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Swarm of Earthquakes Rattles Rural Alabama, Reason Unclear, scientists "befuddled"; & other news

I love reading about earth changes and natural disasters. It isn’t a morbid interest, I hope. It’s based on my love for Genesis 1-3 and Revelation, my two favorite books in the bible. I love how they perfectly bookend one another. The Creation and the Uncreation. The earth was created by the Lord with a word and that alone is worth pondering for 3 or 50 years. And the Lord at His timing demonstrates He is in charge of it. The sun stands still, the earth opens and swallows Korah, Mt Zion quakes with peals of thunder and a glory cloud…that He can and does what He likes with His earth and universe is of endless fascination to me.

From the Flood in Old Testament times to today He still does what He likes with it, either directly or allowing satan who is the god of this world to perform his deeds within God-prescribed limits. The sovereignty of God is on display when the sun shines and flowers bloom or when floods come and people die. When events like these happen it makes me thankful to be alive and in a place where He has not yet deemed a tragedy to be performed. It also makes me remember that this earth is temporary. God will melt it and create a new one someday. (2 Peter 3:10).

Swarm of Earthquakes Rattles Rural Alabama; Reason Unclear
EUTAW, Ala. — Jun 13, 2015, 8:53 AM ET
By JAY REEVES Associated Press

Jim Sterling didn’t know what had hit his 156-year-old antebellum home when an earthquake struck Alabama’s old plantation region early one morning last November. Startled, he grabbed a gun and ran outdoors. In the pre-dawn chill, Sterling said, he found an odd scene: horses were galloping, cows mooing and dogs barking. “I heard a boom and felt the shaking,” Sterling said. “It really upset me.” More than a dozen weak earthquakes have followed in the seven months since in west Alabama’s rural Greene County, and geologists are trying to figure out what is causing the seismic swarm in an area of the South more prone to tornadoes than earthquakes.

Swarm of earthquakes rattles old plantation area of Alabama, leaving seismic experts befuddled

Experts are trying to figure out what’s behind a string of weak earthquakes in rural western Alabama. Records from the U.S. Geological Survey show 14 quakes have occurred since Nov. 20 in Alabama’s Greene County, west of Tuscaloosa.

“Befuddled” lol.

Sinabung Volcano is in Northern Sumatra, Indonesia. It was dormant for 400 years then suddenly roared back to life 5 years ago.

Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung Unleashes New Powerful Burst

A volcano in western Indonesia unleashed a new powerful burst high into the sky on Saturday, sending hot ash far down the mountain’s slopes, an official said. Authorities have been closely monitoring 2,460-meter (8,070-foot) -high Mount Sinabung on Sumatra, one of Indonesia’s main islands, since June 2, when its status was raised to the highest alert level due to the growing size of its lava dome. Hot ash tumbled down the slopes of the mountain as far as 3 kilometers (2 miles) southeastward on Saturday, said Wendy Cahya, an official at the mountain’s monitoring post. No injuries were reported from the latest eruption, he said. … The volcano has sporadically erupted since 2010, after being dormant for 400 years. An eruption last year killed at least 17 people.

For the last two weeks, Texas floods. Texas hail. Texas tornadoes. Texas earthquakes. Texas ebola. Texas explosives. Texas can’t seem to catch a break. And it’s not ending. This is from today:

Flash Flood Watch extended for southeast Houston, some areas have received 5 inches already

A series of storms have moved through the southern part of the Houston metro area this morning, and three to five inches of rain have fallen from Santa Fe to Clear Lake.

Floodwater flows past the top of a sign along a bike path
near Memorial Drive in Houston, Texas, on May 26, 2015.
Aaron M. Sprecher / AFP / Getty Images. Source

May rainfall most ever in United States, especially OK and TX

In some areas of the United States, the rain in May must have felt like it was coming down in biblical proportions. Perhaps it wasn’t quite that much, but it did fall in dramatic totals in 20 states and for the country as a whole, U.S. officials said this week. In 121 years of record keeping, never had an average of 4.36 inches of precipitation fallen on the contiguous United States. The number was 1.45 inches above the long-term average for the months, the National Centers for Environmental Information said. It beat the old mark by .07 inches. Three states — Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas — set record totals for rainfall in May. In Oklahoma and Texas, where flooding killed dozens, precipitation was almost two times the average and the most in any month ever.

