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Rare Fire Devil tornado amazes: "Dance of Giants"

Another rare phenomenon occurs, this one in Australia’s outback. Very interesting and cool.

Christian Post has more.

“A fire tornado has hit the Outback of Australia in recent days, creating an amazing sight as it tore through the brush near Alice Springs. North America has had to deal with its deadly wildfire season, as well as a devastating tornado season, often creating amazing yet destructive images. Australia also has its fair share of bushfires that often devastate its wild lands. However, a rare fire tornado was also caught in video footage in recent days, adding to the dramatic and devastating conditions.”

“The fire tornado in this case was seen tearing through the Outback for as long as 40 minutes, sending anyone nearby running for cover. Fire tornadoes, which are also sometimes called fire devils, are rare and occur when heated air from a bush fire rises and rotates. The column of air pulls the fire into it and draws it upwards, offering a spectacular sight.”

“The recent fire tornado was caught by filmmaker Chris Tangey. It has been reported that he was searching out locations for a new film near Alice Springs, and was taking some footage of a nearby brushfire. However, suddenly the fire shot upwards, creating a fierce fire tornado less than 300 meters away from him.”

“Tangey has reported that the fire tornado reached up to 100 foot in the air. According to 7News Tangey reported, “There was no wind but the tornado sounded just like a fighter jet. My jaw just dropped.”

“The fire tornado lasted 40 minutes, which is relatively long compared to other occurrences of this phenomena. In previous incidences of fire tornadoes some have been recorded as being up to half a mile aide, and have produced powerful winds of up to 100 mph.”

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News roundup: Russia sends ships to Syria, Israel, Jordan, Ebola, China, squirrel head

What’s going on in the world world, anyway? Here is a news synopsis for you-

Never has so much been stated in an article and so little has been said. It is all vapors and platitudes. The only concrete news I got from this article in the Jordan Times is that Panetta is out of the country.

King warns of ‘dangerous ramifications’ of Syrian crisis
“US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s six-hour stop in Jordan — his first visit to the Kingdom as defence secretary — is part of a regional tour that he began earlier this week, making stops in Tunisia, Egypt and Israel. … His Majesty King Abdullah on Thursday voiced Jordan’s concern over the escalating situation in Syria and its “dangerous” ramification on the region, calling for a peaceful resolution of the crisis. The King reiterated the need for a solution that would put an end to the bloodshed and spare the Syrians more suffering, a Royal Court statement said.”

UN Peace Envoy to Syria Kofi Annan quit this week. Syria’s ally Russia has something to say about that.

Annan’s Exit ‘Opens Gates’ for Intervention – Russian Ministry
“Annan’s decision against extending his mandate as the UN envoy to Syria raises loads of questions regarding the future of this country. He is an honest international mediator but someone wants to push him out of the game to open the gates for forceful actions. This is obvious,” Gatilov wrote in his Twitter account.”

Note how Russia sees the situation, this next paragraph is through their eyes:

“The West is pushing for President Bashar al-Assad’s ouster, while Russia and China are trying to prevent outside interference in Syria saying the Assad regime and the opposition are both to blame for the bloodshed.”

Methinks Russia doth protest too much. Because meanwhile, the Lebanon Daily Star reports,

Russia sends navy vessels to Tartus: agencies
“Moscow is sending three large landing ships with marines aboard to a Russian naval facility in the Syrian port of Tartus, Russian news agencies quoted a source in the general staff as saying on Friday. The source said each ship would have up to 120 marines on board and that the vessels, already in the Mediterranean, would arrive in Tartus by the end of this week or early next week. The source said the ships’ mission was to replenish supplies at the small Russian maintenance and repair facility, manned by fewer than 100 personnel, according to analysts.”

Landing ships. Did you catch that? Landing ships. Wiki– “They are designed for beach landings and can carry a 450 ton cargo. The ships have both bow and stern doors for loading and unloading vehicles, and the 630 m² of vehicle deck stretches the length of the hull. Up to 25 armored personnel carriers can be embarked. They were built for the Soviet Navy during the Cold War, but the current Russian Navy has little need for a long-range amphibious capability and most of them are kept in reserve or are retired.”

Well, some of them just came out of retirement.

