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Modesty: what are the limits and what does scripture say?

By Elizabeth Prata

Usually the discussions about modesty come in late spring as the temps heat up and we enter the summer season peeling off some layers of clothes. When bathing suit season approaches, the discussions online often turn to the limits of skin being shown, where to obtain modest clothing, and what the Bible actually describes modesty as.

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Pop Tart

By Elizabeth Prata

The first task I do at school every day is to be at my station at opening bell, having unlocked the door so car riders can come in. I am to greet the students, by name if possible, and generally be pleasant and welcoming. By 7:10am the kids may already have been awakened dog-tired, fussed at, rushed, and generally hustled to the car so mama or daddy can get to work. My job is to be calm, smiling, and joyful to see them. I love this duty because I genuinely love seeing the kids come in. Each of them, every day.

They are so cute. The kids enter at different speeds, displaying different emotions, some shy and looking away from me, some shrinking against the wall, some literally bounding in.

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Introducing: ‘Country Preacher at Large’, David Miller

By Elizabeth Prata

When I plan to attend the National G3 Conference put on by Josh Buice and his church, Pray’s Mill Baptist, I eagerly look forward to the moment when lineup of speakers and their topics for preaching are published for the public. I usually know of most of the men slated to speak, I mean, how can you NOT know of Voddie Baucham, Paul Washer, John MacArthur and so on?

But there was one name this year with which I was not familiar – David Miller.

David Miller?

I was anticipating his sermon, it was on The Excellency of Christ. What a great theme for a sermon.

David Miller is an Arkansas pastor, now evangelist with Line Upon Line Ministries. I’d offer a website url or a Facebook page but there is little public or current about this ministry other than churches and organizations announcing that Brother Miller is set to speak at their event. Line Upon Line was founded in 1985 and since 1995 Miller has been evangelizing, speaking at various places in and around his home of Heber Springs Arkansas.

Here is Miller’s bio, from Tumbling Shoals Baptist Church, Line Upon Line’s partner in their joint endeavor, the Expository Preaching Conference (EPC). More about that in a moment. Here is a partial bio of Miller-

David Miller has been preaching for over 50 years. He has been in full-time evangelism since 1995 with Line Upon Line Ministries. He prefers the title “Country Preacher at Large.” He resides in Heber Springs, Arkansas, with Glenda, his wife of 50 years.”

Miller has suffered from a degenerative muscular disease called peroneal muscular atrophy. Miller is in a wheelchair and cannot hold a Bible. His work-around? Miller has memorized the Bible. He also memorizes his sermons.

The Baptist Press published a good story on Miller and the Expository Preaching Conference, here. The opening of this story is a huge encouragement-

In a quiet little town two miles north of Heber Springs, Ark., a church with a congregation of no more than 75 on an average Sunday morning has been providing training for pastors for the past 19 years. Through the Expository Preaching Conference (EPC), Tumbling Shoals Baptist Church has helped train more than 1,500 pastors in biblical preaching and ministry.

I’m always gladdened by the news that in various corners of the world, Jesus is raising up churches. He is raising up men. He is sustaining his elders who persevere in gracious joy. I mean, you know in your heart, He is. But what a joy to see the layers peeled back a bit and learn of new pockets of His remnant!

Not every preacher has opportunity to attend seminary. Yet many men are called to preach. The article on Miller further states,

"Many of the pastors who attend the EPC are not, and probably will not be, seminary-trained," said Brad Johnson, pastor of Tumbling Shoals Baptist, about the event held this past spring. He said the conference is "often the closest they will come to being formally educated in biblical preaching and ministry." The conference began in 1997 as the brainchild of Miller, who has preached expository sermons for 51 years. After serving as director of missions for Little Red River Association for 25 years, often counseling preachers on how to preach from the Bible, Miller retired in 1995 and began looking for another mission position to fill."