Last week I began to see friends on Twitter remark that it was raining. These friends were in Arizona. Some were saying that never have they seen rain in June in 25 or 50 years of living there. Sure enough, rain in Phoenix was “quite unusual.”

Phoenix sets June 5 rainfall record

Friday’s rainfall was the first in 100 years that there has been any rain on June 5. The National Weather Service says the downpour was quite unusual. “It’s rare because it’s a dry time of the year, May and June for Phoenix are the driest months of the year on average, the average rainfall for June for Phoenix is two hundredths of an inch,” said Charlotte Dewey.

Meanwhile, California is in the worst drought in 1,200 years.

State Rep Suggests Abortion Is To Blame For California Drought

Scientists are still exploring the causes of California’s historic drought, but one local lawmaker thinks it might all come down to one thing: God’s wrath over abortion. While speaking at the California ProLife Legislative Banquet last week, California Assemblywoman Shannon Grove (R) suggested a theory that the state’s worst drought in 1,200 years may be divine retribution for California providing women with access to abortions, RH Reality Check reported. … “I believe –and most Americans believe –that God’s hand is in the affairs of man, and certainly was in the formation of this country,” she wrote. “Is this drought caused by God? Nobody knows. But biblical history shows a consequence to man’s actions.”

Well, she’s not wrong. We can’t say for sure whether this particular action or that action has a direct causal link, because we do not know the mind of God on any specific matter. But we do know His character, His promises, and the consequences of sin in a dying world. We also know His sovereignty.

One drought we know for sure will have a direct cause and will be from the promise of God will be the three-year drought during the Tribulation. Revelation 11:6 says the Two unnamed Witnesses “…have the power to shut the sky, that no rain may fall during the days of their prophesying, and they have power over the waters to turn them into blood and to strike the earth with every kind of plague, as often as they desire.”

The headlines certainly use descriptive language…pummel, torment, copious…

Hail and flooding rains pummel Colorado

Severe thunderstorms brought flash flooding and copious amounts of hail to many areas of southern Colorado Thursday, and more rain is in the forecast Friday.

Baseball-Sized Hail, Tornados Torment Simla, Colorado

The town of Simla, Colorado, 65 miles southeast of Denver, experienced extreme weather that damaged property but caused no injuries.

I read that a truck carrying piglets crashed and 2,200 piglets ran away squealing into the woods. It reminded me of the demons that Jesus confronted and begged to be put into the herd of pigs instead of being sent to the abyss. They all ran hurtling down the embankment into the lake and drowned. These pigs weren’t headed to the abyss but to the abattoir. They rounded up as many as they could and have set traps for the remaining piglets at large.

I don’t know if trucks crashing was then on my mind or what, but suddenly for a week it seemed like trucks hauling freight were crashing all over the place.

Truck Spills Foul Chicken Guts in Alabama, Raises a Stink

Sticky Situation: Tanker Truck Overturns in NJ, Spilling Maple Syrup on Highway Ramp

Overturned truck spills load of spuds along Capital Beltway

Cattle truck spills clog Oklahoma highways with livestock

Well, that’s just a bit of news from my warped perspective, lol. I hope the weather is pleasant wherever you are and that no truck crashes in your neighborhood spilling out anything smelly, squealing, or sticky. We are due to have some high heat here in Georgia in upcoming days and summer is settling in. Stay cool, stay relaxed, and stay in the Word.

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Brawley, Southern California quake swarm update

Earthquakes continue to shake the south end of the Salton Sea late Sunday in a seismic swarm that experts say is seen only twice a decade. “Our system is choking on so many earthquakes,” she continued. “This area of California is deep soils, and we do not get as precise data as we do over the rest of the state, and that makes our data a little less precise.” The scientist went on to say that it is all perfectly normal, it actually is a “classic swarm.”

But the scientist below in a different article said they don’t understand why these swarms come and go, or in this article, why the faults act differently north of LA than they do south of the Salton Sea.

Earthquake swarm puts California areas on edge
“A magnitude-4.2 earthquake rattled communities 100 miles east of San Diego on Monday night, despite observations from earthquake experts that a series of small to moderate earthquakes seemed to be slowing down and getting smaller in magnitude. … The seismic activity is not unusual, but scientists have puzzled over the cause. The last significant swarm occurred in 2005, when a thousand quakes, the largest at magnitude-5.1, shook the south shore of the Salton Sea. In 1981, a cluster of quakes hit a region five miles to the northwest of Sunday’s sequence, with the largest measuring a magnitude-5.8. The region was very active in the 1960s and 1970s.”

