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300 sheep die within one hour

Mystery disease kills 300 sheep within an hour
Published Saturday, May 28, 2011

“A Saudi farmer who went into his barn to take his 300 sheep on their daily pasturing was shocked when he found them all dead, a newspaper in the Gulf Kingdom said on Saturday. The farm said he checked the sheep an hour earlier and they were all alive in their barn at his far in the western town of Qunfudha. The unnamed farmer had owned the sheep for years and they were his sole source of living for his family of 16. “Inspectors at the ministry of agriculture said they had taken samples from the dead sheep to determine the cause of their death,” the Arabic language daily Sabq said.”


Now this, 8 dogs drop dead in one hour on popular Yorkshire walking path. Though officials don’t know how or why, they suspect poison. Whether either of these two stories are wierd or have a normal explanation, it is a sad, sad thing that the animals suffer.

And now this, a talking monkey an African mob suspected of being a “witch” was killed.
“Animal welfare groups in South Africa have condemned the “barbaric” killing of a vervet monkey by a mob of township residents who said it was a talking witch. The monkey was beaten, pelted with stones, shot at and then doused with gas and burned to death in Kagiso near Johannesburg, by residents chanting “Kill that witch!”, reports South Africa’s Star newspaper. The vervet monkey had reportedly wandered into the township after becoming separated from its troop. Residents said the monkey had been going around Kagiso “talking to people,” and believed it was linked to witchcraft and would bring them bad luck.”



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