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The terrible flooding in Oz continues, PM calls it "an inland tsunami"

Goodness, the language in the usually staid news outlet BBC News is breathless and aghast!

“A massive deluge overwhelmed Toowoomba, a city west of the state capital Brisbane, without warning. Cars were swept away by the torrent of water. State Premier Anna Bligh called the flash floods Queensland’s “darkest hour” since the flood crisis began. “The event that started in Toowoomba can only be described as a complete freak of nature, an extraordinary deluge that almost came out of nowhere,” the Australian Broadcasting Corporation quoted her as saying. “What we have here in Queensland tonight is a very grim and desperate situation.”

The following video is from Australian Broadcasting:

Australia’s third-biggest city under threat from deadly flooding and inland tsunami.
“Australia’s third-largest city is under threat and the nation is bracing for a heartbreaking death toll after an unprecedented flood crisis delivered its most savage blow yet: an “inland instant tsunami” that swept away everything in its path, claiming at least four lives.”

Pray for Australia!