“They seem to light up and turn off for reasons we don’t understand,” USGS seismologist Susan Hough said.”

Photo Caption: El Sol Market on Main Street in Brawley, Calif., was hit hard by the earthquakes that hit throughout Sunday, Aug. 26, 2012- AP Photo/Imperial Valley Press, Brandy Ronek.

Every day we have a perplexed scientist roaming around his office with his hands in his hair, saying, “I just don’t understand.” Do a search for ‘perplexes scientists’ like I did. I got these results, some from this month and some from earlier in this year:

  • Surge in Squid Perplexes Scientists 
  • Mysterious black hole type perplexes, bewilders
  • Mysterious nodding head disease afflicts young Ugandans, perplexes scientists and residents
  • Strange gamma-ray objects perplex scientists
  • Dozens of Stranded Dolphins on Cape Cod Shores Perplex Rescuers

This perplexity of not understanding why there is suddenly a difference in regular planetary orbits, anomalies in weather cycles, earthquakes in diverse places, and odd behaviors of man and animal will only increase. Luke tells us,

“And there will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth distress of nations in perplexity because of the roaring of the sea and the waves,” (Luke 21:25).

The sea and waves roaring is not meant to be understood literally but as an image of the peoples in great distress and yelling in uproar as calamity after calamity rushes down on them like waves crashing upon the sand. The same metaphor is also used in Isaiah 8:7-8, and Revelation 18:15.

The word perplexity is from the Greek aporeo, and it means “at wit’s end, at a loss, in difficulties, perplexed.” These occurrences where no one can figure out why they are happening will only become more difficult to figure out…until they are all at their wit’s end and at a loss.

Meanwhile the quake swarm at Brawley continues. The Imperial Valley Press reported yesterday, Brawley acts fast as quakes roll. San Diego Union-Tribune reports, “Schools are closed and residents of Brawley are being asked to conserve water as the town of 25,000 people braces Monday for what could be more earthquakes following a Sunday filled with some serious shaking.”

That’s our Lord, some serious shaking, before the judgment. Will you listen? He loves you, and wants you to come to repentance.

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UPDATED-Quake swarm hits Southern California: 42 and counting

Updated to include Weather Channel overview of the day, and a video. It’s at bottom.
California border hit by earthquake swarm

There are 37 42 54 quakes on the swarm as of now, 4:00pm EST 4:09 4:46 Sunday. The quakes in bold are above 4.0 magnitude. (Any quake above 6.0 is listed in red.) Info from USGS page listing all quakes in the last 7 days above 2.5. Note: in the 8 minutes it took to put together this blog entry, five more quakes happened.

UPDATE: “99 earthquakes so far today in southern California, incl. a 5.3 and 5.5 earlier this afternoon and seven others mag 4+. No injuries.”

Home video of one of the quakes:

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Scientists studying unusual quake swarm in SoCal

Here is the news about a quake cluster currently afflicting Southern California.

About 30 earthquakes strike in Southern California ‘sequence’
“A cluster of earthquakes that began Tuesday night continued Wednesday in northern Orange County, keeping residents on edge but causing little significant damage. … This is all part of the same earthquake sequence; they’re all in the same area,” Hutton told reporters at the briefing, which was televised by several TV stations. Experts said more aftershocks are likely. “It shook us pretty good. We’ve felt earthquakes before so it came as no surprise,” said Chris Nordyke, director of marketing at the Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace in Yorba Linda.”

Southern Calif. shakes from small earthquakes
“Southern California was shaken Wednesday by the second moderate but widely felt earthquake in less than 11 hours, but no harm was reported. … It was a decent sized shake and it’s a reminder for everyone to have a plan for the Big One,” said Stone. “How would you and your family survive for 72 hours with no water, no food and no amenities? Think about it. It’s a reminder to go home and say, ‘What if?’ and make that plan.”