Miller calls himself “Country Preacher at Large”. He has the country accent, much gravitas, an understated delivery of the truths anchored in the word of God, and an arched wit. His precise understanding of the scriptures combined with his delivery make for a powerful listening experience.

At G3, Miller delivered the sermon, “The Excellency of Christ“. I was eager to hear this new voice, one of which I had not been aware. I trust the G3 ministry to properly vet who they will choose to platform, so my discernment radar was on low volume.

David Miller at the 2018 G3 Conference, video screen shot

And what a voice it was. During sermons or at conferences, especially one like G3, my spirit will connect in a major way with the Sprit in me. The Holy Spirit will use the words preached to convict my heart, awaken my conscience, expand my mind in knowledge and aroma of Christ, lead me in sanctification, all that and more that the Bible promises He will do when we revel in the Word. Mike Riccardi’s sermon on the Cleansing of the Leper plunged my mind into the depths of despair over my sin before raising me to see the glory of Christ as compassionate Savior of our sinful state.

Miller, though…David Miller! I heard, I rejoiced. For the rest of the day I never came down from the mountaintop of glorious words. Miller’s sermon knit a view of Christ in my mind that brought me over beams of light traveling back to before the universe began to glimpse the holy and loving intra-Trinitarian delight the Three Persons of the One God has in each other. I lay at Christ’s feet in the starry ether, alone, reveling in His excellency. I closed my minds’ eye to the bright glory evoked by the words he delivered. David Miller is an amazing preacher.

David Miller’s sermons are on SermonAudio. I am interested to listen to his Overview of the book of Ruth, for a start. There are videos of his sermons on Youtube as well, including his address at the 2018 G3 Conference.

Apart from your own pastor, if you are looking for a preacher to add to your list, David Miller is a good one to add. Isn’t it wonderful to see that the Lord is working among the Lampstands of heaven to persevere men all around the globe? That He is sustaining men, churches, ministries for the good and glory of His name? And Jesus will do so all the days until the consummation of His prophetic plan, when we will be united as one Bride, adoring our Groom, ‘up there’. Revelation 1:12-16 shows us our Lord, at work, curating his church, leading as Head of the Church. For he is El Roi, our God who sees.

Then I turned to see the voice that was speaking with me. And after turning I saw seven golden lampstands; and in the middle of the lampstands I saw one like a son of man, clothed in a robe reaching to the feet, and wrapped around the chest with a golden sash. His head and His hair were white like white wool, like snow; and His eyes were like a flame of fire. His feet were like burnished bronze when it has been heated to a glow in a furnace, and His voice was like the sound of many waters. In His right hand He held seven stars, and out of His mouth came a sharp two-edged sword; and His face was like the sun shining in its strength.

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Paul Washer with an admonishment to pastors

By Elizabeth Prata

Plagiarism is a plague in the church. Many pastors are not working out their sermons with fear and trembling under illumination of the Holy Spirit. They are reading other men’s sermons, reformatting, swapping out some words with synonyms and re-delivering the other man’s words to their churches as if they were their own. Or they take another guy’s sermon outlines and his structure and his flow, rename the sermon points, and pretend they crafted it together with their own brain and sweat and labor.

In no case did the preacher dig out truths the Spirit wanted him to pass to the local body. He didn’t spend time sweating and laboring and unearthing scriptural gems with the precise emphasis the Spirit wanted for this specific congregation to hear. The plagiarizing pastor just took the easy way out.


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Home from G3 Conference: Some photos

By Elizabeth Prata

I just posted a blog about my feelings after coming home from the national G3 Conference held in Atlanta for the last three days. (It was great!). Here are a few pics.

This was just a small portion of the 6500 strong audience. G3 has become one of the largest National Reformed Conferences in the world.

A couple of the gals I traveled with. The next generation is coming up just fine.

