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Prata Potpourri: Orderly account of the Plagiarism scandal; The Wonder of Advent; Fairytale Weddings; 12 Spice Mixes- more

By Elizabeth Prata

I’m looking more and more forward to the return of Christ as each day passes. Aren’t you? I don’t even really read the news anymore, and I’ve quit even looking at headlines. Men turning into women, murderers getting bail while trespassers languish in jail for months with no trial, vaccines that kill and a virus that doesn’t, a president who is cognitively impaired is somehow worse than a fully intelligent president who’s morally impaired… Ack

The world literally does not make sense, and there’s no point in trying to understand why or how or wherefore…it just is a fact. So I look to Christ. I look at Him in His word, I think of Him and the coming Kingdom, I think of eternity. Ahhh, MUCH more pleasant. If you are in Christ, you are destined to dwell forever in glory light with the risen Christ, in love and where no sin dares to creep. Perfection awaits. So hang on, friends, it’s coming.

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Gabe Hughes chronicled the plagiarism scandal that broke this past summer, as Southern Baptist Convention Presidential candidate Ed Litton was campaigning just before the vote. I was distressed to see how little gravity it was given by the people to whom it should have mattered most. I was a member of a church whose pastor had been discovered to have plagiarized every word he spoke from the pulpit, even the supposed personal anecdotes (as Litton had). I was grieved, felt cheated, betrayed, mourned the spotless name of Jesus being muddied, and felt I’d lost years of spiritual advancement that the worthless shepherd had stolen from me and from his other members.

It takes a long time to organize such a voluminous content, and I’m grateful to Pastor Gabe Hughes for doing it.

The Ed Litton Plagiarism Scandal by Gabe Hughes

Preacher Steven J. Lawson the Death of a Society, as Romans 1:18-32 depicts. Buckle up, it’s not a pretty picture…

We read at 2BeLikeChrist some Ways to Be Critical of Your Church. Good advice, because sometimes we do disagree with what is being taught, legitimately, but there is a way to disagree and a way not to disagree.

DebbieLynne Kespert has some wise thoughts about planning for the wedding vs. living the marriage. Fairytale Weddings And Happily Ever After Marriages

Are we a faithful friend? I have been blessed to have friends stand by me even when it was difficult for them. I’ve been forgiven by faithful friends, hosted in faithful friends’ homes, and loved by them. Are you a Faithful Friend? The author at the Women Encouraged site has some thoughts.

The Shack movie has hit streaming services now, and it’s good to remember that though the movie is well made, with known actors, and addresses the love of God in an appealing way, the representation of the Trinity is so out of the realm of God’s revelation it taints the rest of the movie. And there are other issues too. Here is one review that explains more

The Wonder and Joy of Advent
It’s no mystery why we start looking forward to the Christmas season even before the first leaf falls in autumn. Amid all the tumult and strife of our weary world, we long for peace. Bombarded by cynicism and sarcasm we seek for simple, childlike wonder. Drowning in heartache and pain, we hope, however faintly, for joy.

What are you looking at this Christmas?
It’s a week to go until Christmas Day. In the build up to Christmas, our attention seems to be here, there and everywhere. Everyone may celebrate differently, and for some, they may not celebrate at all. Regardless of what Christmas Day means to you, I can guarantee you’ll be drawn in. The question is: what to? What will have your gaze and attention?

From Good, Cheap Eats we have 12 Spice Mixes to have at home or give as gifts
Making your own spice mixes for home or to give as gifts is a great way to save money. When you do, you’re also tooling up to add great flavor to your cooking with little work or expense.

A friend and I were talking last night about how much we love to read, how much we love books- buying them, owning them, reading them, organizing them. Sadly, life intrudes sometimes and we do not get as much reading time as we would like. That doesn’t stop us from accumulating more books though, lol. Here is an article from Country Life UK (a FANCY magazine!) advising those of us who are fortunate to own a magnificent manor in the British countryside, of the necessary things to stock our libraries. Now pardon me while I go purchase that $6,000 bookcase…

Everything you need to transform your library into the most decadent room of the house: from a £6,000 bookcase to a secret games table

Fulfilled as we rest with the Word with us
In all the extra work of the season, I forget that true rest is only found in the Savior I’m working so hard to celebrate. He offers us rest for our souls when physical rest is elusive. 

It is a season of great joy. I pray you seek that joy and hold on to it, and savor the season of Emmanuel – God With Us…and soon enough, we will be with HIM!


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