Making Sense of Earthquake Clusters

“In some cases, one earthquake reduces the probability of subsequent earthquakes; while in other cases, one earthquake might trigger other earthquakes, causing earthquake clusters. The difficulty for scientists, insurers and catastrophe modelers is in understanding the patterns. It is known that a big earthquake releases stress on the fault segment where the rupture occurs. Therefore, on the same fault, the probability of another  earthquake has reduced greatly. In contrast, if a fault has not ruptured for a long time, the stress will  accumulate and thus increase the probability of a quake. This phenomenon is known as earthquake time dependency, which means that the probability of the next earthquake is dependent on the time and magnitude of the last earthquake on the same fault. On the surface, earthquake clusters seem to be contrary to the theory of earthquake time dependency. If the stress is released, why would an earthquake trigger another? In fact, although the stress is released in the segment near the rupture, it can actually increase in other areas. In addition, if the precedent earthquake is small and unable to release the majority of stress on the fault, a subsequent earthquake can happen.” (source .pdf)

The scientists are studying this swarm. While they insist the swarm/cluster is far from extraordinary, they admit that a cluster like this has not happened for a few years.

Seismologists studying swarm of earthquakes in Southern California
“At a news conference Wednesday morning, Kate Hutton of the U.S. Geological Survey at Caltech said there had been at least 30 quakes since Tuesday night, but only three could be felt by residents. She said officials are studying the quakes to understand whether it was a swarm or some other type of pattern. “This is all part of the same earthquake sequence; they’re all in the same area,” Hutton told reporters at the briefing. “We haven’t had anything in the L.A. Basin in the last few years, but that doesn’t mean we’re totally quiet, and we certainly have been active in the southern part of the state,” she added.’

The scientists always minimize the potential or the situation or the effects…I suppose it is their job so as not to cause panic. But if they are studying it so swiftly then that’s something to note.

In the Tribulation, earthquakes will happen that no man has ever seen before. There will be the usual kind, just more of them that cause damage, and like birth pangs, one after another until there is overlap and one long bout of pain.

But then there will be other quakes, ‘mega quakes’ that destroy mountains, divide cities. The Greek word really is megas, meaning mega, or very large in the widest sense. It is used in the verse below to describe the last earthquake:

In Revelation 16:18-12 we read,

“And there were flashes of lightning, rumblings, peals of thunder, and a great earthquake (megas seismos) such as there had never been since man was on the earth, so great was that earthquake. The great city was split into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell, and God remembered Babylon the great, to make her drain the cup of the wine of the fury of his wrath. And every island fled away, and no mountains were to be found.”

That verse recounts the final judgment, when the angel pours out this one he says “It is done!” It is the seventh bowl, the last of the series of promised judgments. (7 Seals, 7 Trumpets, 7 Bowls).

Between the quakes of today to that last mega-quake of Revelation 16, earthquakes will only increase in frequency and intensity. Scientists can study them all they want, but by that last quake of human history, the only data that will matter is, are you saved by the blood of Jesus? Is your soul redeemed by the precious one who shed His blood for you?

As a matter of fact, it is the only data that matters now. Quakes aren’t going to subside, go away, or be only minor in intensity. They will increase until the Lord returns. The unnerving thing is not to know when the next quake will occur, but as a Christian, you know they will and more often, too. Non-Christians will wonder what’s going on but be just as surprised by the arrival of the earth-shattering commotion that we know as earthquakes as they will be by the earth and heaven shattering event and commotion that Jesus’s Second Coming will entail. Don’t be surprised. Accept Jesus as savior now, read the bible to see what’s ahead. What’s ahead for the Christian are blessings untold, the primary one being Jesus Himself.

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Finishing my random dribs and drabs

Remember this week I posted about a mystery bubble cloud that freaked out the Beijing people who had witnessed it? It turns out a similar cloud had occurred over Hawaii in March and it started making the rounds on the internet in June. The astronomical observatory atop Mauna Kea caught it.

Some have proposed that it is atmospheric effect from an intercontinental ballistic missile’s fuel ejection. Others, that it is the remnant of a failing satellite crashing to earth. Who knows? That would make a lot of missiles being launched, though, if you ask me.

Did you know that there is an earthquake swarm going in in West Bohemia? It is at the German-Czech border and “the activity started in the evening of 23 August and is almost continuous till now. Almost 10,000 events were recorded in total up to now.  Already six Mgt 3.0 events and hundreds of Mgt 2.0 events occurred. To see location of epicenters visit the page “Map of actual earthquakes“.