On the final day we got seats very close! This is Steven J. Lawson preaching the last message “The Light of Jesus’ Resurrection

Final Day Q&A. Scott Aniol, new Editor-in-Chief of the G3 Ministries, moderating. Next to him from left to right are Conrad Mbewe, James White, Virgil Walker, Darrell Harrison, Hensworth Jonas, Nathan Busenitz, and Phil Johnson

Some of the G3 vendors and sponsors give away books every day. With the exception of Andrew Rappaport’s “What Do They Believe?” which I bought, I got:

John MacArthur, one of the finest expositors of the last century and this, and one of my personal favorites, on the jumbotron. When we didn’t have seats closer, we could see very well on one of the hanging screens.

Another gorgeous sunrise over the city of Atlanta. We were blessed with perfect weather

no filter

View from our hotel hallway

Leaving this afternoon to come home and back to reality. But we know it’s Jesus’ reality, the best one!

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Home from G3 Conference: A Report

By Elizabeth Prata

*Podcast player at bottom. Some photos of the event and the city of Atlanta, here

Jesus is my compass rose, my true North, my unchanging star…He is the WAY.

I arrived home from three days in Atlanta for the G3 Conference. The three G’s stand for Gospel-Grace-Glory. The emphasis is on Reformed expositional preaching from some of the most credible men in the faith, doctrinally solid worship music, and fellowship. The aim and goal of the conference founder and organizer, Josh Buice, and his congregation at Pray’s Mill Baptist Church in Douglasville GA is to bring back the teaching and reignition to our local churches, which are the most important. ‘Conferences are nice, they are good, but the local church is paramount,’ Buice said.

It’s very hard to describe the event in emotional terms. I can offer you the schedule, which is aggressive. They keep us moving. It’s morning till night, and they start on time. I can list the speakers, ones like John MacArthur, Paul Washer, Voddie Baucham, Conrad Mbewe, Steve Lawson, James White, and many, many others of that caliber. I can tell you of the luxurious hotel attached the venue we stayed in with city views and valet parking; and of the venue itself, also very nice especially if you’re going to spend 9-10 hours a day in it. It was a joy to meet so many Twitter and Facebook friends. I enjoyed our conversations, whether they were long and deep, or were short hello’s and quick hugs as we passed each other among the exhibitor booths.

But how do I articulate the convictions of conscience from the preaching of the scriptures, the tears for the lost we mourned, the concern for missionaries we heard in reports, the skill of the preachers bringing us to the throne and back, to the depths of the pigpen of our sin and back, the glories of the Triune God exalted? How do I encapsulate the awe we felt for God in lifting up these men preach for decades, one of whom recently went to jail for the privilege of bringing the Gospel to his congregation? How do I tell of the joy of 6500 voices strong, singing praises to God, united of heart and purpose, which was to see God glorified?

I can’t.

It’s just in my heart. Whatever reactions I have are being knit to other tendrils of the faith that the Spirit in me will eventually grow into a redeemed, future glorified tapestry of good works done in His name. He will cultivate knowledge that is the fragrance of Him and flow from me to the aroma of life to life. I don’t know what the Spirit is doing in my heart with this gush of Gospel preaching nor with the sterling truths swirling in my brain. I just know that after 16 sermons, three days of fellowship, music, and intimacy with Christ, of gazing upon Him with intent love, my heart is full.

EPrata photo

Tribulation Inflation- I’m beginning to see how easily it can happen The End Time Blog Podcast

Rome wasn’t built in a day and it didn’t collapse in a day. The Roman Republic lasted a bit more than 500 years, one of the best examples of a representative democracy the world has seen. However, when the first emperor came in it spelled their doom. When the city was a Republic the people were supposedly sovereign, but then it became an Empire with a dictator who thought he was a god. Corruption, moral decay, and judicial rot subsequently infected the Empire and it became an unwieldy, lumbering, ripe-for-sacking has-been. Will that happen to the United States? Yes. In this episode, I explore how it might go down. This episode is also available as a blog post:
  1. Tribulation Inflation- I’m beginning to see how easily it can happen
  2. The Permanence of an Electrolux, and waste
  3. Report back: Apologetics Live interview & list of women’s ministries
  4. Dis/Contentment in your life and how to overcome it
  5. This woman spoke volumes by not speaking
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Scenes and quotes from G3 2021

By Elizabeth Prata

I am currently attending the national G3 Conference. G3 stands for Gospel-Glory-Grace. It was founded by Josh Buice (pronounced Bice rhymes with nice) pastor of Pray’s Mill Baptist Church in Georgia. It has grown to be one of the largest Christian evangelical conferences in the world.

