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Preppers: Give the gift that keeps on cranking

A half page ad in the New York Times today seems to capture the sign of the times. Forget the bunkers of the 1950s, forget the gas hoarding rationing of the 1970s, never mind the 1990s Rambo life knife. Now it’s all about EMP, or what to do when the electricity goes out.

Get your Eton Crank radio!

HT Reuters’ Anthony DeRosa, @AntDeRosa

What I think is funny is that the ad was in the NYT and not Ducks Unlimited or Field & Stream or Pioneer Living. But such is the sign of the times that Superstorms like Sandy can wipe out your normal existence in NY City just as easily as a storm can wipe out Joplin MO or Homestead FL. We ALL need to be prepared for what God is doing in nature.

This past September 2012 I wrote a post on prepping. Here is the link.  You need to be prepped for what is coming, the stuff that is coming before the rapture while Christians are still on earth. But the preparations are not what you think.

Meanwhile, as a matter of fact, a crank radio is not such a bad idea…

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Will Israel launch an EMP over Iran? And what is NAM, anyway?

What a week! Can I just say that I work with the nicest and most thoughtful and fun bunch of people, ever? Thank you everyone for your kindness over the week, to me and others. I am a lucky gal.

Someone is praying for me. I can feel it. I am a blessed gal. Thank you prayer warrior, whoever you are!

I drove to work this morning under a brightening late summer sky, fog laying gently on the low fields, the grass glistening brightly on the higher hummocks. The cows were grazing and the sky was pink. I really wanted to get out and take photos, but the route to work has no shoulders along the road’s edge and it would have been dangerous to stop. I think that was best in the long run. That way, I had to stay in my car and simply…enjoy.

Our God bequeathed peace to us through Christ. “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” (John 14:27).

Here is the news. As you read it, let your heart not be troubled. His peace He bequeathed us.

Khamenei: Time for new world order
“The world,” Khamenei said, “Is in transition towards a new international order and the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) can and should play a new role.”

Khamenei is Iran’s highest Muslim cleric, the Supreme Leader of Iran. He is a Twelver Shi’a marja. He had also served as the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran from 1981 to 1989. In 2010, Forbes selected him 26th in the list of ‘World’s Most Powerful People’. So do not think for a moment that he is an out of date, tottering old guy in some backward, desert sands Third World nation. He is not only powerful, he is the real leader of a nation that has a heavy prophetic role to play in the last days, as per Ezekiel 38-39 regarding ‘Persia’.

Now, you might have heard of the Non-Aligned Movement Khamenei mentioned. Here is what it’s about, according to Wikipedia.

“The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) is a group of states considering themselves not aligned formally with or against any major power bloc. As of 2012, the movement has 120 members and 17 observer countries. “The national independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and security of non-aligned countries” in their “struggle against imperialism, colonialism, neo-colonialism, racism, and all forms of foreign aggression, occupation, domination, interference or hegemony as well as against great power and bloc politics”. The countries of the Non-Aligned Movement represent nearly two-thirds of the United Nations’ members and contain 55% of the world population. Membership is particularly concentrated in countries considered to be developing or part of the Third World. The current chair is Chair is…wait for it… Iran, and the Secretary-General is Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Iran took over from Egypt at the NAM summit concluding today, and will hold the chairmanship through 2015.

At the NAM summit, attendance at the highest level included 27 presidents, 2 kings and emirs, 7 prime ministers, 9 vice presidents, 2 parliament spokesmen and 5 special envoys. It is not something to sneeze at. While American citizens are squabbling over Clint Eastwood’s speech and picking on Honey Boo Boo, 120 nations got together and talked about a new world order.

The NAM is pretty funny considering that Iran is prophesied to ally with (by then) the world’s only superpower- Russia, and with Turkey, which has the world’s second largest army in NATO with 402,000 personnel, for the purpose of attacking Israel in the prophesied Gog-Magog war.

The Official motto of the NAM is below. Nice use of the Dove. It goes with NAM’s motto:

“Lasting peace through joint global governance”

Hmmm, sounds like something an antichrist would say.

Remember the earthquake swarm down in southern California, central portion of Imperial Valley at the Salton Sea? That last weekend there were 100 quakes in the same day, some reaching 4 and 5 point magnitudes? Well the town that is in the middle of the swarm and is most affected, declared an emergency.

