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Discernment Video Bites: Heaven Tourism, Revelation v. Illumination, Jesus Calling, more

There are three videos recently released, in which Pastor Justin Peters speaks on various discernment topics. Known for his lessons on discerning the Word of Faith/Prosperity Gospel movement, through leading conferences and producing DVDs, such as a recent one titled “Clouds Without Water,” in these short but in-depth video bites Mr Peters discusses-

  • Heaven Tourism,
  • The inherent dangers of Jesus Calling,
  • The difference between Revelation and Illumination,
  • The responsibility of the Christian Bookstore (yet to be released).

The videos have been produced and edited by Stephen J. Melniszyn. You can view them all on his Youbube channel here. I’ve also compiled them below for your reference.

In this short video, Justin Peters talks about Revelation and Illumination and what the differences are.

Heaven Tourism

Jesus Calling: the Battle for Sola Scriptura

Jesus Calling: A Biblical Critique

Heaven Tourism: Its Impact on the Church


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