This year almost 6500 people are attending, from all 50 states and several countries. The lineup of speakers is unlike any other I’ve even seen, even rivaling the stellar lineup the Shepherd’s Conference held in California at John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church. Top-flight speakers with a clean track record theologically and morally are presenting on the topic of Christ.

That’s it- Christ. No fluff, no themes, simply three days of firehose theology on Christ from high-end, preachers who have preached and taught for decades without swerving and who have o moral or theological blot. Ahhh.

I’ve already benefited from the preaching, having been inspired by Joel Beeke’s preaching topic of our union in Heaven with Christ. His deep dive into our marriage with Him in eternity, where we will never shift our gaze from Him again, was terrific. So was his announcement of an upcoming 5-min family devotional for 4-9 year olds based on Genesis. More on that in upcoming days.

Here are scenes from Atlanta, a beautiful city where the conference is held, with some quotes from the speakers interspersed. I don’t have photos of people attending because I forgot my camera (can you BELIEVE it?!). The pics are ones I took with my friend’s phone on drive in and the walk over to the venue.

Approaching our hotel.

“In heaven, our faith becomes sight- of Jesus.” ~Joel Beeke. The Utopian Marriage with Christ in Heaven

Lots of trees in Atlanta

“It will be impossible to be unChristlike.” Joel Beeke. The Utopian Marriage with Christ in Heaven

A Park we passed by, live jazz music was playing

“The martyrs under the altar don’t sing of joy or of praise or of mercy. They cry out, longing for justice.” ~Owen Strachan. Christ as Eternal Judge

The Centennial Park Ferris Wheel at sunrise (taken though a double paned window)

“God holds evildoers to account.” Owen Strachan. Christ as Eternal Judge

“If you want to see the sovereignty of God and the responsibility of man mesh together, look to the cross.” ~Steve Lawson, The Darkness of Golgotha

“Delayed obedience is disobedience.” ~Steve Lawson, The Darkness of Golgotha

A quarter of the audience. Packed to the max

“It is finished.’ Please note, Jesus did not say ‘I am finished’.” ~Steve Lawson, The Darkness of Golgotha.

Mosaic at the hotel lobby

“Isaiah 53 is a masterpiece of divine revelation and the providence of God” John MacArthur, The Suffering Servant

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Prata Potpourri: Show Me The Father review, Lyrical Encouragement, God Gave this to Me, KJV language, more

By Elizabeth Prata

School year 2019 was hard, and 2020 was as well. But this year is harder, we all think so, and we can’t figure out why. We’re stressed, sometimes feel defeated, we crawl toward Friday. God is graceful in allowing me to go to #G32021. I need Christ so badly, hearing about him for 3 days straight, ahh. I plan to blog Thursday and Friday, but my plans may go awry if the internet service at the place we’re staying is too slow, or I’m too tired. Well see. 😉

Here are some links you may be interested in:

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Critical Race Theory’s next step: “Cultural Humility”

By Elizabeth Prata


Are you culturally humble? If not, and you’re an employee of the city of Atlanta, you soon will be.

I am headed to the G3 Conference in Atlanta in a few days, so I was googling around to see what the Atlanta ordinances were regarding COVID, and also just researching the city. While Googling, I found this headline from September 21, 2021, which intrigued me in all the bad ways.

Atlanta City Council to require LGBTQ humility training for all city employees

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