Brawley quake swarm, declares emergency
“The southern California town of Brawley has taken the unusual step of declaring a state of emergency after a swarm of earthquakes rattled nearly 20 mobile homes off their blocks and forced a slaughterhouse to close, the mayor said on Wednesday. It is uncommon for quake-hardy California cities to declare emergencies due to tremors, but Brawley mayor George Nava said the earthquake swarm is a unique case because it has lasted for days and caused millions of dollars in damage. The cluster of relatively small quakes, which are caused by water and other fluids moving around in the Earth’s crust, began on Saturday evening and climaxed the next day with a 5.5 temblor, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.”

Hurricane Isaac, New Orleans gays decadence festival, is it chance?
“The arrival of Hurricane Isaac exactly seven years after Hurricane Katrina blasted New Orleans has some people wondering if there’s more to it than random chance, and suggesting the popular homosexual festival Southern Decadence may be part of a judgment from God. “A hurricane hitting a celebration of decadence … twice in seven years. What are the odds?” asks Robin Cox, a lifelong Gulf Coast resident. “Does it seem God has it in for New Orleans?” adds Mary Starkey. “Just contemplating why this has happened twice in seven years at exact same time of year.”

And…the inevitable mocking ensues-
God Too Lazy To Destroy New Orleans Homosexualistas A Second Time

I don’t recommend you read the article. It is lowest, rankest blasphemy. The author obviously does not believe 2 Peter 2:6, “and if He condemned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah to destruction by reducing them to ashes, having made them an example to those who would live ungodly lives thereafter;” … then the Lord knows “to keep the unrighteous under punishment for the day of judgment, and especially those who indulge the flesh in its corrupt desires and despise authority.” (2 Peter 2:6, 9b-10).

Praise the Lord, though, that people are making connections between these “coincidences.” As in this next article, regarding the 7.6 quake that struck today off the Philippines.

“A 7.6-magnitude earthquake struck off the Philippines’ eastern coast late Friday, killing one person in a house collapse, knocking out power in several towns and spurring panic about a tsunami that ended up generating only tiny waves. … “It was very strong. My house was making sounds,” Bemruel Noel, a member of the Philippine House of Representatives, said in a telephone interview from Tacloban city on the eastern coast of Leyte island, where the quake set off a small stampede of residents. “You talk to God with an earthquake that strong,” he said.”

Yes, talk to God, and in that talk, repent!

In last week’s Hal Lindsey Report, Hal made a comment that he thinks Israel may indeed use an electro-magnetic pulse to wipe out Iran’s nuclear program. Hal said it was a way to bloodlessly solve the problem, and prophetically it keeps Iran in the game to ally with Russia to come back at Israel in the Ezekiel 38-39 war. I thought that was a sharp assessment and a good guess as to what may happen soon. And it would be soon, Iran’s nuclear program is far along and the top officials are serious about using a nuke to wipe out Israel. Now here is other expert analysis that indicates the same, that it seems that Israel may be getting ready to launch an EMP (which is a nuclear missile detonated 100 feet in the atmosphere, instantly wiping out all electricity, chips, computers, and solid state appliances.)

Report: Possible EMP Strike on Iran?
U.S. sees signs Israel could use nuclear EMP attack against Iran
“U.S. intelligence agencies recently reported growing concerns that Israel will conduct a strike on Iran using a high-altitude nuclear burst aimed at disrupting all electronics in the country. The intelligence worries were triggered by recent publication of an article in the Israeli press suggesting the Jewish state should carry out an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, attack. U.S. officials said the article likely reflects official Israeli government thinking about a possible preemptive response to Iran’s expected emergence as a nuclear weapons state in the near future. Asked about the EMP report, an Israeli government spokesman declined to comment. A U.S. intelligence community spokesman also declined comment. A U.S. official said the article in question appeared Aug. 6 in the news outlet Israel National News. The article stated that an Israeli nuclear burst over Iran could “send Iran back to the Stone Age.”

That has an interesting ring to it, sending them back to the Stone Age. It should be noted that when Ezekiel spoke of God putting bits in the horses and bringing them out, ‘all your army your horses and horsemen’ that it could actually be literal horses, if an EMP has been launched and all computer chips are wiped dead.