And there is also a swarm going on in the Canary Islands, by the way, where the piece of land is hanging by a thread and if it slides into the sea the resulting tsunami could wipe out the east coast. I am not making this up, nor is it a conspiracy. It happened before. El Hierro reports, “The volcanic activity, principally at the convergence of the three ridges, resulted in the continual expansion of the island. A mere 50,000 years ago, as a result of seismic tremors which produced massive landslides, a giant piece of the island cracked off, crashed down into the ocean and scattered along the seabed. This landslide of more than 300km3 gave rise to the impressive amphitheatre of the El Golfo valley and at the same time caused a tsunami that most likely rose over 100 metres high and probably reached as far as the American coast.”

Maybe this is one of the ways that the prophecy “And all the islands flee away” will come true. (Rev 6:14; Rev 16:20)

620 Earthquakes Recorded On El Hierro In The Canary Islands
“The Canary Islands Government has said it is monitoring an earthquake swarm on the small island of El Hierro where in excess of 620 tremors of low magnitude have been recorded in the past week. Earthquakes, measuring between 1 and 3 on the Richter Scale, continued on Monday and more have been registered again on Tuesday. The majority of earthquakes are being recorded at a depth of between 5km and 15 km. The Ministry of Economy, Finance and Government Security Canary has convened the first ever meeting of the Steering Committee and Volcanic Monitoring, reflected in the Specific Plan Protection Civil and Emergency for Volcanic Risk, given what it described “the significant increase in seismic activity”. A statement (translated from Spanish) issued following the meeting outlined: “This committee met (Friday) at the headquarters of the Directorate General Security and Emergency Tenerife, established after the assessment of information gathered from seismic and volcanological last July 17 by the National Geographic Institute (IGN) and Volcanological Institute of the Canary Islands, the situation is total normal for the green light for the information population, activating mechanisms for monitoring and oversight needed to coordinate the actions of self civil population and information contained in the Plan.” “According to data provided by the seismic monitoring station IGN’s located in Valverde, one can conclude that from the noon on July 17 there has been a significant increase of low magnitude seismic activity in the municipality of Border of the island of El Hierro.”

Huge waves are hitting the coast of California. This happens a lot, lol. What makes this series of storm waves from New Zealand unusual is that the waves are in the top ten percent of wave heights for his particular kind of weather system. “Collins said southern hemisphere storms routinely produced waves in California, but this latest one was in the top 10 percent of known waves.”

One surfer has already been killed. This news article shows a map of where the most dangerous waves and rip tides are occurring.

In ominous news, “Iran’s nuclear plant connects to electric grid, the country says“.
Iran says its Bushehr nuclear power plant is now online, making it the first Middle Eastern country to produce commercial electricity from atomic reactors. … “The announcement comes just two days after an IAEA report said Iran continues to defy U.N. resolutions aimed at curbing its nuclear program and cited increasing concerns it may be developing nuclear weapons.”

So Iran is finally nuclear. Not good.

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Earthquake swarm in … Arkansas?

There is an UPDATE to this story, here. Thanks for reading 🙂

Nothing much happens in Guy Arkansas, pop. 549. That is, until last Monday, when the ground began shaking under the residents’ feet. The town, just 50 miles north of Little Rock, has been enduring an earthquake swarm and the dozens of constant earthquakes have been more than unsettling to the people who live there. “People don’t like the ground to move under their feet,” he said. “And I don’t blame them,” said Gary Ausbrooks of the Arkansas Geological Survey.

“Earthquake swarms are events where a local area experiences sequences of many striking in a relatively short period of time. The length of time used to define the swarm itself varies, but the points out that an event may be on the order of days, weeks, or months. They are differentiated from earthquakes succeeded by a series of by the observation that no single earthquake in the sequence is obviously the main shock. Earthquake swarms are one of the events typically preceding eruptions of volcanoes.” (Source)

It reminds me of the story of the only volcano to be born in the modern era. Paricutin, the Hill of Fire volcano was born in a Mexican farmer’s field as he was plowing corn, and in just a few short days the volcano had grown to many hundreds of feet and was constantly spewing lava. The whole town was soon covered with ash and lava, and the locals were relocated.

