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How to tell if a teacher or preacher is not spiritual

By Elizabeth Prata

In Exodus 3:6, Moses was afraid to look at God. Hagar marveled that she had an encounter with God and was still living. (Genesis 16:13). Jacob said the same. (Genesis 32:30). But Beth Moore claims that Jesus tells her all sorts of things, calls her ‘Babe’, speaks so casually to her in all their informal chats, where she and God “had a blast.” No.

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The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom… and since people like Moore, not just celebrity preachers but many lay-people, have no fear, she lacks wisdom. Too many people have lost their fear of God for who He actually is and have lost their notion of how evil evil really is. Even have lost their definition of evil. Too many people think a Hitler-Holocaust level is the only evil. They think evil has to look black and be immediately recognizable. Saran is cleverer than that. He is the most subtle creature in the garden. He sends a smiling and seemingly kindly Joel Osteen to do his evil.

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