It should also be noted that Russia went with older, vacuum tube (valve) based equipment because it is generally much less vulnerable to EMP than newer solid state equipment. Soviet Cold War–era military aircraft often had avionics based on vacuum tubes due to both limitations in Soviet solid-state capabilities and a belief that the vacuum-tube gear would survive better. Hmmm.

In this 2006 article, a Russian WWII tank was pulled from a lake, and the people recovering the piece of old equipment were surprised to find that despite it being at a lake bottom for 56 years, there was no rust and all systems (except the engine) in working condition.

Or how about the 2010 UK Telegraph article that revealed that 200 abandoned Russian tanks were found in a a forest, compete with everything except the keys? “There are tanks all over the forest, abandoned,” an unnamed reporter on the video says. “If you need one, come and get it.” Locals in a nearby village said the tanks had been sitting there for almost four months covered in snow. The armoured vehicles were identified as a mixture of T-80 and T-72 battle tanks, the workhorses of the Russian army. “We were shocked,” Pavel L, a local, told Russian media. “It is like you can sit behind the wheel, start up the engine and drive off and nobody would notice!”

Do a google search for “tank graveyard” and you’ll be shocked at how many of these old vehicles are laying around, many of them useful after an EMP. Alternately, it could be that the next war will be a Stone Age war, with shields and swords and horses. It doesn’t take much imagination to see the bind that Israel is in with respect to imminent obliteration and her desire to both save her nation yet refrain from much bloodshed. An EMP over Iran would do it. It doesn’t take much imagination after that to see that Iran would make good on her threats to come after Great Satan if Little Satan acts up, and an EMP launched from an anchored cargo ship over the US would send us back to the Stone Age, too. And then it’s on like Donkey Kong.

The Free Beacon article I’d linked to above isn’t the only media outlet wondering if Israel will launch an EMP. The New English Review wondered the same thing 8 months ago when Israel launched a Jericho missile capable of reaching Iran.

“The Jericho III ICBM equipped with a nuclear warhead provides Israel with a powerful deterrent against a nuclear Iran. It gives Israel a credible Electronic Magnetic Pulse (EMP) capability to loft a low kiloton yield warhead to an apogee over Iran that upon detonation would destroy the country’s industrial infrastructure, frying motherboards of hundreds of thousands of computers, disabling telecommunications, transportation and industrial systems. Doubtless an Israeli EMP attack would cause thousands of whirling centrifuges enriching uranium at the Natanz cascade hall and the Bushehr nuclear plant producing plutonium to be shut down. It might spare Iran’s vital oil and natural gas producing region in the Gulf. It would free Iran’s restive people from the nuclear nightmare of the Mullahs. If the EMP apogee was low enough, then according to Timmerman, it would largely spare Iran’s agrarian rural areas and the country’s bread basket.”

Something to consider. I hadn’t really thought about the kind of wars Jesus prophesied would come (Matthew 24:6). Einstein said, “I do not know what weapons World War III will be fought with, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

Back to the Stone Age, indeed.

As terrible as it is, war has its time. It is written in Ecclesiastes 3:8 “A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.”

I’m looking forward to the time of peace. We believers already have spiritual peace, with Jesus, because through repentance and His blood, we believers are no longer in rebellion with God. The earthly wars will continue to come, and then will be a great time of peace, for 1000 years. Then, “And when the thousand years are ended, Satan will be released from his prison and will come out to deceive the nations that are at the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them for battle; their number is like the sand of the sea. And they marched up over the broad plain of the earth and surrounded the camp of the saints and the beloved city, but fire came down from heaven and consumed them, and the devil who had deceived them was thrown into the lake of fire and sulfur where the beast and the false prophet were, and they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.”


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Twitter wit, and a sobering look at EMP

I enjoy Twitter. I get news, fast, ‘meet’ like-minded Christians who encourage each other, and usually have a laugh. People really are very funny and witty. There are two guys who are usually re-tweeted by someone I follow. One is the Surly Deacon and the other is the Church Curmudgeon. Church Curmudgeon’s tag line is “It ain’t the way it used to be, I’ll tell you that.”

The Church Curmudgeon ‏said the other day, “I am big! It’s the deacons that got small! #DeaconMovieLines”.

I thought that was pretty funny … because we’re all part of the body in equal standing before the Lord.(1 Corinthians 12:27-31).

