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Prata Potpourri: Walking, Thinking, Staging, Hating, Witnessing, Dying, more

By Elizabeth Prata

I thought this photo of the dogwood in my yard is a good example of how spring SPRINGS up, seemingly reaching for the sun, in joy and boundless energy

EPrata photo

It’s been a busy work week here in my world of public elementary school. We are entering the last phase of the year, the time of final reviews, state testing, longer recesses, ‘fun packets,’ and huge lines at the water fountain. It’s getting warmer day by day, and the pollen is finally blowing away until next year. At home, my cat Sully likes to sit by the open window and watch the activity in the yard. There are lots of chipmunks, squirrels, birds, and neighborhood cats to keep an eye on. My mind is turning to summer, when I have two months of summer vacation. Remember when you were a kid, summer seemed soooo long? LOL, it is still pretty nice to have the time off. I value it.

I was thinking the other day how the Lord re-created my life down here in Georgia after I moved from Maine at age 45. After a brief stint writing for the daily newspaper, I returned to education, this time as a teacher’s aide instead of as a teacher that I’d been in Maine. I enjoy the lower levels of stress as an aide, and less responsibility than a classroom teacher has. That aspect has turned out to be important as I enter my 60th decade. I like the time off when the different breaks come around on the school calendar, also important as I age, because my energy stutters and hiccups and isn’t to be counted on from one day to the next. The job has just enough of a salary to sustain me so I can concentrate on my ministry. On the practical side, I have health care coverage, yet the job also gives me personal joy and professional fulfillment. My church is wonderful. It’s really quite perfect. Looking back over this last 15 years I can clearly see the providential hand of Jesus working in my life.

We often can’t see His providence at the time, but in hindsight we look back and see how our decisions matched up with His plan and how He works things for our good and His glory.

Now on to some edifying content from the brothers and sisters that I’ve found this week for your reading and listening pleasure-

If you’re lazy, you don’t eat! Here, John MacArthur has a few words about earning a wise living

Has a global so-called pandemic taught us to hate each other? Pastor Gabe Hughes explores the fallout of COVID and personal work relationships in A World Where Everyone is Taught to Hate Everyone

What happens when two Jehovah’s Witnesses knock on evangelist Ray Comfort’s door? Read to find out what the conversation was, and keep reading to find some helpful tips on witnessing to Jehovah’s Witnesses.

What happens when a missionary on the field is diagnosed with terminal cancer? He asks to finish well. More at Media Gratiae blog and podcast.

Tony Reinke’s series The Puritan Study addresses fabulous questions like these:  Which Puritans are most helpful in expositions? How do electronic and printed books work together? How do we effectively and quickly search Puritan literature? How can I implement specific Puritan insights into my sermons? And, how can I build a useful Puritan library of my own? He hopes that you will gain a healthy respect for the Puritan preachers from a long-passed era that encourages us to be biblically faithful to our own generation.  Series is here: The Puritan Study series

Kim Shay at Out of the Ordinary writes of the Theocentric Nature of God’s Revelation. This is something I’ve discussed recently. Women are claiming in increasing numbers, that they are receiving revelation directly from God or Jesus outside of the Bible. These alleged revelations are always are centered around the receiver, her wants, her desires, her comfort. Yet when Jesus writes to the 7 churches in Revelation, or when God spoke to the Prophets, it was to reveal His wants, His desires, about Himself and His expectations for His worshipers. Read Kim’s essay, it’s interesting.


Women Encouraged has a discussion with Abigail Dodds about the importance of good theology for women. Yes, a million times, yes. Discussion is here.

Have you ever thought about how Walking might just be a productivity superpower? Reagan Rose at Redeeming Productivity talks about how it is an activity that can energize us and permeate all the spheres of our life, making us more productive in the long run. I don’t walk. I know I should. Oy, what am I waiting for?

The guys at Just Thinking (DB Harrison and Virgil Walker)’s latest podcast is getting much talk, heavy play, and a lot of thinking. I have not listened to it yet but I recommend this unreservedly anyway. They take a look at #LeaveLOUD through the broader lens of “activist theology,” and Christians who see an activist gospel as a means to achieve a particular end within the Church. Activist Theology

For fun, here is Julie-Ann Baumer, a Maine writer, musing in this short essay on Applesauce for Everyone.

Country Life is a glossy United Kingdom magazine, rightly honoring the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, who sadly passed away this week. Their essay is titled, The Duke of Edinburgh, 1921-2021: Renaissance Man, Family Man and tireless pillar for Queen and country . Great photos.

I’ve been watching The Stagers on Amazon Prime (also free with ads on IMDB TV). It’s an interesting half hour watching stagers prepare homes for sale. I like that the people explain their thinking of why they place this furniture here or this art there, or how the workers at the warehouse manage all the comings and goings to support the stagers on site. There are two seasons and I wish there were more. I also like that it is a clean TV show.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Christian writer and Georgia teacher's aide who loves Jesus, a quiet life, art, beauty, and children.

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