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Prata Potpourri: Spurgeon on Paul on books; MediaGratiae on Rutherford on Grace; Rose on Reading, New Blogger, Rules for Christian wives- more

By Elizabeth Prata

Fall on a horse farm, north Georgia. EPrata photo

It is fall here in north Georgia, and no better place to be. New England is rightly applauded for the foliage display, but the time up there where you can see it is short. The leaves are less vibrant down south due to the milder temps, but the season is gloriously, luxuriantly long. It’s especially sweet because the break from the summer oven temperatures never gets old. Whatever season you enjoy, God is author and manager of it all-

While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease. (Genesis 8:22).

A friend of mine sent me this link to a sermon by Charles Spurgeon in which Spurgeon has a section on Paul’s request of Timothy to “Bring Books!” Spurgeon wrote of this verse in 2 Timothy 4:13,

He is inspired, and yet he wants books! He has been preaching at least for thirty years, and yet he wants books! He had seen the Lord, and yet he wants books! He had had a wider experience than most men, and yet he wants books! He had been caught up into the third heaven, and had heard things which it was unlawful for a men to utter, yet he wants books! He had written the major part of the New Testament, and yet he wants books! The apostle says to Timothy and so he says to every preacher, “Give thyself unto reading.” “

Paul- His cloak and his Books

On the other hand we have wise Solomon warning us about books, “My son, beware of anything beyond these. Of making many books there is no end, and much study is a weariness of the flesh.” (Ecclesiastes 12:12).

Books certainly can creep up on me and take over my mind and heart. I love books but I don’t want to idolize them. I remember asking my money-focused father at one point, how much money is enough, how do you know when you have enough? Nowadays I ask myself the same question about books.

Reagan Rose wrote recently about how seminary broke his love of reading and how it’s taken a few years to regain that joy. He wrote how he relearned the joy of reading and it’s a good essay.

OK, new topic- We have a Plurality of Elders in our church. I liked Josh Buice’s take on it. He wrote, “In many evangelical circles, there is no schism over the use of a plurality of deacons within the life of the church. Perhaps the only schism related to a plurality of deacons is in relation to their function. Are they servants of God who serve the local church or are they administrators who exercise power to oversee the local church?” More at this link.

Sharon Lareau has 2 Simple Rules for Christian Wives, and it’s a short read, because she really wrote just 2 rules.

I’m intrigued by the OT sacrifices, but I never “have time” to study them. This is a good reminder Why We Should be More Familiar with OT Sacrifices.

At the MediaGratiae blog we have a look at how Grace Withers Without Adversity through Puritan Samuel Rutherford’s eyes. Grace and adversity really are two sides of the same coin…

Robin Self has a new blog, A Worthy Walk. Her article Judge Not? is worth a look.

Some things never change. Adults love to have fun in the snow! Snowball fight 124 years ago. Lyon, France, 1896. Colorized and speed adjusted. Original in black and white by Louis Lumiere. Read about the discovery of the film and its restoration here

Do it yourself terrarium kits! Terrariums were the rage in the 1970s. They used to grow them in bottles or hang from macramé hangers. I’ve always like terrariums but never manage to keep them up. Maybe the article will help me …

I like the online magazine UK Country Life, giving me a peek at the folks on the other side of the pond, what they think about, their country life as opposed to mine here in North GA. Here is The Utterly Inessential Shopping List: A city girl’s guide to surviving the Scottish Highlands. Jeans will NOT do for a ramble in the Highlands fields, which are almost always wet. No, indeed, moleskin trousers are the thing. LOL!

Enjoy the day, weekend, week, life wherever you are!


Christian writer and Georgia teacher's aide who loves Jesus, a quiet life, art, beauty, and children.

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  1. Elizabeth, you asked exactly the right question, how many books are enough? And my answer since grad school in the mid-1970s at the University of Dallas has always been “well maybe after this one.” I love books because they have the ability to transport you through history, across time and space, and into another person’s mind and heart. The Lord tells us He went to Heaven to prepare a place for each of us. I am confident the mansion He has prepared for me will have books, lots of books, all written by Him.

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