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Kay Cude Poetry: The Trinity

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Kay Cude Author Statement:

“I [Kay Cude] was reading the July 2022-Volume 706 Banner of Truth Magazine when I came upon an article by Nick Needham, “Shapers of Christianity-Gregory of Nazianzus (AD 330-390).”

Mr. Needham begins, “The fourth century is often considered the Golden Age of the Early Church Fathers, owing to the sheer intellectual and spiritual brilliance of that century’s Christian thinkers in expounding the faith doctrinally and practically.  Among its most influential figures were the Cappadocian Fathers.”

‘”This was a group of three theologians from the Roman province of Cappadocia in Asia Minor –Basil of Caesarea, his brother Gregory of Nyssa, and his friend Gregory of Nazianzus.  Of the three Cappadocians, Gregory of Nazianzus came to be the most treasured by following generations.  Greek speaking Christians reverentially called him “Gregory the Theologian,” as if he were the first true theologian after the apostle John.  In the Greek East, the term “theologian” had special reference to the Doctrine of the Trinity.  The apostle John was held to be the first great theologian in that sense, and Gregory the second.”

As a Southern Baptist, I [Kay Cude] am insufficiently read of the early Church Fathers, but that four page article drew me into a “beginning understanding” that their unwavering dedication to stand in and teach the Doctrine of the Trinity and lead the church in rejecting and vanquishing the Arian heresy, should also be the understanding and dedication of the 21st Century’s true Body of Christ.  We also are to understand that the fullness of the Trinity is wholly divine.  And that should also compel us to stand unwaveringly against Arianism and any other demonically inspired weaponry raised against the Doctrine of Trinitarianism.

This dedication is perhaps more important than too many of the redeemed of the invisible church realize; for the bewitchment that is Arianism is once again an acceptable theology of a greater portion of the visible church.  Far too many do not believe in the Holy Trinity; and most assuredly far too many reject the second person of the Trinity, our Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus as divine and of the same full essence and nature with God the Father.

In summary, I find that the more I seek to learn and understand, the more I realize how very little I know and how very faint is my understanding of the Holy Trinity; and yet I am compelled to want to know.  And that is the excellency of the mystery of the sovereign and providential work and will in our spirits by our Father the Lord God I AM WHO I AM; that our hearts are compelled by the Holy Spirit to seek to know the Lord God I AM as He really is; and in that, to know and honor and worship the divine fullness of the Trinity and the three distinct persons, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  We must desire to have a right understanding of what is the true honoring in the true worship of the “One Deity and Power, found in the Three-in Unity.”


I set before you the One Deity and Power, found in the Three-in-Unity,
Embracing the Three One by One, equal in essence and nature,
Neither increased nor decreased by ideas of greater or less;
In every way equal, in every way the same,
Just as the loveliness and hugeness of the heavens are one:
The infinite oneness of Three Infinite Ones,
Each of whom is God when seen individually in Himself.
As the Father is God, so is the Son,
And as the Son is God, so is the Holy Spirit;
And the Three are likewise One God when seen together.
Each is God because they are of the same essence,
And they are One God because of the single principle of Deity.
The very instant I conceive of the One,
I am enlightened by the brightness of the Three;
The very instant is differentiate them,
I am carried straight back to the One.
When I regard any One of the Three, I think of Him as the Whole;
My sight is filled to the brim,
And the greater part of what I am thinking of eludes me!
I cannot grasp the greatness of One of the Three
So as to reckon a greater greatness to the Others.
And when I see the Three together, I see only one torch,
And I cannot divide or share out the Undivided Light.

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