In this case, the swarm is reminding people of the nearby New Madrid Fault. “The New Madrid fault system was responsible for the 1811–1812 New Madrid earthquakes and may have the potential to produce large earthquakes in the future. At New Madrid, trees were knocked down and riverbanks collapsed. This event shook windows and furniture in Washington, D.C., rang bells in Richmond, Virginia, sloshed well water and shook houses in Charleston, South Carolina, and knocked plaster off of houses in Columbia, South Carolina. In Jefferson, Indiana, furniture moved and in Lebanon, Ohio, residents fled their homes. Observers in Herculaneum, Missouri, called it “severe” and claimed it had a duration of 10–12 minutes.” Earthquakes that occur there potentially threaten parts of seven U.S. states: Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi. The map below shows Damage-range comparison between a moderate New Madrid zone earthquake (1895, magnitude 6.8), and a similar Los Angeles event (1994, magnitude 6.7). And the 1811-12 quake shook Memphis at a level NINE.

Here are a few of the news clips about this swarm. Some of the clips were published a few days ago, so the news by now (Friday evening, 15th Oct) will be superseded by new numbers. There are a few statements I’d like to focus on below, for the end time context.

48 earthquakes rock Faulkner County
Faulkner County residents had a shaky start to their Monday morning as a 4.0-magnitude earthquake rattled throughout the county. The quake, which occurred at 8:33 a.m. and was centered two miles southeast of Guy, was just one of 48 earthquakes reported since Wednesday afternoon.  According to Shelia Maxwell with the Faulkner County Office of Emergency Management, the U.S. Geological Survey is looking into the recent earthquake activity in the area. “We’re having them (earthquakes) in places we’ve never had them before,” Maxwell said. “The USGS is looking into why we’re having them and why there have been so many.”

3 days ago, “Activity centered near Guy
Coker says, “This is my home. And I feel like my home has been invaded. And not only that, but I feel that since we are taking advantage of mother Earth, she’s beginning to fight back. And I really don’t think we’ll like the consequences.”

Earthquake swarm rattled Guy Arkansas residents
“A string of small earthquakes has rattled people in Guy. The most recent hit Thursday, a 3.5 according to the Arkansas Geological Survey. But it started Monday with a 4.0 and the shaking hasn’t stopped since. “It’s unsettling. People don’t like the ground to move under their feet,” said Scott Ausbrooks, a geohazard supervisor with the state survey.”

The first news clip above quoted the Emergency Management Agency and USGS as saying that they had not had such activity in their area like this before. HMMM.

The woman whose property many of the  quakes are centered under says that ‘Mother Nature’ is “fighting back.” She is noticing something we are all noticing, that ‘natural disasters’ and like-events are increasing, and also that we are in a fight. She’s right, but it’s not Mother Nature that is doing the fighting. And that is the crux of the end time problem: a Godless society.

Last, the man quoted in the third clip said that it is unsettling. It certainly must be unsettling. Constant earthquakes are unsettling, the very ground under your feet that seems so solid…isn’t.

Jesus said that there will be earthquakes in diverse places in Matthew 24:7 as a sign of the end of the age. He was speaking about the Tribulation and answering a question from three of His closest disciples as to the signs of the end of days. Jesus’ response pointed to the Tribulation, which we will not be around to endure, since we are not appointed to wrath. (1 Thess 5:9; Rev 6:16)

However He said that the end of days will be like birth pangs (Mt 24:8) and that means the events start slow and build up. I call the events we are seeing now precursors to the judgments the world will experience during the tribulation (the 7 years set aside to judge an unbelieving world). I always take note of statements by credible officials such as  “We’re having them (earthquakes) in places we’ve never had them before,” and “The USGS is looking into why we’re having them and why there have been so many.” Which simply means the officials have never seen this kind of activity previously and they don’t know why it’s happening now.

We know why it is happening now. Jesus is coming soon. Nations that mock Him, turn away from His laws, and wallow in sin get judged. He said He would warn us, and He said then He would judge us. He sent an angel to Daniel to explain what was coming, and their conversation is recorded in Daniel 9: and in verse 24 the angel explains the length of time for the judgment, the reasons for it and what will happen: “Seventy ‘sevens’ are decreed for your people and your holy city to finish transgression, to put an end to sin, to atone for wickedness, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal up vision and prophecy and to anoint the most holy.”

Believers should be looking up pretty well constantly nowadays. You can almost hear the indrawn breath of the Trumpet blower