Meanwhile in Israel, the talk is of that long spoken of and long prophesied war and rumor of war, a pre-emptive attack by Israel on Iran’s nuclear facilities. Will Israel attack? Won’t they attack? Do it! Don’t do it! (Matthew 24:6)

Israel May Be Preparing for Military Strike on Iran
Don’t attack Iran now, warns ex-IDF intel chief
Israeli General: Israel unlikely to attack Iran right before US presidential elections
Romney respects Israel’s right to attack Iran, aide says

Oy, I think the “rumor of war” is worse than the war.

The US has been on a downward trajectory for some time. The Chinese have been on an upward trajectory. Our economies, world influence, power, and stability have been like a see-saw. We know the US is not a player in any sense in the end times prophetic plan. The US is not mentioned. The ‘Kings of the East”…are. (Daniel 11:44, Revelation 9:13-16, Revelation 16:12-16). In my opinion this article clearly shows the switch. Now, China is the nation not to say no to.

Australia rejects US proposal for nuclear aircraft carrier group near Perth
“Australia, which tries to tread a fine line between supporting its closest ally, the US, and not upsetting China, its biggest trading partner, yesterday rejected a proposal to base a US nuclear aircraft carrier group near Perth, saying it did not want US bases in the country…. “I think they’ll [the Australian government] be very careful not to risk further displeasure from China by doing anything that suggests they’re supporting a US military build-up in Asia,” Hugh White, head of the Australian National University’s Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, told Associated Press.”

I’ve been watching the Uganda ebola case for two weeks now. It has grown into a concern. People are fleeing hospitals for fear of an outbreak

Suspected Ebola cases growing in Uganda
“KAMPALA, Uganda — Six more patients suspected to have Ebola have been admitted to the hospital days after investigators confirmed an outbreak of the highly infectious disease in a remote corner of western Uganda, a health official said on Monday. Stephen Byaruhanga, health secretary of the affected Kibaale district, said possible cases of Ebola, at first concentrated in a single village, are now being reported in more villages. “It’s no longer just one village. There are many villages affected,” Byaruhanga said. This is the fourth occurrence of Ebola in Uganda since 2000, when the disease killed 224 people and left hundreds more traumatized in northern Uganda. At least 42 people were killed in another outbreak in 2007, and there was a lone Ebola case in 2011.”

Uganda Ebola outbreak: patients flee hospital amid contagion fears
“Terrified patients fled from a hospital in western Uganda as soon as news broke that a mysterious illness that killed at least 14 people in the region was Ebola, one of the world’s most virulent diseases.”

Remember, ebola is the disease with the 90% mortality rate because it melts your insides. (pestilences: Matthew 24:7)

The NY Times lead a story on ebola with this: “Of the pathogens that keep worried scientists awake at night, few rival Ebola for ruthless efficiency. The virus contains just seven genes, yet it manages to kill up to 90 percent of the people it infects.’

Which prompted this Virology Professor to investigate if the 90% statistic was true, and found this on the WHO page:

“According to the WHO page on Ebola haemorrhagic fever, “Zaïre, Sudan and Bundibugyo species have been associated with large Ebola haemorrhagic fever (EHF) outbreaks in Africa with high case fatality ratio (25–90%) while Côte d’Ivoire and Reston have not. Reston species can infect humans but no serious illness or death in humans have been reported to date.’

I think the average mortality rate from ebola is an average 65%, but it is pretty well universally acknowledged that the rate increases dramatically during an outbreak. Hence the fear conveyed in the above articles. Just to compare, the 1918 influenza outbreak that killed about 20-100 million people had a mortality rate of 2%.


Health teams face real-life horror in Ebola battle
“When officials in Uganda verified an outbreak of the Ebola virus on Saturday, it set international health workers in motion. The hemorrhagic virus is the stuff of real-life horror — spreading through contact with infected individuals, their bodily fluids and even clothing they have worn. In many cases Ebola leads to a rapid decline marked by fever, diarrhea, vomiting and internal and external bleeding.”

How is this a good idea, I ask?

