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Do we possess that much power?

Church signs. Most of them are cringeworthy. The messages on them try to be clever, punny, funny, or light-heartedly serious. The worst simply promote false doctrine or are erroneous in terrible unintended double entendre ways.

None really work, or at least not the way the sign-writer intended them. Why not just put a Bible verse on there? Or announce the times of worship and welcome one and all?

A few days ago, a friend sent me an email that contained a motto from a streetside Baptist Church sign. The sign read,

“No one can separate you from the love of God but you”.

This is not true. If we could separate from God’s love, we would be God, because we’d be stronger than Him. Let’s look a bit closer:

  • First, the saved. Can they be separated from God’s love?
    We are sealed with the Holy Spirit. (Ephesians 1:13). Can man UNseal what God has sealed? No. We do not have that much power
  • Next, the unsaved: can they separate themselves from God’s love?
    If they refuse to repent, they can. But all people are so drenched in their sin nature and blinded to God’s love no one would ever repent by themselves, unless God drew them first. (John 6:44).

So no matter who you’re talking about, we cannot separate ourselves from God’s love. I reject the statement on that church sign as false. Friends, don’t believe every sign.


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2 thoughts on “Do we possess that much power?

    1. Every single person on the planet refuses to repent, they can do no other. (Romans 3:10, 3:11, 3:12, Romans 8:7). Therefore unless God intervenes and draws men to Himself and gives a spirit of repentance, they remain separated from God. It’s the default position since birth.They’re already separated. 🙂


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