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Potpourri: How to change your spouse, mental disorder labels, 5-minute chapter summaries, more!

By Elizabeth Prata

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I’m reading a commentary on Habakkuk. This prophet’s 3 chapters go like this:

LORD, why aren’t you doing anything about this?
I am, Habakkuk, see?
No, LORD, not THAT!
Habakkuk, but then, this.
Oh. You are Great! And I am not- but my faith is increased!

Our Lord is kind to be patient and merciful with us. We complain, we challenge, we ask, and when He answers as He did Habakkuk, Job, Daniel, Jonah, etc, it’s a glorious thing to ponder that He engages with His people – with the old Prophets directly and us today, through His word. Omniscient, all-powerful, His thoughts so far above our thoughts, yet He loves, cherishes, and involves His own people. He will hear your questions, too, in prayer if you ask. Beseech Him today, for everything, or nothing, just to tell Him you love Him.

Here is a roundup of links you might enjoy:

How to Change Your Spouse in One Simple Step It’s easier than you think.

A short encouragement from Puritan Thomas Watson. Really short. Really encouraging.

2Be Like Christ has 5 minute chapter summaries, like this one from James chapter 1. There are more here

I’m on the autism spectrum. They tested me when I was 8, but in 1968 there was no autism diagnoses for people, it wasn’t in the DSM yet. So the actual word never came up and nothing was ever really done to help me adjust to society. I just went along, feeling weird and not understanding, well, anything. When I was 50 years old I became aware of the word, read the encyclopedia and DSM about it, and went “Ah! That explains a few things!” But I didn’t seek a medical or psychological diagnosis. Obtaining one for an adult is difficult and expensive. But the main reason I shelved getting one was that I know that I am weak and if I had a diagnosis, I’d rest in it, rely on it, and take advantage of it. I decided being in Christ was enough. For some families, getting a diagnosis for certain things brings some much needed help, information, or funds. For sur! So, what to do? The Cripplegate answers this question: What Should You Do With Your Diagnosis? Responding Biblically to Mental Disorder Labels.

Read about Our Intercessor/Advocate from Dallas Holm, and be joyfully encouraged!

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I’m big on the fear of God.

The Fear of God, By Albert N. Martin

There was a time when even the unconverted would refer to a Christian as a “God fearing man.” With this theme so prominently and frequently mentioned throughout the Scripture—both Old and New Testaments—it is regrettable that in our day it can be rare for a sermon to be preached on this most important topic, let alone an entire series. These messages therefore are much welcomed and a “must hear” for sheep who desire a masterful, “meat-of-the-word” treatment of this weighty subject.” This is an introduction to an ntir, loaded page of sermons and writings about the Fear of God: you can find here.

Awww, the classic movie Roman Holiday turns 70 this year. World has a retrospective on the Gregory Peck- Audrey Hepburn film.

Beautiful hymn at Rebecca Writes: Like a River Glorious.

Feeling like a shopping spree? The Biblical Creative has some new products; Gospel tracts, Tee shirts, hoodies: here. Want some quality handmade leather products like bookmarks, journals, key rings, here at Robrasim. Need some Just Thinking merch? Letting your haters be your motivators? Bubble stickers? Mugs? They got ’em and more.

Let’s end with Dr. Lisle at the Biblical Science Institute and an essay on “Interpreting the Bible’s teaching on the Eternal State“. W are eternal beings with an eternal destination of only on of two places: heaven or hell. We Christians should feel gratitude, relief, and fervency for knowing in His grace He saved us from ‘the other place’ and destined us for his bosom in heaven. Think eternally, look up, and praise!


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