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Thirty Days of Jesus: Day 16, Two Kingdoms

thirty days of jesus day 16

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Thirty Days of Jesus Series-

Day 1: The Virgin shall conceive
Day 2: A shoot from Jesse
Day 3: God sent His Son in the fullness of time
Day 4:  Marry her, she will bear a Son

Day 5: The Babe has arrived!
Day 6: The Glory of Jesus
Day 7: Magi seek the Child
Day 8: The Magi offer gifts & worship
Day 9: The Child Grew
Day 10: The boy Jesus at the Temple
Day 11: He was Obedient!
Day 12: The Son!
Day 13: God is pleased with His Son
Day 14: Propitiation
Day 15: The gift of eternal life


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  1. Really learning a lot from these thirty days of Jesus, thank you for doing this,really appreciate all your time you are putting into it.


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