If you know that famous movie line from Sunset Boulevard and how Gloria Swanson nailed the delivery, all the better. Here is Gloria Swanson as Norma Desmond:

“The Surly Deacon said on Twitter the other day- “Under the cover of darkness someone (me & Ted) replaced the 2008 Baptist hymnal with the 1975 one. Contemporary worship has to go.”

The wit for me is that the Surly Deacon thinks 2008 Baptist hymnal is contemporary. There’s depth to that comment if you think about it.

Here is something more sobering, especially in light of today’s headline from Drudge regarding yet another threat from Iran’s President Ahmadinejad that Iran’s only goal in life is to annihilate Israel. When, oh, when will the US top level officials begin to understand Iran really means it? Iran not coincidentally wants to annihilate the US as well. They’re just not as vocal about it.

Here is the headline:

Ahmadinejad: World forces must annihilate Israel
“In a speech published on his website Thursday, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the ultimate goal of world forces must be the annihilation of Israel…. Ahmadinejad added that “liberating Palestine” would solve all the world’s problems, although he did not elaborate on exactly how that might work. … Ahmadinejad, who has called the Holocaust a myth, has previously called for Israel’s annihilation, in a 2005 speech in which he used a Persian phrase that translates literally as “wiped off the page of time.”

Psalm 83 says they would say that:

“O God, do not keep silence; do not hold your peace or be still, O God! For behold, your enemies make an uproar; those who hate you have raised their heads. They lay crafty plans against your people; they consult together against your treasured ones. They say, “Come, let us wipe them out as a nation; let the name of Israel be remembered no more!” (Psalm 83:1-4).

If you live in the US and you are reading this, don’t get too comfortable. The video below shows how easy it is for Iran or one of its paid proxies can attack us and send us back to the year 1700 in one second.

Joel C. Rosenberg brings us up-to-date on the war drums in Israel-Iran-Syria, you note, the exact hot zone today and the exact prophesied hot-zone at the end of days according to Isaiah 17:1, Psalm 83, and Ezekiel 38-39.

Here is a short clip on the tenuous and vulnerable position the US is in this very day.

The US is in a vulnerable position before her enemies, but no Christian is. We are safe in Jesus. No matter what happens, we are safe in His arms.

“The LORD your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing.” (Zephaniah 3:17)

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Without power, how long does it take to turn back into barbarians?

This week’s super derechos are still wreaking havoc over a large portion of the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic states. Though derechos are not common but do occur once per year in the Midwest, in the Mid Atlantic states and northern states they do not. In those areas, what happened is an extremely rare occurrence, as this meteorological story says: “Derecho’s are pretty rare in this area to begin with; a “Super” Derecho is almost unheard of. And, they are even harder to forecast than tornadoes because they are so rare.” (Left, birth of the super derecho that affected millions this week.)

The Duluth Weekly’s headline tells the story pretty starkly: ” Super Derecho “The Land Hurricane” Slams 700 Miles of the US“. “ reports a “super derecho” of violent thunderstorms left a more than 700-mile trail of destruction across the Midwest and mid-Atlantic on Friday, cutting power to millions and killing thirteen people. … States of emergencies have been declared in Virginia, West Virginia and Ohio. With 2.5 million in the dark, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell stated that his state experienced its largest non-hurricane power outage in history.” (Above right, derecho in Nebraska).

Power outage. Now there’s a problem. Just a few weeks ago I posted a blog essay titled “Our fragile electrical grid.” I’ve published several articles in the past about how God is stripping away our infrastructure to reveal our helpless condition in the face of the Creator.

For example, in this essay from February 2012 I wrote about the futility of prepping for Armageddon in the way the secular media presents it, and the only secure location is in Jesus. I mentioned the book, One Second After by William Forschten. The blurb summarizes:

“New York Times best selling author William R. Forstchen now brings us a story which can be all too terrifyingly real…a story in which one man struggles to save his family and his small North Carolina town after America loses a war, in one second, a war that will send America back to the Dark Ages…A war based upon a weapon, an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP). A weapon that may already be in the hands of our enemies. Months before publication, One Second After has already been cited on the floor of Congress as a book all Americans should read, a book already being discussed in the corridors of the Pentagon as a truly realistic look at a weapon and its awesome power to destroy the entire United States, literally within one second.”

