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Religion News: Blurbs and roundups of what’s happening

By Elizabeth Prata


A short roundup of some religion news for you.

photo from: Ark Encounter

Some good news, the Truth Matters Conference, usually held at John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church, moved its venue to the middle of the United StatesS so more people could attend. It will now be held at “The Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Kentucky, for three days of unforgettable Bible teaching, glorious music, and rich fellowship with the extended Grace to You family.” This conference also sold out within minutes of opening ticket sales, which is great news. People still clamor for truth and fellowship with the saints. If you missed getting a ticket, the event will be open for free May 18–20, 2022 on livestream at the link above.

Beth Moore/Living Proof Ministries is now partnering with The Voice of the Martyrs-America. Video announcement here. H/T Amy Spreeman

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Pastor Gabe Hughes, known to us as Pastor Gabe on Twitter, the voice of and Associate Pastor at First Baptist Church of Lindale TX, has been banned from tweeting from his Twitter Account for one week for posting this:

David Platt, formerly President of the International Mission Board and pastor at McLean Bible Church, has been scheduled as one of the speakers at IF:Gathering, a feminist, social justice, parachurch organization, and will be speaking alongside such false teachers as Francis Chan, Christine Caine, Ann Voskamp, Lysa TerKeurst, and so on.

Source from IF:Gathering pdf
G3 stands for gospel, grace, and glory. 

The G3 Conference is going to take place September 30-October 2. It has drawn 6400 participants, from all 50 states and several countries. Two days ago founder Josh Buice tweeted that there were only 40 seats left, and I’m sure those have sold out by now. G3 Ministries’ new Editor-In-Chief, Scott Aniol said,

It's remarkable that @JoshBuice, @VirgilWlkrOMAHA, and the good folks of one regular local church have built a huge conference, and now an expanded ministry, not by compromising truth, not by inviting speakers from a diluted pool of widely divergent views, but by an unapologetic emphasis upon the sufficiency of Scripture, expository preaching, confessional orthodoxy, and the primacy of the local church. Gives me hope. Evangelical leaders take note. Honored to be joining with them. @G3Conference #G32021 

Officials in other English speaking countries such as Australia and Canada are moving faster and faster toward tyranny. In British Columbia, Canada, proof of vaccination is now required to enter many settings. The good news is that – so far – you don’t need to show your papers vaccination card for worship services. In Australia, Victorian church leaders anxious about COVID vaccine mandate, fearing the creation of modern-day ‘lepers’. The leper allusion is something I wrote about in July.

Paul Washer of HeartCry Missionary Society issued an urgent prayer request in early September for one certain mission family in Afghanistan, and asks for general prayer for that situation. HeartCry is a credible organization and though news from that region of the world may be misty due to fog of war, my opinion is that HeartCry will offer the most solid information we can get in this sad and fluid situation. HeartCry link here

In June, it was reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is out after 12 years of leading Israel. Since then, he has been struggling to form a coalition government with his opposition.

The Kendrick Brothers have a new film out, Show Me The Father. This is the duo who produced Courageous, Fireproof, and Facing the Giants. This film is not a narrative like previous filsms, it’s a documentary. As World Magazine describes, “The film highlights the importance of fathers by telling the stories of several men whose father figures affected them for good—and evil.” This might be a good thing, as increasingly the Kendrick Brothers’ films have demonstrated a more prosperity gospelish bent than one would like. I wrote about them here. I’m hopeful the documentary approach will yield edifying content. The Brothers can put together a movie quite well, so perhaps this one will be the one for which discerning Christians will give a thumbs up.


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