I listen to talk conservative talk radio and hear a bunch of shouted opinions, all tall and no action. I change to a Christain radio program and all I hear is false teaching. We gave up TV 9 years ago so I am able to stream what I want to watch and when, but goodness, it all seems to be heading headlong into a secular abyss. People may think we are being too picky, trying to be the moral police and nitpicking at every little thing… but apathy over the years has caused the compromises we see in the church today. Intentional guarding of the heart is necessary, & growing discernment is more than just necessary but crucial to surviving the arrows at our faith and the persecution that is here, with more to come.

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    1. I enjoy visual entertainment, especially as I age and my eyes become quite tired at night for reading. But goodness, it’s difficult to find anything serviceable. I know that anything I watch won’t be *absolutely* perfect but in God’s grace I pray I am aware enough of my stumbling blocks to be able to avoid the things that would ensnare me and be able to withstand mildly worldly items, but it’s getting difficult. I don’t think it’s too much to ask for a wholesome tv show or movie. But apparently it is…

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