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Prata Potpourri: Behave and Hush; Influencers and Influencing; Pray for What We Own Already; Good Cheap Eats; More

By Elizabeth Prata

It’s the little things that make me happy. Children giggling. Birds splashing in the puddle. Sunbeams stirring up dust motes. Morning mist making the blossoms look soft. It’s spring here in my part of the world and the change of season is welcome.

It was a busy week. We had a tornado touch down near us while we were at school. That is always exciting. Spring Break is nearing, and everyone is dragging their bodies toward that much-anticipated finish line. I plan to do some spring cleaning inside and outside. I’m looking forward to Resurrection Sunday! I’ve already started reading blog essays and listening to sermons focusing on the event. It brings me to tears every time. I’m grateful for that. The moment I don’t have tears in thinking of the agony of the cross, the wonder of the imputation, and the glory of the resurrection, I will know my heart has drifted from Jesus. These matters are eternal matters and the ONLY thing that matters.

Here are a few links to edifying material you may enjoy.

David Regier is the Church Curmudgeon on Twitter. He is hilarious and insightful. He also has a way with words, which you’d have to be to build such a loyal following on 150 characters at a time. Here is an essay he wrote this week called “Behave. And Hush“. It’ll make you smile.

I watched a few things last week on television about “influencers”. The documentary Fake Famous was eye opening, it was a reality show that chose three candidates to make fake famous on Instagram and other social media, by buying followers and projecting fake fame, to see if fake fame could be distinguished from real fame. (No, but it certainly had an effect on those who sought it). I also watched The Influencers, a satirical mockumentary series that collects social media darlings, puts them in a house together, takes their phones, and they vie for top influencing spot through a series of contests. Its satire is spot-on. I liked that each episode was only 10-15 minutes each, too.

With those two streaming series in mind, I read Reagan Rose’s article “More than Influencers” this week and recommend it to you. The censoring of conservatives and Christians from social media this past January caused a lot of us to rethink and renew our commitment as believers to use social media for Godly purposes. How do we engage online? Think about it.

Also of interest is the Truth Be Known podcast with Nathaniel Jolly and Ekkie Tepsupornchai podcast interviewing Dustin Benge about the importance of speaking online out of a heart full of the Word of God, sound theology, and as an extension of your daily walk with God. I need constant reminders to use social media for good, and not for myself.

Jennifer Ross at Confidently Called Homemakers has a wealth of material aimed at encouraging homemakers, mothers, wives, and women. I’m seeing more and more push-back against the biblical principle that a woman is called to wife and motherhood as a primary career. (Not all, of course, I’m a confidently called single, like Paul). On Twitter, some younger women were scoffing at the very notion that women are to be content at home, raising children. I entered the conversation using scripture, many of them, also tweeted phrases summarizing biblical principles. One women wrote back, veritably waving her hand dismissively, “I disagree with everything you said.” Scripture? Disagree with scripture? In these days, yes, people dismiss any scripture they don’t “feel” and then sashay on with formulating a god of their own making to suit their inner desires.

The Confidently Called blogs, podcasts, DVDs and Shop are a wealth of information for women who are not “stuck at home” but joyfully serve at home.

Pray for What We Own Already is a great essay about Paul’s prayer in Ephesians- “It is not enough for Paul that we be empowered to just live rightfully, but that we think rightfully too. (Paul doesn’t pit these against each other, ever. Instead he sees them as a married couple holding hands walking together). But what is it we should know? He lists three facts he wants us to understand: 1. To know the hope of His calling 2. the riches of the glory of His inheritance and 3. His surpassing greatness of His power brought about in Christ! (His resurrection, ascension and sovereignty, and headship over the church).” This will be good to read in advance of Easter.

Also in advance of Easter, we have this wonderful series The Divine Drama of Redemption from John MacArthur, live links inside the Drama link:

Players in the Drama of the Cross, Part 1
Players in the Drama of the Cross, Part 2
The New Passover
The Prophecy of Failure
The Agony of the Cup
Judas’s Betrayal
The Ultimate Miscarriage of Justice
Peter’s Denial: A Warning About Self-Confidence
Pilate Before Jesus
The Shameful Scorn of Jesus

Want to learn how to make a Warm & Spicy Fish Rub Recipe for 64 cents/batch? Greek Yogurt Tartar Sauce for 75 cents/batch? How about Mini Pizzas You Can Freeze for 32 cents/each? Then head on over to Jessica Fisher’s Good Cheap Eats

Have a small house that you love but it is getting a bit crowded with stuff? I live in a 400 sf apartment which I love for the same reasons as blogger Kallie Branciforte at But First, Coffee, does. My home is easy to clean, less expensive to heat and cool, and feels cozier. However I do need to make some clean-outs once in a while because as frugal and as mindful as I am, it does tend to get filled with stuff. Kallie has some tips for Making the Most of Your Space in a Small House.

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead. Good Friday’s a-coming, but then there’s Sunday!


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