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There is no love like that of Christ to and through His people

By Elizabeth Prata

One of my elders told me about a Jerry Bridges book that impacted him a lot, God Took Me by the Hand, so since I trust my elder greatly, I immediately put that book on my Amazon wish list. Then, a kind sister bought it for me, and it came today! Also came with it was The Glory of Grace: An Introduction to the Puritans in Their Own Words by Lewis Allen & Tim Chester.

I am really blessed! Christian people are really so kind, aren’t they. When I look at the hate in the world and the love of brethren, we can see starkly what a difference the Lord makes!

Take stock of all your blessings. I have so many… Walking back up the driveway from the mailbox today I was humbled before the Lord because I am such a great sinner, a miscreant, failing in my Christian duties constantly, yet the Lord loves me. He provides for me in wonderful, surprising ways. He doesn’t even have to, His blessings from being saved from God’s wrath, given an inheritance, given the Holy Spirit as the seal of our salvation and future in heaven, our justification, our adoption…already, so many gifts. He gave me Himself, yet His bounty continues.

Lord, thank you, and forgive any and all murmuring I ever do! It is totally unwarranted. Praise God from whom all blessings flow…




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