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Thirty Days of Jesus: Day 11, He was obedient

We’ve flowed through the first section of this series, in looking at a few verses that prophesy Jesus’ coming, His arrival, and His early life. Starting tomorrow, from Day 12-16 we will look at verses that focus on Jesus as The Son. From Day 17-26, verses will focus on the preeminence of the Son, His works, and Ministry. Days 27-36, His resurrection, ascension, and return. Yes, there are more than 30 verses, lol. Either I’ll double up on some days, or go an extra week after Christmas. 🙂

thirty days of Jesus day 11

Coffman’s Commentaries on the Bible

The precocious wisdom of the boy Jesus, and his certain consciousness of his unique relationship to the Father in heaven, were not looked upon by Jesus as sufficient to his earthly mission; but he recognized himself still to be a child. The hour of his emergence as the world’s Saviour would be awaited by him until some sure indication of the Father’s will informed him that “his hour” had come. In the meanwhile, he would not disgrace himself as a child prodigy. He manifested the noblest quality of youth, that of loving submission to his earthly parents.

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