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Will you be trembling, or rejoicing?

By Elizabeth Prata

In Psalm 96:11-12 we read of the creation rejoicing,

Let the heavens be glad, and let the earth rejoice;
let the sea roar, and all that fills it;
let the field exult, and everything in it!
Then shall all the trees of the forest sing for joy

Creation is glad, rejoices, roars, exults, and sings!

One Psalm later in Psalm 97:2-5 we read, Continue reading “Will you be trembling, or rejoicing?”

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A Morning Filled with Gratitude

By Elizabeth Prata

I’m so grateful the Lord gave me His Son, His faith, His mind, His future, His eternity. I am grateful He knitted together a ministry for me to perform that is deeply satisfying. The past two days have been heavy with mental depth and research and writing and prayer. I’m exhausted, but today I have been deeply fulfilled with the recent work.

I’ve been forgiven of my sins, I’ve been washed by His blood, I’ve been given a hope and a future. I’ve been given a ministry. Life is so good. Continue reading “A Morning Filled with Gratitude”

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Beth Moore’s spiritual biography

By Elizabeth Prata

Yesterday I wrote an essay posing the question, ‘Has Beth Moore drifted, or was she always false?‘ In researching for that essay I came across some interesting items that helped me formulate the origins of her theology. I promised to write a follow-up essay noting these items, a spiritual biography, as it were. This is that essay. It’s long, as a biography should be. It is made long also because I used much scripture.

Beth Moore has had a long career writing and teaching Bible studies, speaking, traveling, and preaching. At age 63 as of this writing, she is slowing down with the traveling a bit but her popularity remains and her influence still reaches out globally. She is one of LifeWay’s most favored and money-making writers. As Annette Ard who works for Lifeway stated in 2018, “No one’s products provide as much revenue as Beth Moore’s.” Continue reading “Beth Moore’s spiritual biography”

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Has Beth Moore only recently drifted, or has she always been false?

By Elizabeth Prata

Follow up essay: Beth Moore’s Spiritual Biography

Answer: Beth Moore is a false teacher. She has always been false.

Who is Beth Moore?

Beth Moore is a Bible teacher based out of Houston. She is married with two grown children, and is a grandmother. Her company is called Living Proof Ministries, a tax-exempt corporation founded in November of 1995. She has written numerous Bible studies and one novel. Moore has a television program on the TBN channel, and also travels around the country teaching at Living Proof Live (LPL) weekends, two-day sessions that fill arenas with enthusiastic women. These LPL attendees are a unique crowd in that some are groupies who follow her from city to city. Others who don’t physically follow Moore from venue to venue but follow her online and her teachings, are fervent in their embracing not only of what Moore teaches but her entire persona. If Moore is critiqued negatively in any way, her followers defend her madly. Continue reading “Has Beth Moore only recently drifted, or has she always been false?”

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Anniversary of An Open Letter To Beth Moore

On June 18, 2019, the following Open Letter to Beth Moore was posted on mine and several other ladies’ blog sites. To date, Mrs Moore has chosen not to directly and clearly answer these very simple questions, questions that any Christian would have a ready answer to, but also ones the Bible says we should. (1 Peter 3:15, Colossians 4:6).

Continue reading “Anniversary of An Open Letter To Beth Moore”

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There is no love like that of Christ to and through His people

By Elizabeth Prata

One of my elders told me about a Jerry Bridges book that impacted him a lot, God Took Me by the Hand, so since I trust my elder greatly, I immediately put that book on my Amazon wish list. Then, a kind sister bought it for me, and it came today! Also came with it was The Glory of Grace: An Introduction to the Puritans in Their Own Words by Lewis Allen & Tim Chester. Continue reading “There is no love like that of Christ to and through His people”

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Womanly contentment vs. discontentment, advice from 1896

By Elizabeth Prata*

I was destined for great things, my mother promised. Women can do anything, my mother said. We should be feminists, my mother urged. Folks in our family are successful- entrepreneurs, professors, businessmen, doctors. So that was proof.

I was indeed on that trajectory when Christ interrupted my plans, humbled them, humbled me, and plucked me from the secular notion of success and began the long road of transforming my mind into acceptance of Christian success. Continue reading “Womanly contentment vs. discontentment, advice from 1896”

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ALONE: Day 4,380

By Elizabeth Prata

I’ve been watching the History Channel’s show on Hulu called “Alone.” It features survivalists dropped into remote lands with a backpack of approved 10 pieces of gear, some cameras, to see who lasts the longest. The prize $500,000. The difference with this show and other reality programs is that there is no production crew taking film of the proceedings. The contestants are given a variety of cameras, go through a two-week boot camp (to learn the cameras and also about the land they will be surviving) and then dropped. Alone. Continue reading “ALONE: Day 4,380”

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Two important additions to the church from two years ago, presciently presented and gracefully given

By Elizabeth Prata

This morning Pastor Josh Buice (@JoshBuice) wrote on Twitter,

Two years ago today, a group of us gathered in Dallas, TX to discuss the most dangerous movement to face Christ’s Church in the last 100+ years—#SocialJustice. Big Eva leaders denied such a movement exists. Nobody is questioning it today. Statement on Social Justice & The Gospel.

I agree. Ostrich-like myopia was the order of the day, with the refusals to see what was in front of them and fervent denials of the problem’s existence. But there thankfully were some who saw what was coming and were unafraid to openly confront it. The men who gathered in Dallas to discuss the issue and formulate the Statement  were men like Buice, Justin Peters, John MacArthur, Tom Ascol, James White, Phil Johnson, Tom Buck, Darrell Harrison, Voddie Baucham, Anthony Mathenia, Craig Mitchell, Michael O’Fallon. You know the names. All good and solid men the Lord raised up. They produced a statement of affirmations and denials regarding the encroaching issues of race and social justice, and I thank God for them and the resulting Statement. It was prescient in timing. Continue reading “Two important additions to the church from two years ago, presciently presented and gracefully given”

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On Giving Generously: Amazon Smile

By Elizabeth Prata

Do you know about Amazon Smile? You can tag your favorite charity and a small percentage of all your purchases at goes to that charity as a donation. It doesn’t cost you the customer anything extra. Here is the Amazon web page explaining how it works, but it’s really just that simple. The only thing you need to do is make sure when you shop at Amazon, it’s through I have mine set up as a bookmark. Continue reading “On Giving Generously: Amazon Smile”