Aussie Tycoon Wants to Clone Dinosaurs for His Real Life, Resort-Based Jurassic Park
“In other billionaire news today, a controversial and ostentatious Australian is supposedly planning a real-life Jurassic Park, complete with cloned dinosaurs. Clive Palmer, who also wants to build a modern-day Titanic replica, has held talks with the scientists who cloned Dolly the sheep, reports Australia’s Sunshine Coast Daily. Palmer, a mining magnate, owns a luxury resort on the Sunshine Coast, in southern Queensland on Australia’s Pacific side. He would put the dinosaurs in his new resort there, the Daily reports.”

Big head squirrel feeder
“Hang this vinyl 5-1/2″ x 8″ Big Head Squirrel Feeder in front of a window or near a porch, fill it with something squirrels like to eat and when they stick their head up there, the squirrel looks like he has a hilariously huge head with a goofy smile.”

Take that, squirrel! I heap humiliation upon you! Plus, I fart in your general direction!

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Raw Video: Huge Waterspout Near Australian Coast

Just for cool watching purposes. I’m fascinated with waterspouts ever since I lived on a sailboat and saw one in North Carolina’s Albemarle Sound. This video shows several from different angles. The definition for waterspout is: “A rotating column of water and spray formed by a whirlwind occurring over the sea or other body of water.” The meteorological definition is “A small, weak tornado, which is not formed by a storm-scale rotation. It is generally weaker than a supercell tornado and is not associated with a wall cloud or mesocyclone. It may be observed beneath cumulonimbus or towering cumulus clouds and is the water equivalent of a landspout.”

Here is the video from May 30th of a series of waterspouts approaching near the coastal suburb of Terrigal, on Australia’s New South Wales coast. The original link at Yahoo/AP is here.

Food for thought: Here is Jack Kelley’s answer to a reader’s question, “Is God using the weather to judge us?

Q. I live near Joplin, MO where an F5 tornado struck last weekend. Please help me because I know as I go to Joplin and help with our church I will be asked why God allowed this to happen, and I would like to be able to answer them from God’s word. We don’t know why God allows storms or stops storms or why they hit where they do. But He is in control of them and He sees the big picture and He’s God who are we to question Him, so basically I feel confused. Also there are a lot of people saying that when disaster strikes it’s God’s judgment on their sin and if that’s the case wouldn’t all of us need to take cover because we are all sinners?

A. For me this is a simple issue. There was no bad weather before there was sin. You can make a circumstantial case from the Bible that it had never even rained on Earth before the Great Flood. Extreme weather is one of the enduring consequences of that judgment, so if you’re looking for someone to blame don’t blame God. Blame the one who brought sin into the world and made the judgment necessary. As far as weather is concerned the only thing God promised is that He would never destroy the Earth by water again (Genesis 9:13-15).

I also don’t think the Bible supports the “God is in control” idea in the universal sense in which most people think of it. Certainly it’s true that eventually God’s will is going to be accomplished on Earth and in Heaven, but for now the whole world is under the control of the evil one (1 John 5:19).

As for judgment, the Bible says when God uses weather as a tool of judgment men’s hearts will fail them for fear (Luke 21:26) and the hail stones will weigh 100 lbs. each (Rev. 16:21) so you really won’t want to be around when His judgments begin. Thankfully, God won’t judge the world until He has taken the Church out of the way (1 Thes. 1:10).———end Jack Kelley’s answer——–

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The terrible flooding in Oz continues, PM calls it "an inland tsunami"

Goodness, the language in the usually staid news outlet BBC News is breathless and aghast!

“A massive deluge overwhelmed Toowoomba, a city west of the state capital Brisbane, without warning. Cars were swept away by the torrent of water. State Premier Anna Bligh called the flash floods Queensland’s “darkest hour” since the flood crisis began. “The event that started in Toowoomba can only be described as a complete freak of nature, an extraordinary deluge that almost came out of nowhere,” the Australian Broadcasting Corporation quoted her as saying. “What we have here in Queensland tonight is a very grim and desperate situation.”

The following video is from Australian Broadcasting:

Australia’s third-biggest city under threat from deadly flooding and inland tsunami.
“Australia’s third-largest city is under threat and the nation is bracing for a heartbreaking death toll after an unprecedented flood crisis delivered its most savage blow yet: an “inland instant tsunami” that swept away everything in its path, claiming at least four lives.”

Pray for Australia!