Earthquake swarm in … Arkansas?

There is an UPDATE to this story, here. Thanks for reading 🙂

Nothing much happens in Guy Arkansas, pop. 549. That is, until last Monday, when the ground began shaking under the residents’ feet. The town, just 50 miles north of Little Rock, has been enduring an earthquake swarm and the dozens of constant earthquakes have been more than unsettling to the people who live there. “People don’t like the ground to move under their feet,” he said. “And I don’t blame them,” said Gary Ausbrooks of the Arkansas Geological Survey.

“Earthquake swarms are events where a local area experiences sequences of many striking in a relatively short period of time. The length of time used to define the swarm itself varies, but the points out that an event may be on the order of days, weeks, or months. They are differentiated from earthquakes succeeded by a series of by the observation that no single earthquake in the sequence is obviously the main shock. Earthquake swarms are one of the events typically preceding eruptions of volcanoes.” (Source)

It reminds me of the story of the only volcano to be born in the modern era. Paricutin, the Hill of Fire volcano was born in a Mexican farmer’s field as he was plowing corn, and in just a few short days the volcano had grown to many hundreds of feet and was constantly spewing lava. The whole town was soon covered with ash and lava, and the locals were relocated.

In this case, the swarm is reminding people of the nearby New Madrid Fault. “The New Madrid fault system was responsible for the 1811–1812 New Madrid earthquakes and may have the potential to produce large earthquakes in the future. At New Madrid, trees were knocked down and riverbanks collapsed. This event shook windows and furniture in Washington, D.C., rang bells in Richmond, Virginia, sloshed well water and shook houses in Charleston, South Carolina, and knocked plaster off of houses in Columbia, South Carolina. In Jefferson, Indiana, furniture moved and in Lebanon, Ohio, residents fled their homes. Observers in Herculaneum, Missouri, called it “severe” and claimed it had a duration of 10–12 minutes.” Earthquakes that occur there potentially threaten parts of seven U.S. states: Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi. The map below shows Damage-range comparison between a moderate New Madrid zone earthquake (1895, magnitude 6.8), and a similar Los Angeles event (1994, magnitude 6.7). And the 1811-12 quake shook Memphis at a level NINE.

Here are a few of the news clips about this swarm. Some of the clips were published a few days ago, so the news by now (Friday evening, 15th Oct) will be superseded by new numbers. There are a few statements I’d like to focus on below, for the end time context.

48 earthquakes rock Faulkner County
Faulkner County residents had a shaky start to their Monday morning as a 4.0-magnitude earthquake rattled throughout the county. The quake, which occurred at 8:33 a.m. and was centered two miles southeast of Guy, was just one of 48 earthquakes reported since Wednesday afternoon.  According to Shelia Maxwell with the Faulkner County Office of Emergency Management, the U.S. Geological Survey is looking into the recent earthquake activity in the area. “We’re having them (earthquakes) in places we’ve never had them before,” Maxwell said. “The USGS is looking into why we’re having them and why there have been so many.”

3 days ago, “Activity centered near Guy
Coker says, “This is my home. And I feel like my home has been invaded. And not only that, but I feel that since we are taking advantage of mother Earth, she’s beginning to fight back. And I really don’t think we’ll like the consequences.”

Earthquake swarm rattled Guy Arkansas residents
“A string of small earthquakes has rattled people in Guy. The most recent hit Thursday, a 3.5 according to the Arkansas Geological Survey. But it started Monday with a 4.0 and the shaking hasn’t stopped since. “It’s unsettling. People don’t like the ground to move under their feet,” said Scott Ausbrooks, a geohazard supervisor with the state survey.”

The first news clip above quoted the Emergency Management Agency and USGS as saying that they had not had such activity in their area like this before. HMMM.

The woman whose property many of the  quakes are centered under says that ‘Mother Nature’ is “fighting back.” She is noticing something we are all noticing, that ‘natural disasters’ and like-events are increasing, and also that we are in a fight. She’s right, but it’s not Mother Nature that is doing the fighting. And that is the crux of the end time problem: a Godless society.

Last, the man quoted in the third clip said that it is unsettling. It certainly must be unsettling. Constant earthquakes are unsettling, the very ground under your feet that seems so solid…isn’t.

Jesus said that there will be earthquakes in diverse places in Matthew 24:7 as a sign of the end of the age. He was speaking about the Tribulation and answering a question from three of His closest disciples as to the signs of the end of days. Jesus’ response pointed to the Tribulation, which we will not be around to endure, since we are not appointed to wrath. (1 Thess 5:9; Rev 6:16)

However He said that the end of days will be like birth pangs (Mt 24:8) and that means the events start slow and build up. I call the events we are seeing now precursors to the judgments the world will experience during the tribulation (the 7 years set aside to judge an unbelieving world). I always take note of statements by credible officials such as  “We’re having them (earthquakes) in places we’ve never had them before,” and “The USGS is looking into why we’re having them and why there have been so many.” Which simply means the officials have never seen this kind of activity previously and they don’t know why it’s happening now.

We know why it is happening now. Jesus is coming soon. Nations that mock Him, turn away from His laws, and wallow in sin get judged. He said He would warn us, and He said then He would judge us. He sent an angel to Daniel to explain what was coming, and their conversation is recorded in Daniel 9: and in verse 24 the angel explains the length of time for the judgment, the reasons for it and what will happen: “Seventy ‘sevens’ are decreed for your people and your holy city to finish transgression, to put an end to sin, to atone for wickedness, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal up vision and prophecy and to anoint the most holy.”

Believers should be looking up pretty well constantly nowadays. You can almost hear the indrawn breath of the Trumpet blower