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If you give a mouse a cookie: How I get sidetracked from Bible study

By Elizabeth Prata

I was reading through 1 Kings this morning. I came across a reference to the Millo, and made a quick note to follow that up later. Then I read of Ahijah the prophet, and made another note. Uh-oh! My ink ran out. Oh, no, this is my favorite pen! It’s hand made from beautiful wood and has super beautiful fittings. I must replace the ink cartridge right now even though I have another favorite pen right here!

I got up and went to my office supply drawer and extracted an ink cartridge. I took apart the handmade wood pen and examined the empty cartridge. I put the new one in. Oh no, it’s too long! I worked it a while but too long is too long and I could not make it work. I set it all aside, careful not to lose the little spring.

So I then I went to Amazon to find some pen refills to buy. I found some! But the measurement must be exact. The 3.875 inch ones seemed good, but I had to be sure.

So then I got up and went to grab my measuring tape. Measuring the emptied cartridge I was trying to replace, I could not figure out the hash marks. I could not read them. Was it 3.875 inches? Seemed like it. Maybe. Or not.

So then I went to the internet for “how to read a ruler”. I looked at several sites that confused me more. But then I found one that showed in a picture where 3.875 inches was on a ruler. Bingo!

So then I went re-measured my empty ink cartridge, and sure enough, it was the right length.

So then I went back to Amazon and put that set of pen refills in my cart. But wait! If I hold off till Saturday I can use my points and get it for free.

So then I went to my page on Amazon to check the accumulated points. Sure enough, there were points to cover the cost of the pen refill packet. I put it in my cart and made a note on my pad by my computer (with a different pen) to finish that purchase on Saturday.

So then I got up and put the too-long pen refill back into its packet and put the measuring tape back to its place. I re-settled into the chair and picked up the Bible.

Now, where was I?


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  1. I’m right there with you! I try to keep everything I need right where I study my Bible each morning. Make a cup of coffee and sit! It usually works, except when the bladder makes itself known. I’ve had to make a concerted effort to do this though. Keeping my mind on my study and not wandering to what else I need to accomplish today is another struggle. Thanks for the smile today!

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