Theology Resume

By Elizabeth Prata

I think untrained folks can be excellent Bible teachers and preachers. You don’t have to have a bunch of letters after your name for the God of the Universe to have given a gift of teaching or preaching. However, I do take Titus 2 seriously and I believe some training is good and even warranted for most people at some point- especially preachers. So for those who are curious as to what gives me the basis for writing, teaching, or interpreting, aside from the normal illumination He gives everyone, and the spiritual gift the Holy Spirit has dispensed to me, (discernment and encouragement), here are the courses I’ve taken and where.

Theology resume

Crown College: Certificate in course Old Testament History and Interpretation (2015)

Ligonier: Certificate in course Justified by Faith Alone (2016)

Ligonier: Certificate in course Recovering the Beauty of the Arts (2016)

Ligonier: Certificate in course Do More Better (2017)

Ligonier: Certificate in course Understanding the Tabernacle (2018)

Ligonier: Certificate in course The Book of Job (2018)

Ligonier: Certificate in course Pilgrim’s Progress part 1 (2018)

Ligonier: Certificate in course Pilgrim’s Progress part 2 (2018)

Ligonier: Teaching series The Life & Thought of Jonathan Edwards (2020)

The Master’s Seminary/Institute for Christian Leadership: Sound Doctrine track. (2021). Four required courses:

  1. The Life of Christ
  2. Doctrine of Salvation
  3. Eschatology
  4. The Reformation

Institute for Christian Leadership: Christian Living track (2022) started. 5 Courses required.

  1. The Practice of Prayer
  2. Biblical Manhood & Womanhood