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Thirty Days of Jesus Advent Series, all posts in one place

By Elizabeth Prata

Thank you to everyone who messaged me that they were enjoying my Advent Series, “Thirty Days of Jesus”. I had the idea a few years ago to distill Jesus’ prophesied coming, His early life, His adult life, Ascension, and prophesied return all in one flow using just scripture overlaid on a photograph.

It was hard to choose but I narrowed it down to 30 pics and 2 postludes. On most of the posts I included a few links for people to follow up the theme of the scripture in a credible ministry.

Some folks said they missed a day here and there so I said I’d put the entire series together in one post. Here it is!

Click on the picture you want to see, it will enlarge. These are in order from Day 1 to Postlude 2. Thanks and have a Happy New Year!


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