An EMP fries every electronic chip within its pulse. That means no banking or ATM machine so no access to money, no gas pumps, no lights, no heating, no cooling, no refrigerator, no working vehicles, tractors, combines, or harvesters, no elevators, no cooking, no business transactions, no stock market, no traffic lights, no water pumps, etc. No nothing. Nada.

The novel was written in 2009 and is realistic in the scenarios it depicts. The end of the book talked about the likelihood of a given population’s survival after an EMP with all the societal collapses. The Wiki on this book states, “Refugees from the cities show up looking for food and shelter and the fight over scarce resources leads to confrontation, home invasion, and more violence-related die-offs. The community becomes an inviting target for free prisoners and organized gangs and more violence-related die-off. Ration cards are issued to conserve the little remaining food; regardless, the community slowly starves with the elderly the first to die off. Next parents starve themselves to save their children. Throughout this period suicides are common. After a year, approximately 20% of the initial population has “survived”. It was stated in the epilogue section from actual sociologists and scientists that such a die-off rate (80%) in the aftermath of an EMP is likely….but also optimistic due to the favorable location of the ‘lucky’ survivors. Some scientists put the survival rate at a mere 5%.

The super derechos downed power lines, blew transformers, and greatly impacted the electrical grid itself. Our favorite doomsayer, Michael T. Snyder at the Economic Collapse blog asked the question yesterday:

If One Storm Can Turn D.C. Dark For Several Days, What Would A Massive EMP Burst Do?

Our “civilized” world is relatively new. The industrial revolution’s impact was not felt for the average American until the early part of the 1900s, when the ‘labor saving’ gadgets started becoming available. Automobiles, telephones, cross-country train travel and freight delivery, canned and frozen goods transported mass distances, electricity…all new. Only the last one hundred years, really, have been one of ‘civilization’ and ‘ease’. It takes relatively little to turn us back to barbarians. (Illustration source- Wikipedia)

But in the industrial age, we relinquished that tie to the land for what was believed to be a superior way of life, and in that supposed superior way of life, there was no need for a higher power, because it seemed like we had tamed the earth.

We haven’t.

It has been four days, and yet “Frustration Grows as Heat, Power Outages Persist“. The Governor said “recovering from Friday’s rare derecho storm is, in some ways, harder than hurricane recovery:”Unlike a polite hurricane that gives you three days of warning, this storm gave us all the impact of a hurricane without the warning of a hurricane,” he said.” Imagine the suddenness of an EMP.

We ask again, ‘If one storm can turn D.C. dark for several days, what would a massive EMP burst do?’ The only safe harbor is Jesus.

“The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous man runs into it and is safe.” (Proverbs 18:10 ESV).

The Lord is showing us just how foolish we are to depend on our own power.

“The LORD is slow to anger and great in power, and the LORD will by no means clear the guilty. His way is in whirlwind and storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet.” (Nahum 1:3 ESV)

“[God] will drag away [these] mighty men by his power. These people may prosper, but they will never feel secure about life. [God] may let them feel confident and self-reliant, but his eyes are on their ways. [Such people] may be prosperous for a little while, but then they’re gone. They are brought down low and disappear like everything else. They wither like heads of grain.” (Job 22-24 GWT)

He is coming, The only refuge is to be ready: that means repented, making Jesus your Lord, and living by His rules and ways thereby producing fruit for His name.

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Why I don’t think an EMP or CME is in our near future

“SPACE WEATHER IN A GADGET-DRIVEN WORLD: Authorities in Washington DC caused a stir over the weekend when they announced at the annual AAAS meeting that high-tech modern society is increasingly vulnerable to solar storms. “The last time we had a maximum in the solar cycle, the world was a very different place,” noted NOAA administrator Jane Lubchenco. “Cell phones are now ubiquitous [and we] rely on them for so many different things.” Others noted a myriad of GPS-dependent technologies that could be brought down by a strong solar flare. This is old news to many readers of Nevertheless, the web is abuzz with reports from the meeting.”

