Springfield Mass. tornado, surreal (UPDATED- tornado sucks up river)

I watched an intense storm pop up in central Massachusetts this afternoon. All of the eastern seaboard is under a tornado watch, from DC to Maine. Half an hour ago, a tornado touched down in Springfield Mass and ripped through the city at rush hour. Tornadoes in New England are rare. They do happen, but they are rare. Municipalities don’t have tornado warnings and the people don’t expect them. If one hits, people must rely on eyesight to visually spot it or be tuned in to emergency weather messages. They may not be tuned in, and even if they are, they don’t know what to do. I didn’t.

When I moved here to Georgia I had to learn what to do when a tornado warning is issued. You go to the cellar or to the lowest floor of your building. You put as many walls between you and the outside as possible, going into a closet or the bathroom if need be. I didn’t know any of that nor was familiar with the power of these storms as I am now.

The tornado that hit Springfield apparently did much damage. Trees and power lines down, buildings damaged. Another one is headed for Worcester MA, and one just hit Sturbridge. I’m listening to live scanners, and also looking at video and photos. Amazing. This is surreal. I don’t know what is in store for Boston or NY later today but the weather channel guys are making comparisons to weather conditions similar to Tuscaloosa and Birmingham Alabama in terms of signature and situation.

The guy stayed looking at it until the hail conked his head, then he made a beeline for the car.

Jesus said that as we approach the end of days that the birth pangs will become more frequent and painful. We are not under judgment yet but we can definitely see that the times are getting crazier. I’m more amazed every day at seeing the results of what the bible tells us to expect.

Don’t forget, today, June 1, opens the 2011 hurricane season.