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Prata Potpourri: Artificial Intelligence in the church, weekend sports, Obadiah, Tracking down a poet, more

By Elizabeth Prata

Here are a few links for you that I pray you find interesting and edifying. May the Lord shine upon you this week in ways that display His glory, love, and power.

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Darryl Dash has some sobering words on the potential creep of artificial intelligence into church

Tee Ball, as drawn by a kindergartener

Sam Chan asks Why Do We Make Our Kids Do Weekend Sports? In the South, sports can be an idol, or it can be a character building enterprise, or both. Tune in to see this author’s opinion.

Neil Shenvi Maps Evangelical Twitter (again)

Behold the Bridegroom Cometh: Tracking Down a Poet by Andrew Myers at Log College Press. He had me at William Plumer…

It’s not only back to school for elementary and high school kids, but college students too. It’s scary to send them off. Cara Ray at Pursuing Otium Sanctum has some thoughts on Now What? How Parents Can Pray for Their College-Aged Kids

University of Maine, Fall 1978

Susan Lafferty has a short devotional on Obadiah. I love Obadiah. It’s an overlooked and little remarked-upon book. If you’ve been afraid to delve into this dense but short prophetic Old Testament book, now’s your chance.

From The Contenders, Why Should Pastors Avoid Online Quarrels?

Photo by Christian Lue on Unsplash

With that previous link in mind, here is David Knight at Exposit the Word interviewing Dustin Benge on Dustin’s approach to Twitter, Christian Friendships, Hills to die on & Much more.

I couldn’t leave without a reference to my namesake, A Royal Remembered: Queen Elizabeth II Promoted to Glory by Ruth Clemence.


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