source credit

It’s true, the web is abuzz. My earlier posts on the X-class flare that was ejected from the sun and headed our way spiked my page views tremendously. There is a lot of interest in spaceweather, solar flares, Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) Electro-magnetic pulses (EMP), with concordant dire predictions of being thrown back into the stone age after we get zapped by a flare, and resulting bands of roaming marauders stealing your last can of Spam. All that is possible, of course, but at least for the near future, I don’t believe it will happen. Here’s why:

In Revelation 11:9 it is stated, “For three and a half days men from every people, tribe, language and nation will gaze on their bodies and refuse them burial.” This verse refers to the two witnesses whom Jesus sends to prophesy in the street of Jerusalem, and whom the antichrist hates. When their testimony is finished, the antichrist is allowed to overpower them and they are killed. Rather than bury them, the bodies lay in the streets while the world celebrates their death, even sending gifts in joy that they are gone. It is during this three day period that every person in the world looks upon them. It doesn’t seem that the news can get around quickly enough to every people, tribe, language, and nation unless satellites or other electronic form of mass media is in place.

In Revelation 13:16-17, there is described a global economy in which ALL people and ALL purchases can be tracked. If you don’t have this mark on your hand or forehead, you cannot buy nor sell. I don’t know what it will look like, some have proposed a kind of chip embedded in our bodies or a bar code planted on our heads, but it will be a trackable device able to immediately detect whether you can participate in the economy. It is likely, then, that is won’t be a surface tattoo, because that can be counterfeited. Most probably it will be an electronic something or other that relies on satellite, electricity or some other kind of network or grid that will tell the people at the point of purchase whether you are a yea or a nay.

So if a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) or electromagnetic pulse (EMP) does occur that wipes out the grid, we are told that it would take years to build it back up. We are also told that it takes time to launch more satellites which support television, radio, and GPS. While the Tribulation does include many supernatural wonders from the sun (Rev 16:8; 9:2; 8:12; 6:12) it does not seem that a mass electrical failure would be part of the proceedings.

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Missile over CA & Canada, something over NY; EMP, and QE2 infuriates China

There is so much to talk about these days, I have started at least four blog entries this morning and am at wit’s end with the volume of information coming at me that bespeaks imminent disaster, rapture, and spiritual upheaval. It is as if I live with a thousand clarion bells ringing all the time and cannot remove myself from the din.

On Andrew Breitbart’s site, an excellent essay by conservative columnist and military security analyst Frank Gaffney discusses the very real possibility that the west coast missile launch (which was NOT one of ours) was a test launch for a possible EMP strike. Here is his essay. Gaffney was one of the first to bring attention to the devastating effects of an electro-magnetic pulse detonated above our nation’s heartland. He is part of the Center for Security Policy and their explanatory video titled “A Terrorist’s Dream” is below.

Interestingly, the scenario posited in the video where a nuke is launched from a freighter anchored near shore or on one of our rivers is one that Joel C. Rosenberg wrote about in his book Dead Heat.  If you know Rosenberg’s books you know that most of the scenarios he has written about have come true.

The threats to Americans are coming from any and all fronts, including the front that is above us. But the threats to America are not the only threats. The entire globe is at risk; spiritually, militarily, physically, and economically. The latest economic news is dire. The Federal Reserve’s decision to flood the world with more fiat dollars has angered the world, most of all our biggest debt-holder, China. Their contention is that printing more money aids the US (in the short run only, because the United States’ bankruptcy is a mathematical certainty) but is an aggressive act that will directly harm the rest of the world’s economies. Not only that, but many believe we are in a war at this moment: a currency war, trade war, that will only worsen and likely spill over to a military war. China has been demonstrating maritime aggression against Japan for many months. They have been aggressive on the high seas toward the US for many months. The Telegraph UK wrote today, “The rest of the world goes West when America prints more money” with the unusually stark words, “America is now isolated and the rest of the world is furious.” Hal Lindsey’s report out today has a good explanation of Quantitative Easing2, and at the end of the short clip, he entreats with fervor to come to the Lord. All the pieces are in place, and our departure could be imminent, he pleads to unbelievers.

In the Singapore News “Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has said that the US-China currency issue will not amount to a war but frictions can be expected. He was addressing business executives on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Yokohama where leaders from 21 APEC economies meet to free up trade among members.” Just the fact that they are dismissing the likelihood of war is cause for concern. If there was no chance of war then why take the time to defensively dismiss the possibility?

