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Are there Modern Apostles?

By Elizabeth Prata

No. There aren’t modern apostles.

Below you will find a 14-minute collage of 3 clips. Speaking are Justin Peters, Paul Washer, and Gabe Hughes of WWUTT. In different ways, all three men explain from the Bible that modern Apostles don’t exist today. The Bible does talk about ‘apostle’, lower case ‘a’, which means “sent”. Anyone who is “sent” is technically an apostle, as in church planter, evangelist, missionary, etc. But the office of Apostle, capital ‘A’, as described in the Bible, is closed to newcomers. When Apostle John died in 90AD, the final Apostle died, closing that office with it.

Below is a graphic from the video below that, by Justin Peters outlining the requirements to be an Apostle.

are there apostles today

Below is the 14-minute video by Peters, Washer, Hughes explaining why no Apostles exist today.

Here is the 90-second WWUTT on Apostles by itself, if you are out of time



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