The unknown missile last week launched 35 miles off our western coast of California was not a contrail, for heaven’s sakes. Any thinking person with eyeballs in their head could see that. The unnerving thing about that incident was that the Pentagon was silent about who may have done it, unless, of course, the incident took them completely by surprise.

It seems that another missile/UFO/contrail/optical illusion took New Yorkers by surprise this week too. A bright and fast-moving light can be seen just to the right of the Empire State Building at sunset. The astronomer they contacted said it was a contrail. And the wrap-up to the reporter’s story was that “the aliens are apparently not coming.” In the segue, the reporters mentioned the CA missile was stated to be a contrail as well, and the other reporter said outright that she didn’t buy that explanation. LOL.

Did you know that Canada had their own missile scare earlier this year? The exact same thing happened as in California. CTV received photos from eyewitnesses, who contacted “an unnamed top astronomer” who in turn said it was a contrail.

It all began around 5 p.m. Monday when Darlene Stewart of Harbour Mille, N.L., was outside snapping photos of a sunset, when she saw a long, thin glimmering object in the sky that appeared as if it came out of water. The photos she took show a thin object shooting into the air, with a tail of fire and smoke.”

Yeah. It’s a contrail. They’re all contrails.

The population of the globe is at risk militarily and economically, that much we know. We also know the risks of physical danger. Earthquake activity is up, volcanic activity is up, and also crime is up. In New York City’s Central Park, crime is spiking upward 52% in this year’s first 7 months as compared to 2009. In addition, the city is currently on track for a double-digit increase in the murder rate this year, according to the latest crime statistics. Homicides totaled 464 through Thursday, up 16 percent from the 400 reported at this time last year, and only seven less than the total from 2009. North of NY, “crime on Metro-North Railroad trains and at stations has jumped 40 percent over last year, but the railroad said that increase follows a drop in felonies last year. Neither year saw any murders or rapes, but robberies were up 78 percent and grand larcenies 47 percent through October, according to statistics released Friday. He said rail officials had not determined any particular reason for this year’s spike.”

And it is not just the big cities. Property theft has spiked in the rural areas of my location. Anecdotally, two years ago a colleague reported a daytime break-in and we were completely shocked. Nowadays, it seems as though there is one person a week reporting a property theft, break-in, or car pilfering.

We are also spiritually at risk. Left unbelieving, all people are at risk for believing the lie that will fool the whole world. The antichrist is coming and his false religion will pervade it, sending many who accept it to their eternal doom. With all the risks these days, why not accept the only sure thing there is? JESUS. He is forever, His Word is forever. Joy in Him is forever.

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Sunspot 1087 is gorgeous: signs in the sun

I’ve been watching sunspot 1087 and it is a busy one. It has been facing away from earth the last week, crackling the whole time, but the rotation is bringing it into view now. If it ejects another massive Coronal Mass Ejection, (CME) our satellites, electricity grid, gps, and electronics could be in for some interference. But isn’t it beautiful!

Note the inset, earth’s position. Source thanks to “The active region could swallow our planet ten times over and still have room to spare. Fortunately, we’re 93 million miles away. We could still feel the effects of an eruption, however. The thicket of magnetic loops and filaments harbors energy for M-class solar flares. M-flares can heat and puff up Earth’s upper atmosphere, causing satellites to experience extra drag as they orbit our planet; they can also cause waves of ionization to ripple around the planet, disrupting radio communications. There haven’t been any big eruptions yet, but the magnificent magnetic field of sunspot 1087 has been restless, as shown in this time-lapse movie spanning four days.”

Spaceweather glossary says “there are 3 categories: X-class flares are big; they are major events that can trigger planet-wide radio blackouts and long-lasting radiation storms. M-class flares are medium-sized; they can cause brief radio blackouts that affect Earth’s polar regions. Minor radiation storms sometimes follow an M-class flare. Compared to X- and M-class events, C-class flares are small with few noticeable consequences here on Earth.”

If you really want to get your doom on, read William Forstchen’s “One Second After” about the societal breakdown after an electro-magnetic pulse, and man-made version of a natural X-class Coronal Mass Ejection.

Meanwhile, I enjoy seeing the sun’s activity, knowing that the Lord our God created it, and also that He told us that there would be signs in the sun and the moon and the stars! He is creative and wonderful!